NYT Angry that ‘US Far-Right’ Helping Le Pen

The New York Times has a new article out expressing its anger that “far-right activists in the United States” would dare to “spread extremist messages” in an effort to “sway the French vote in favor of Ms. Le Pen.” It is well documented that anti-White globalists with billions of dollars in resources regularly intervene in elections throughout the Western world. And even US ex-presidents openly try to sway elections in favor of globalists. But the thought of nationalist, pro-White volunteers working online to promote a major candidate is apparently too much for the media elites at the Times.

The effort revolves around bringing attention to scores of leaked documents from the Emmanuel Macron camp. Much like with the email leaks that hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign against Donald Trump, the media’s concern with Macron’s emails is not the potentially explosive content of these documents but rather the outrage that someone would leak them. And just like with Clinton, the release of additional information is presented as an attack upon the sanctity of a democractric system controlled by wealthy bankers, media corporations and political insiders.

The New York Times reports:

While there is no evidence that the breach against Mr. Macron’s campaign was organized by this loosely connected group of far-right campaigners, the American activists have been gathering on sites like 4chan and Discord, which were previously used to coordinate support for Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign.

One popular tactic, experts say, has been so-called Twitter raids, or efforts to hijack trending hashtags and topics on the social media site and inject far-right and anti-Macron propaganda.

Imagine the horror of using message boards, Twitter and popular memes to promote your message online! I bet no one has ever thought of doing that!

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  1. It is exactly as you say. We are invested in Europe because we are all ultimately Europeans and form an advanced western civilisation based on Christian values and principles. Macron is a weak pimp (macron means pimp) who will prostitute France to every passer by, even selling her to the highest bidder.
    Marine Le Pen is a fierce lioness protecting and defending her beloved France. Bless her Jesus Christ!

  2. I confess : I’m guilty as all get-out!

    Yes, whether at North Carolina Secessionists at Facebook, or my own little pagee at VK , I have written numerous articles praising Miss Maine, whilst correctly describing her opponents as ‘The Anti-Chryst’, incarnate.

    Glad to see it disturbed the NY Times – the voice of Belial & Leviathan.

    Vive Madame Marine du SS Charlemagne!

  3. To show that we can be flexible and support leftwing parties occasionally, we should throw our support behind the left candidate in the next Israeli elections. You know…….more immigration, homo rights and save the gay whales, etc……..for Israel. Lets be progressive in the true spirit of the Jew York times.

  4. The question is Le Pen just another dark horse? Is it another set up like Trump? Her opponent doesn’t seem to be much, like Clinton and now document drop, like Clinton????

  5. @John…

    ‘To show that we can be flexible and support leftwing parties occasionally, we should throw our support behind the left candidate in the next Israeli elections.’

    I’m sorry, John, but, I’d rather put my energy towards helping Dixie and those of Europe than investing a single ounce in The Middle East.

    That’s the Yankee Empire’s project – not mine.

  6. NYT and the rest of anti-White MSM can’t get over the fact that they no longer control the message. No free speech for pro-Whites!

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