The Battle of New Orleans

They couldn’t leave them alone.

We’ve been saying for years now that antifas hate the Southern people. They want to destroy our identity. They hate our heritage. They hate our culture. They hate you for being Southern. We are their enemy. Your enemy is someone who wants to cause you physical harm. That’s what they want to do to us.

I don’t think the Confederate heritage crowd ever really understood that. They get hung up on slogans like “Heritage, Not Hate.” They are eager to tell you about legions of “Black Confederates.” Your enemy doesn’t care about these things though. They simply hate you. They want to erase you from public spaces. They’re only using the charge of “racism” as a club to bludgeon and humble you. Do you get it now?

We’re told that “antifas” are opposed to hate. They’re opposed to “fascism.” I have never once believed any of this bullshit. These people are ideologically motivated anarchists and communists. They love you so much that they will slash your tires, strike you with brass knuckles from blind alleys, throw rocks and hurl broken bottles at you, spit on you, scream at you, mace little old ladies, etc., etc. They are doing that because they hate you. You are their enemy. They want to harm you.

So, this brings us to New Orleans.

I’ve only traveled there as a tourist. I haven’t been there to spread racism or fascism. I know how antifas operate though and so last weekend I was in Pikeville, KY to stand beside the actual Nazis against the antifas. Why did I do that? I went to Pikeville, KY because antifas are my enemy. They want to cause me physical harm. I’m actually not a Nazi, but I am aware it is all the same to these people. We all know antifas are like rabid dogs who violently attack everyone to the Right of Vladimir Lenin.

I got a lot of criticism for that decision, but I still say it was a sound one. Antifas don’t care that I am a Southern Nationalist. I love the Southern people. I’m pro-White. I’m pro-Christian. I’m not ashamed of my ethnic, cultural or racial identity. I love my ancestors. I care about the welfare of my descendants. Again, in their eyes, all forms of nationalism might as well be Nazism. Trump is basically Hitler. When they scream “every nation, every race, punch a Nazi in the face,” a Southern Nationalist will suffice.

Earlier this week, Black Rebel, Arlene Barnum and other Black Confederate heritage activists were guarding the Jefferson Davis monument in New Orleans. None of us were there. There was no one who was remotely a fascist there on the ground in New Orleans. And yet, that didn’t matter to the antifas. They hate Black Rebel as much as they hate Richard Spencer, Ann Coulter or Milo Yiannopoulos. So they attacked them too on May Day and wrote a big triumphant story about it:

“If you know nothing else about New Orleans, know that even its anarchists are intensely provincial. We don’t like anybody telling us what to do, but we reserve special detestation for people from outside New Orleans trying to assert control over our communities.

We also really super-duper hate racists! …

Oh reader, we tried with these dummies. We tried dialogue, we tried heckling, we tried burning their ugly belongings, but they just didn’t get the message.

So on May Day, we ran them off entirely. …

These pathetic, deeply isolated self-hating losers yelp about “loyalty” and “FAMBLY” constantly, like Dom Toretto with tourette’s, but when it comes down to it they’ll never have each others’ backs. They’re paralyzed by fear and listless with alienation… because fear and alienation are the wellspring of their (deformed, incoherent) politics! Profound loneliness, terror of the perceived “other,” and an inchoate desire to be part of something meaningful: while one can be sympathetic to these shortcomings, what it means in practice is that all the “3% militia” and “Proud Boys” and “Patriot Bikers” and other effectively nonexistent internet fantasy clubs they assign themselves amount in the end to nothing, or more exactly, to a half-dozen LITERALLY SHAKING out-of-state livestreamers sobbing “Send reinforcements!” into their iphones while a crowd of 200 surrounds and jeers them. …

But alas, Pygmalion’s white supremacist remained cold unfeeling stone, unmoved by either the neoconfederates’ tears or the eggs and pies we lobbed to provide the (notably ungrateful) monument defenders supplemental nutrition. …

New Orleans has awful infrastructure. The white supremacists’ vehicles must have hit some very sharp-edged pot-holes on the way over, because when the Confederate Dunces loaded up into their trucks, they found their tires had been slashed! Ay dios mio. In the little space before they accepted this and rolled noisily off down the street on their rims, they got to witness New Orleanians smashing and destroying the remaining shrine of candles and fake flowers these nobodies had laid at their stone idol’s feet.

With the fascists run off, the party continued long into the night. Some racist monuments got redecorated. It’s New Orleans. It was May Day. We like to have a good time. …”

In related news, antifas committed serial arson in Philadelphia. They caused over $100,000 worth of damage there in vandalism alone. These people rioted in the streets of Portland, Oregon and Olympia, Washington. They hurled Molotov Cocktails at the police in Portland and Paris and engulfed police officers in flames. Can you imagine the kind of press we would get if any of us so-called “hate groups” were doing anything remotely similar to these people?

This is what antifas are doing in New Orleans:

Let’s not forget this one:

I don’t see how their feelings could be anymore clear. Do you?

Over at “,” New Orleans Antifa boast about attacking New Orleans Police Department patrol cars, committing arson at the Confederate History Museum, repeatedly vandalizing monuments and smashing windows out of banks other businesses. We can add to that list menacing, threatening and assaulting Black Confederate heritage activists. Has Mayor Mitch Landrieu given these antifas a free hand in New Orleans? Why aren’t these people the public nuisance?

Mayor Mitch Landrieu has surrendered to radical antifas and black power groups:

Black Rebel and others issued a call for help. New Orleans Antifa mocked the Black Confederate heritage activists for being abandoned by their SCV supporters. Who are you going to call?

The Alt-Knights have responded:

A shitload of people are en route to New Orleans.

We know Arlene Barnum. We also remember what happened to Anthony Hervey after the Monumental Dixie rally in Birmingham, AL in 2015. We haven’t forgotten about that.

RIP Anthony Hervey.

If you were alive today, we know you would be there in New Orleans. We weren’t the ones who ran you off the road and murdered you for your political views.

If you can make it to New Orleans this weekend, please come. Anti-Communist Action will be there to defend Confederate heritage activists against feral antifas and support our historic monuments and Southern identity. Oh, and we’re also going to have a lot of fun doing it while we are there. We haven’t had one of these events in Louisiana before. You don’t want to miss this one.

Note: As many have noted, this has less to do with the Civil War than the Second Civil War.

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  1. Give ’em hell, lads! (In a strictly defensive sense, of course.)

    Wish I could be there with you — I feel like work is sidelining me from participating in the most important events of this generation. Frustrating!

  2. All these AntiFa chapters in Dixie are composed of Yankees. They’re still at war with the South. When I point out to these people that they are in fact, Yankees, and are fighting for the interests of the Northern people, not any of the Commie nonsense they babble about, they’re stunned, shocked and become angry or silent. Which for me is fun. It’s fun to see these characters, who seem to have a retort for everything, nonplussed and grasping for a response that isn’t foul language or a base insult.

  3. A very strong clarion call is this article.

    And so very touching your tributive comments to Mr. Anthony Hervey, Miss Arlene, and the rest of our faithful negroes, who risk life and limb to stand by and with us and our forbears.

    Too, I thank those Yankee patriots who have seen fit to rush to our side in such unpleasantry.

  4. Now I know what the Brown Shirts were for and they did a damn good job of running off the commie goons. Bring a Naazzeee with you whenever confronting “Antifas”, history is repeating itself.

  5. They sure gave you short notice didn’t they, and you are only what, 4 or 5 hours from New Orleans?

    Btw, post your PO Box again.

  6. Seriously break out the welding torches and modify the trucks you bring.

  7. @James

    With all the in-migration to the South since 1965, you don’t think they could have established a home-grown breeding population by now? I agree if you went among them lined them all up you wouldn’t find maybe more than a couple multi generational Southerners usually suffering from some bad case of ANTI-WHITE self hate. I would say if any were born there, their parents were not, or one parent was and one wasn’t or there at most second generation.

    These people are Communist Jews and their lackeys, this is far beyond North and South by this time. Their goal is the same goal they’ve had since the Red Scare of 1919 and that is the imposition of a Communist State fully subservient to the Jew. If the North had some deeply insidious protest against Southern monuments, then they would have never allowed their instillation at Gettysburg and elsewhere however at the time they were built no one said a word, in fact they were encouraged. There were even school districts in the North who used nicknames like REBELS for their football teams and had Confederate flags. No one made a deal about this either, not until after Bill Clinton became president. If the average Yank wasn’t making a deal out of this then who is? The average Yank doesn’t want a Communist state.

    The war on Confederate Memorials fits the Communist program that they institute for Russia to a T, the only difference is in Russia, they dismantled everything AFTER the Revolution. The difference here is that through (((DEMOCRACY))) and whatnot they are able to dismantle them without firing a shot. This is Global Communist Jewry. The same people who destroyed the statues of Franco in Spain are the same ones doing it here. Communist Jewry. The morons on the street for them, the scum of the earth they are merely useful idiots.

  8. ‘DIE WHITES DIE’. Yes…..very anti racist aren’t they?
    ‘Punch a Nazi’…..code for punch any white.
    ‘Black power’……very effective in Zimbabwe, Rwanda, etc…….the advanced, technological powerhouses they are!

    ‘WHITES ARE RACISSTTTT’……If I want a stable future for my children and race, and that makes me ‘racist’, then yes I guess I’m a damn racist. The word is thrown around so liberally now that its kind of lost its shock value. if the leftards accuse you of that, wear it as a badge of honour. Theres far worse things you could be labeled.

  9. You gotta get Christopher Caldwell under control btw.

    He’s got a NatSoc guest on who is claiming that Goebbels was a Marxist and Caldwell lapped that up. Weird stuff.

    Yeah like any educated man he read Das Capital and the Communist manifesto to see what was written there. At the same time he was reading Houston Chamberlain!

    What’s most interesting about PJ Goebbels is that his PHD was supervised by a Jewish academic and he briefly had an affair with a half Jewish school teacher. He was also a bank clerk and was let go.

    We know he was Hitler’s most talented speech writer, film producer and spin master so someone in that chain of events, like his PhD supervisor slipped up and failed to recognize his brilliance

  10. spahnranch1969
    MAY 5, 2017 AT 12:06 PM
    A White mob should storm New Orleans city hall and arrest mayor Bitch Landrieu.

    Native Southern White Communists founded the HIGHLANDER FOLK SCHOOL in Summerfield Tenn near Monteagle TN in 1932. The land for the school was donated by a Memphis philanthropist named Lilian Wyckoff Johnson and run by a West Tenn born Communist named Myles Horton, a Georgia born Communist named Don West, and another Communist born in Tampa Florida auspiciously to a Southern woman and a Polish Immigrant named James Dombrowski who was a Methodist minister. A short time after the school was opened, the states of Georgia and Alabama began criticizing the school, but Tennessee kept the place open. In 1957 The Georgia Commission on Education published a report about it. It took Tennessee another four years to close the place, by this time it had trained all the Civil Rights Commie Negro leaders.

    The point is this, without native-born Fellow Travelers and corrupt Southern politicians who will do anything for a Benjamin no outside group could do this. PERIOD. Think about it this way, in 1932, Tennessee was a Jim Crow State yet it allowed a Communist School to open in the state and STAY OPEN for 29 years. Tennessee at this time was run entirely by native Southerners, no transplants in sight. Obviously the same politicians who said we want to Keep Nigras in their Place weren’t adverse to taking Commie dollars to keep their mouths shut

  11. The Feds can impose sanctions and threaten war on any country in the world but can’t defund anti-White screamers and thugs and arrest its leaders.


    I know, but it’s still fun to throw it in their faces. They don’t know how to respond. Or if they do, it’s lame. In the end, they’re toy soldiers, larping as 1917 Bolsheviks. They’re also confused about 1863, 1917 and 2017. They don’t know where or when they’re at. I’m gonna take advantage of it to rag on ’em. If it shocks, aggrevates and confuses ’em. Mighty fine an good.

  13. @James

    I for one applaud you sir. I been going after Krafty on the other New Orleans thread exposing his whole Anti-Catholicism as not a Southern virtue, but as a Puritan virtue foisted upon the South by the early Baptist Missionairies from Rhode Island. Anti Catholicism didn’t gain wide acceptance until after the Southern Baptists took over Southern State governments during redemption in the 1880s. In fact most dont know this the original Klan had no requirements on Religion, they even took Jews at times Bernard Baruch’s father was a Klansman.

    The Second Klan was built in the image of the Southern Baptist Church and therefore about everything that the Southern Baptists hated, the Klan did as well.

  14. Very good Billy Ray Jenkins – sounds reasonable to me.

    Just understand that the top of the American Catholic Church and the top of the international Catholic Church has apparently been captured by Liberation Theology Jesuits and this cult very often breaks down all the way to “Black Liberation Theology” – the same as Obama’s cult leader Jeremiah Wright.

    It’s the whole thing that Jesus was Black and was oppressed and crucified by evil White, rich Romans etc.

    Liberation Theology was the Catholic Christian disguise full out Marxist Communists used in Nicauragua and El Salvador during the 1970s and 1980s. Our side in these brutal wars recognized this anti White, anti European, Marxist cult for what it was and took off the gloves and went with the idea that the only good Communist was a dead Communist and the Catholic collar didn’t change anything.

    Here’s a worst ever photo of the cursed CINO (Catholic in Name Only) Pope Francis doing photo op propaganda shows where he literally licks the boots of invading Black/Muslim migrant invaders to Italy.$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYvsm1zvO7R66rw9VtEBaFNEWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg

    But for traditional Catholics the best way to take it is the enemy took over most of the top, but there are good solid folks left in other places, also the enemy took over lots of Protestant Church positions like that #*$&#@ Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore – who gets published in the Jew York Times basically repeating Tim Wise’s hateful attacks on the Andy Griffith Show.

  15. LOL. It was the Roman Catholic Church that paid for the Mexican/farm labor boycott of Mt. Olive pickles.

  16. @Jack Ryan

    Notice I am not defending the Catholic Leadership, I am defending those men and women who happen to be a part of this Church. It is ridiculous to blame them for their evil leadership. I can criticize the Vatican and that mess without criticizing Whites who happen to be Catholic. That is counterproductive.

    I am not Catholic BTW

  17. Great article; I hope the antifa filth acheive one of their main goals, “to become ungovernable”, making it a simple matter of justice to put their sorry asses in camps where they belong.

  18. Hunter, it was you who introduced me to this wonderful man with wonderful words…..

    “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”

    -G.K. Chesterton

    Although it needs to be adjusted for our present dilemma with three little words:

    “The true soldier fights not just because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him even more.”

  19. The controllers are really revving up the confrontations. It’s probably because the government or the economy is closer to a crash.

    I hope all of my brothers and sisters listen to economist Martin Armstrong at the very least. I care about you more than you know and want you to be prepared as much as possible.

    It’s coming….. what it is exactly no ones knows except our controllers. But, it’s coming. Oh boy, is it coming….

  20. I was baptized Catholic and am the opposite of what Krafty Wurker insinuates. Trying to divide us like a kosherized Krafty??? Although I must admit that the Vatican itself is as bad or worse than “The City of London”.

    According to researcher, Herbert Dorsey, he states in his book “The Secret History of the New World Order”, page 12, that “The plan of the Vatican was to use their financial and other influence over Mohammed to create a new religion suitable to Arabs.” The birth of Islam.

    He states some of his research was performed at the Vatican library.

  21. But “Southerners,” in the context you use it, Mr Wallace, means those people who fought to maintain non-whites under their control in a white country and that means they’re not on the side of good. There is a lot more to the southern part of the United States than that, but you dumb militarists enjoy rolling in that stink too much…


  22. Obviously, this country has gotten worse as papists have gained power. And how obvious the motive as well?


  23. Snowhitey

    I think the Vatican created Islam stuff is utter nonsense and here’s why. In 622 AD the Western Church had ZERO control in the Arab Lands and Levant, that was under the control of the Eastern Church. The idea the Pope had an idea to create Islam is ridiculousness. In fact Islam tells us who created it. The Quran is copied from the Babylonian Talmud

    (((THEY))) did

  24. Alan J. Perrick
    MAY 5, 2017 AT 4:54 PM
    But “Southerners,” in the context you use it, Mr Wallace, means those people who fought to maintain non-whites under their control in a white country and that means they’re not on the side of good. There is a lot more to the southern part of the United States than that, but you dumb militarists enjoy rolling in that stink too much…



  25. Billy Ray – I respect your opinion. I, personally, absorb it all and sort it out later.

  26. @Snowhitey Who do you think paid for the Mexican picker pickle boycott of Mount Olive pickles? Why go back home when you can go on various government programs in the USA. Who do you think is paying for the Mexican pickers to boycott Reynolds American? You need to get your head out of your ass boy.

  27. “…During the war, slavery was used as a catch word to arouse the passions of a fanatical mob, and to some extent the prejudices of the civilized world were excited against us; but the war was not made on our part for slavery. High dignitaries in both church and state in Old England, and puritans in New England, had participated in the profits of a trade, by which the ignorant and barbarous natives of Africa were brought from that country, and sold into slavery in the American Colonies. The generation in the Southern States which defended their country in the late war, found amongst them in a civilized and christianized condition, 4,000,000 of the descendants of those degraded Africans. The Almighty Creator of the Universe had stamped them, indelibly, with a different colour and an inferior physical and mental organization. He had not done this from mere caprice or whim, but for wise purposes. An amalgamation of the races was in contravention of His designs, or He would not have made them so different. This immense number of people could not have been transported back to the wilds from which their ancestors were taken, or if they could have been, it would have resulted in their relapse into barbarism. Reason, common sense, true humanity to the black, as well as the safety of the white race, required that the inferior race should be kept in a state of subordination. The condition of domestic slavery, as it existed in the South, had not only resulted in a great improvement in the moral and physical condition of the negro race, but had furnished a class of labourers as happy and contented as any in the world, if not more so. Their labour had not only developed the immense resources of the immediate country in which they were located, but was the main source of the great prosperity of the United States, and furnished the means for the employment of millions of the working classes in other countries. Nevertheless, the struggle made by the people of the South was not for the institution of slavery, but for the inestimable right of self-government, against the domination of a fanatical faction at the North; and slavery was the mere occasion of the development of the antagonism between the two sections. That right of self-government has been lost, and slavery violently abolished. Four millions of blacks have thus been thrown on their own resources, to starve, to die, and to relapse into barbarism; and inconceivable miseries have been entailed on the white race.

    The civilized world will find, too late, that its philanthropy has been all false, and its religion all wrong on this subject; and the people of the United States will find that, under the pretence of “saving the life of the nation, and upholding the old flag,” they have surrendered their own liberties into the hands of that worst of all tyrants, a body of senseless fanatics…”

    — Jubal Early, Confederate General

  28. The Jews hate when europeans criticize Catholicism (although they don’t mind doing it themselves when/where it suits them) because they know it’s a Judeo-Roman outfit from the get-go.

    That’s all anyone needs to know. They HATE it. Trust me, I’m one who has seen this time and again, first hand.

    Roman Catholicism is evil and has to be resisted at every turn. It’s not the laypeople who are so sick and depraved, really, but then, the only parts of Catholicism you can’t get in Protestantism are the perversions. So why would any well-adjusted person cling to it…?

    The Church even instituted celibacy to keep it’s laity poor. Catholicism is anti-middle class, anti-white, and anti-life. As a kid I thought it shameful that adults should ask me to worship a statue of some gory, tortured and dying idol. The corrupt backwardness of this gigantic cult was obvious to a freakin’ child!

    What adults try to defend these people? They hate women and children, they want a ‘see’ of poor disenfranchised peasants to ‘lord’ over and sexually abuse.

    During the Middle Ages the Church tortured any man who owned a book or achieved literacy. Read The Cheese and the Worms, set in Italy. Only 2-3% of Catholic/Christian (european) men could read while 98% of Jewish men could. The Protestant Reformation and the printing press were what re-established a middle class in Europe, in direct conflict with the Catholics.

    They gotta go. All of them. Gently, or not, point out to them how evil and vile the Church is and guide them towards some other form of worship, protestant or otherwise. Most who leave become Methodists.

    Jeez, even the irish nationalists in Ireland no longer defend Catholicism and regard it as a shame or even enemy! What’s wrong with you people?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I encourage everybody on the alt right who will be there, to try to protect the Confederate monuments and defend the southern people.

  30. “””……We all know antifas are like rabid dogs who violently attack everyone to the Right of Vladimir Lenin……””””

    Unfortunately not all know. Some western patriots still keep talking about jews muslims niggers and darth vader.

    Comrade Lenin didn,t touched nobody. He just said white liberals what to do. And white liberals did all the job.

  31. P.S.

    My people suffered horribly from the battle between the Catholics and the Protestants in Ireland and England. To this day the scars of the Hunger (genocide actually perpetrated by Jewish bankers and landlords) still take a toll. Of course, the irish have some choice in that at some level…

    I don’t issue these judgments casually is my point.

    As someone said above, White America has suffered horribly with the increasing influence of the evil that is Catholicism. The evidence is endless if one is willing to acknowledge it. Just start with their creed.

  32. @Onceler New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and Mary Landrieu the former US Senator are certainly not Jews—they are Roman Catholics and the force behind defacing and destroying the Confederate monuments. That’s a fact not speculation.

  33. Where do you see me collapsing or conflating all Catholics into Jews? I’m claiming the hierarchy’s power is integral to Judaism’s. That’s not saying all Catholics are Jews, or that even most are. Beware lots of cryptos among them, however.

    I’m on your side here, Krafty. Count your blessings and allies.

  34. Oh and Billy Ray’s assertion that the Puritans instigated anti-Catholicism in the South sounds dubious. Why would the Southerners adopt supposed Puritan ethics?

    Queen Elizabeth started out tolerating the Catholics but wound up persecuting them. Rome sent and activated cells to kill her throughout her reign, despite her initial but determined stance towards catholic subjects.

    Everyone hated Rome and the Papacy. BRJ is fictionalizing. Anti-Catholicism came from all protestant quarters in the North.

  35. Krafty,

    First of all, what “boy” would used a variation of Snow White as his handle?

    Blaming Catholics, in general, for the actions of the Vatican is ridiculous. Blaming the Pope for the actions of the Vatican is like solely blaming Jacob Rothschild for the actions of The City of London. It is a “them” and not a singular person, it, or thing. The goal is not based on religion, ethnicity, nationality, race, or ideology. Those things only guide the common man. Deception, deception, deception.

  36. Onceler
    MAY 5, 2017 AT 9:17 PM
    Oh and Billy Ray’s assertion that the Puritans instigated anti-Catholicism in the South sounds dubious. Why would the Southerners adopt supposed Puritan ethics?

    The Baptist Church in the United States originated in Rhode Island. It came out of the Puritan Movement. The Baptists were hated by the Congregationalists so they got their own colony Rhode Island. Their missionaries were unsuccessful in the North, so they went into Virginia and did alot of mission work there BEFORE The Revolution. After the Revolution Baptist Missionaries went all over the South and the Ohio Valley. However the Baptists were solely a LOWER-MIDDLE CLASS bunch before the War. After the War, the Baptist Church growth exploded and by the 1880’s social policy in every Southern State was written practically by the Southern Baptist Convention.

    Anti-Catholicism was a NORTHERN thing. Jefferson Davis was educated by Catholics. After the war Pope Pius IX sent Mr. Davis a Crown of Thorns made with his own hand. The Vatican was the only nation that recognized the Confederacy. The Original Klan had no religious requirements.

    The Second Era Klan got their marching orders from the Baptist Church, so anything the Baptists didnt want the Klan was against it as well.

  37. @Billy Ray Cyrus, I mean Jenkins:

    Wasn’t there a Catholic chapter of the Klan in Louisiana, the Order of the White Camilla, or something like that? There were many Catholics who fought for the Stars and Bars, it is absurd to claim they were unpatriotic or tried to sabotage the South’s War of Independence from the Union.

  38. The Black Confederates remind me of Hank Johnson, the retard “Guam is tipping over” black Congressman who defended Stone Mountain. Even Hank Johnson knows that attempts to destroy Stone Mountain will cause all liberals and white genocide advocates to reap the whirlwind of Whites fighting for our race and our cause.

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