My Weekend With The Antifas

Over at, a communist or anarchist has shared his experience in Pikeville:

“After weeks of indecision, I finally decided to make the five hour drive from Evansville to Pikeville, Kentucky, last weekend to attend a neo-Nazi rally. To be real, I didn’t totally feel like going. I mean, who wants to spend their weekend listening to arguments in favor of sending gay people and people in mixed race relationships off to re-education camps? It sounded super annoying and it would have been easier to just avoid the whole thing.

But I’ve been getting more and more concerned lately about the growth of white nationalist movements, all these racist attacks on marginalized groups, and the way the white working class is hitting the streets in support of a billionaire and his fascist policies. Like anybody who’s read a few history books, particularly about the growth of fascist movements in Europe in the 1930s, I don’t like the way the winds are blowing. …”

I wasn’t inclined to go either.

It was an 8 and 1/2 hour drive for me. It came a little over a week after the ordeal in Auburn when the Atlanta Antifa were bused into my alma mater to threaten and attack Alt-Right supporters at Richard Spencer’s event there. The fact that a violent communist and anarchist street gang had made an appearance in Alabama changed my mind about going to Pikeville.

I went to Pikeville and encouraged other people to go solely because “antifas” were going to be there. They call themselves “anti-fascists,” but if you read and follow their websites like “” you will find that these people have a worldview of their own. They are anarchists and communists. Either way, they are united by their shared belief in using violence and intimidation as tactics in order to attack the constitutional rights of their opponents on the Right.

“Antifa” means Anti-First Amendment. They do not believe others have the right to speak and assemble in public. In response to such provocations, what they do is dress in all black, wear masks, carry weapons, organize themselves online as a “Black Bloc” gang and show up at our events to use violence and intimidation to “no platform” their opposition. They try to deny speakers and groups on the Right their civil rights to book public accommodations like hotel rooms. They foment mobs to oppose and shut down speakers from the Right on college campuses which challenge their orthodoxy. They also believe in “punching Nazis” and in their rabid worldview pretty much anyone these days on the Right qualifies as “a Nazi.” Many of them will say that the act of people they disagree with having the audacity to appear and speak in public is “violence” and that physically assaulting them is “self defense.”

In spite of the meme, this isn’t a case of “two sides of the same coin”:

– There are no comparable mobs of rightwing students using violence and intimidation to shut down leftwing speakers on college campuses. In Auburn, Maxine Waters spoke at Foy Hall a few days after Richard Spencer and no one showed up to challenge her constitutional rights.

– There are no comparable cases of rightwing mobs using social media and violent threats to do things like pressure hotels to breach their contracts with leftwing groups and speakers.

– There hasn’t been any rightwing equivalent of the “Black Bloc” showing up at leftwing events in order to use violence and intimidation to break up their meetings.

– There are no rightwing groups engaging in anything like the serial vandalism and destruction of property that we see from anarchists and communists who reject the concept of private property. They might be even engaging in a criminal conspiracy to commit arson now.

– There are no rightwing groups equivalent to the “antifas” who are physically attacking the police in the streets with Molotov Cocktails.

– There are no rightwing groups rioting in the streets like antifas on May Day.

– There are no rightwing groups who are anywhere close to being bold or violent enough to cause the Democratic Party to cancel parades.

What is the worst that can be said of the NSM?

The NSM (National Socialist Movement) showed up in Pikeville, KY, participated in a conference on private property, held a public rally, gave a few speeches and left town. That’s pretty much what they have always done too. No one is ever harmed. So what? Why is that a big deal?

There is no equivalence between the two sides: one side is exercising its constitutional rights to free speech and free assembly in public places, while the other side is showing up at their events in order to use violence and intimidation to violate their constitutional rights. In this case, the “antifas” are the aggressors while the Traditionalist Worker’s Party, the NSM and Nationalist Front were defending themselves. They are driven by their ideology to “bash the fash” and “no platform” their opposition.

I’m glad I went to Auburn and Pikeville. My experience there and subsequent events have proven me right. While we were in Pikeville, KY, the antifas in New Orleans, LA were physically assaulting and intimidating black Confederate heritage activists who were defending the Confederate monuments there. They vandalized the General P.G.T. Beauregard monument. No one could plausibly claim that the likes of Black Rebel is “a Nazi” but that’s where we are at with the antifas.

So, we get home from Pikeville, KY where the Traditionalist Worker’s Party held their rally on April 29th, and we are taking some flak about the optics of standing with the NSM.

By Monday night, antifas have rioted and attacked police officers in Paris with Molotov Cocktails, they have rioted in Portland, OR and Olympia, WA, they have caused over $100,000 in property damage in Philadelphia and possibly engaged in serial arson there and they have laid siege to Black Rebel and other Confederate heritage activists in New Orleans. Isn’t it interesting how this all managed to take place with just “antifas” and without the Traditionalist Worker’s Party or NSM?

Apparently, “Punch a Nazi” is now broad enough to cover everyone from Richard Spencer to Gavin McInnes to Black Rebel and even beyond to Ann Coulter and Charles Murray. It included everyone who was at the Atlanta Forum in January. It includes Donald Trump supporters. These people rioted over Milo Yiannopoulos who dresses in drag and gives speeches about having gay sex with black men. Is it fair now to say that “antifas” aren’t concerned with our divisions and we are all the same to them?

I keep saying that these people are a common threat. I clearly see the common threat. They keep proving me right. I will stand with anybody who is willing to oppose these people. They are communists and anarchists and all anti-communists and anti-anarchists should oppose them.

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  1. SPLC employs violent antifa:

    The Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] has been casually supporting Antifa for years. They have interviewed Antifa leaders and linked to Antifa websites. They defend, excuse, and openly romanticize Antifa violence. A well known Antifa leader even co-starred in a documentary that was jointly made by the SPLC and MSNBC called “Erasing Hate.” The documentary was exposed as fake and completely discredited.

    The SPLC has long been accused of being directly involved in Antifa. However, there was no real evidence. Until now…

    Matthew “Matty” O’Dea openly identifies as a Communist and a member of the militant group Industrial Workers of the World [IWW]. He openly advocates violence, has a criminal history, and a prison tattoo on his face.

    He also identifies as an employee of the SPLC. Or at least he stated that he had just been hired by the SPLC on June 11th, 2013. O’Dea explicitly claims that the SPLC hired him because of his violent street “activism.”

  2. ANTIFA is the Communist Party USA. They only claim to be Anarchist because it is a cover for being a Communist. Shouting that one is a Communist in the United States still to this day gets negative reaction so they use words like Anarchist or anti-racist to cover up the truth. THEY ARE COMMUNISTS. In 1956 they would have all been arrested and sent to Leavenworth

  3. Yes, Billy Ray. That’s why, as I said before, we should start calling them “commifa.” I think it would be a good idea for all of us, as a personal goal, to learn martial arts. We also should do what we can to educate law enforcement about them.

  4. The excesses of the left give an opening to the right. NSM optics are a hindrance to exploiting the opening.

  5. ANTIFA have the protection of the law and their victims, which is everyone else, DOES NOT. In California conservative WHITE people have been stripped of any 1st Amendment rights and of any legal protection of the exercise of those rights. ANTIFA are funded and protected by powerful people at the highest levels of power from Washington and Wall Street on down. This is the reality. We’ve already been invaded, conquered and occupied and ANTIFA are just mopping up what’s left of WHITE opposition. I think resistance to them is becoming more widespread and not a moment too soon. We still have some time left, but not much.

  6. @earthman92

    Actually, I’d say that they hate White Nationalists far, far more than commies and antifas. Consider the language they use for each:

    Communists and Antifas: “We suspect that they might actually cry if you took away their iPhones”

    White Nationalists: “These are rabid dogs and should be put down”

    They very clearly think the communists are a joke and deserving of a slap on the wrist to bring them to their senses or put them in their place, while anyone who dares to want a nation for white people should literally be executed out of hand.

    Absolutely disgusting.

  7. @ Ironsides

    No mention of any colored folk being enemies. Not NBPP, NOI,Aztlan/Xicanos/Brown Berets/MS13 etc…
    Know your enemies = white folk we don’t like. Kinda like the run up to the War between the States. Them being Southerners and all should know better.

  8. Don, I think you’re right. As we’ve just recently learned, Soros funds J. Kushner, P. Ryan, McCain AS WELL as Antifa. It’s why you never see the cops crack down too hard on them (oh sure, there’s a few show arrests and some cops don’t appreciate being set on fire, but like Stalin said you can’t make an omelet…).
    When desperate Whites finally take to the streets en masse (peaceably unlike black bloc) you’ll see how the gov throws everything they’ve got ;gas, water cannons, dogs, rubber bullets, & the secret sound and heat crowd control weapons we’ve only heard about -and that’s just for starters.
    Also notice how we never hear of any instances of Antifa being infiltrated by gov agencies to break up their plans (O’ Keefe has done more). As opposed to when any more than 2 WNs meet up -and then an informer must be inserted.
    See how there are no notorious wanted Antifa members mentioned in the news.
    And compare how Gordon Kahl, Randy Weaver, Matt Hale were treated and they just wanted to be left alone.

  9. I think we’ve reached Peak Antifa. The Cops have had it with Antifa and if the Cops don’t step or are overwhelmed by the leftie Gutter Punks, then Alt Right/Lite will be there to BTFO Antifa. Antifa are all White and Jewish shitbirds without jobs. They’re going to get tired of street anarchism when the cops and the far right keeps kicking their asses.

  10. The Left as a movement is riddled with contradictions.

    – they’re concerned about global warming and the environment… let in millions of Muslims, Asians and Africans to increase traffic, pollution and land clearing for housing- that somehow helps the environment you see.

    – they believe in women’s rights…..its ok if women are forced to marry at 9 and suffer genital mutilation, be forced to cover up in public and be put to death for being raped…as long as they haven’t got to put up with a terrible white guy whistling to them in public.

    – they’re against racism……well unless its against whites. Only whites can be racists and it isn’t possible to be racist against them.

    – they despise whites, but then won’t go and live somewhere in the world where whites can’t be found.

    As you can see, some of their arguments are full of holes and are devoid of logic. They are also pathological liers.

    They’re now getting more violent and unpredictable because they can’t match us verbally. Shut down free speech and truth……oh and be sure to label them ‘racist’- that should help.

    Now more than ever is the time for having the truth out there in the public arena. Don’t blind people with science, just give them friendly, cold hard facts they can understand.

  11. We need a modern American equivalent of the German Freikorps of the immediate post WW! era in Germany. They bashed the heads of these worthless commies

  12. The so call news website for C.N.N. does not yield any results when one searches for the anti-white thugs named “antifa.” Old news and fake news from the establishment media.


  13. “…I will stand with anybody who is willing to oppose these people…”

    This is exactly the attitude we need. We must stick with anyone who fights the anti-Whites with us.

  14. For people thinking that we’re engaged in an ‘American vs. Anti-American’ war… against Antifa and the other enemy groups… I’d like to recommend that you watch a video by the TWP called “America Left Us”, and really let the words sink in. The video is at YT: watch?v=5UUtkPBZiQE

    To be an “American” means next to nothing anymore. We are WHITE PEOPLE… and are at war against GENOCIDAL anti-Whites, the bulk of the enemy leadership being jewish communists, the foot-soldiers being non-Whites and self-hating Whites… a struggle for our very existence.

    We aren’t EVER going to vote our way out of this situation. The America of Norman Rockwell type romanticism is long dead and not coming back. Same goes for the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. It’s over, that America. We have to eventually accept this truth, stop identifying as “American patriots” and instead identify 100% as WHITE PEOPLE.

    Watch the TWP video. It puts everything much more eloquently and plainly than I can in this post.

  15. The comments by Don (MAY 4, 2017 AT 8:29 PM) and Ironsides (MAY 4, 2017 AT 9:20 PM) above are SPOT-ON.

    The system is 100% in the hands of our enemies, Antifa and the other anti-White groups, ALONG WITH THE POLICE, are their boys and girls… and even a vast number OF OUR OWN PEOPLE consider US deserving of death… for daring to advocate specifically for White interests.

    This is no game, and the aggression against us — against ALL White people — is just getting started. I only hope that a significant number of brain-dead and self-hating Whites will snap out of their trance IN TIME to be able to help us win this war.

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