Alt-South Memo 5: Aliens Have No Rights

Today on the Alt-South Memo:

  • ACLU issues travel warning for immigrants to avoid Texas after new law signed by Governor Greg Abbott.
  • A (((deli))) in Charleston, SC caters to Northern migrants. A reminder that culture is war in a multi-cultural society.
  • Middleschool Nazis in Tennessee defy the civic religion of Diversity is Our Strength.
  • Getting rid of MLK Street.

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  1. “Context” is the latest YJC rhetorical brain bender.

    The Poles are currently tearing down Soviet Era monuments in Poland. We could do the same in Dixie, with Union® monuments.

    YJCs are now calling Confederate Monuments “Participation” trophies. To which I retort;

    “If Confederate monuments are participation trophies, then Union monuments are tributes to genocidal, mass murdering butchers and rapists.”

  2. I heard Jared Taylor tell James Edwards that his mother lived up north for a while. She noted all the monuments to Union dead and came to the conclusion that these monuments were tributes to Southern marksmanship.

  3. @Michael Cushman…

    If we were to accept the premise that Constitutional Rights must be extended to all, irrespective of citizenship status, it would not be more than a few decades beyond that private property rights would be under heavy assault, and, before the end of another century having elapset, the notion that any man ought be the only one entitle to use, or benefit from, his own identity!


    In my view, this is a war between those who want all boundaries removed, so as to not inconvenience their megalomaniacal meddling, and all those who don’t want that.

    As George Soros, himself, put it – a war between those who want an ‘open society’ and those who want it ‘closed’.

    In few words of my own – this is a war between a one-world government run by Jews, for the benefit of Jews (marketed as for the benefit of all) and those who, like Czar Vlad, are in pursuit of the reestablishment and maintenance of a sovereign multi-polar world – in other words diversity, in it’s truest sense.

    There can be no irony greater than those who, presently, are advancing the notion of diversity are the very ones who are doing every single imagineable thing to destroy it, for the future generations.


    In light of this monstrous canard being fabricated upon mankind, I can only point to Revelations and posit that this IS the very spirit of The Anti-Chryst.

  4. @Michael Cushman…

    One last note – the very spontaneous human quality with which you read your reports – the laughter, the sarcasm, the puns, all made this broadcast your best one yet – a great delight.

    You gave it in such a fluid and natural way that, perhaps, ironically, it was very professional seeming –

    Keep at it. There will be a day when this report of yours, and many modeled upon it, will be surging throughout Dixie – on many many podcasts…

  5. Interesting that you cite the report of a delicatessen owner, in Charleston, S.C., who, ‘is bringing a touch of North culture to The South,.

    It’s why I call the United States Government, ‘The Jew England Government,, as it more carefully indicates who it is…

  6. By the way, Mr. Cushman – my wife likes listening to your broadcasts.

    Unlike with other overly pompous and mildly bellicose Nationalist broadcasts, she finds you charming and thinks you’re cute!

    You make her laugh quite a lot, whilst covering some very dark ground…

  7. @JD,

    Thank you so much for the kind and encouraging words. I had a really rough day, which is why I didn’t respond sooner. Sorry about that. I am not a natural at this but am trying to fill a niche. I do have reservations about it because the articles get far more hits and because writing is much more my natural strength. But I will try it a while longer and see how it goes.

  8. @Michael Cushman…

    No, Sir – you are wrong. You are very very good at this. Your natural shyness and gentle derision translates very well to this medium.

    Give it a few years – it will become ‘natural’ for you.

    Your voice is natural, folksy, and reminiscent of our old front porch conversation I would overhear as a child – politics and religion in the midst of tall-tales of Brer Rabbit, and hearty laughter.

    Please don’t let it go. It will take 5 years for it to be a phenomenon, but, that it will become.

    All the best!

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