Jefferson Davis Statue Removed In New Orleans

By now, I am sure you have seen the news in New Orleans:

“Workers in New Orleans in the early hours of Thursday took down a statue of Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War. It was the second of four such statues or monuments targeted for removal as city officials seek to erase the vestiges of an era that celebrated white supremacy and racism.

Crews, wearing masks to cover their faces, worked under a heavy police presence starting at 3 a.m. to dismantle the statue, which was erected in 1911, nearly 50 years after the end of the war, and commissioned by the Jefferson Davis Memorial Association. …”

It makes you sick to your stomach, doesn’t it?

I was at the Jefferson Davis monument on Saturday. It was still standing when I left on Monday. I’m not surprised, however, that it was gone by Thursday morning.

There is a reason why one generation erected these Confederate monuments and why another has singularly failed to preserve them. The reason is that the character of our people has changed over the course of the last century. A hundred years ago, White Southerners still had a sense of honor. They were proud of their race, proud of their unique culture, and above all else they were proud of the sacrifices made by their fathers which is why they erected these monuments in the first place.

A century ago, it would have been unthinkable for our forefathers to hide behind a handful of trembling “Black Confederates” in New Orleans in order to *prove* how tolerant they are to a bunch of communists and anarchists. I don’t have anything against anyone who supports preserving our Southern heritage, but this is a bizarre fixation of the Baby Boomer generation who are obsessed with *proving* that there were thousands, even millions, of non-Whites who fought for the Southern Confederacy.

How do we explain this bizarre behavior? We live in a culture in which only non-Whites possess moral legitimacy. In the “mainstream,” Whites do not have any moral legitimacy. It is verboten for Whites to organize to defend and advocate their own interests in the public sphere. According to the “mainstream,” the worst thing you can be in this society is a “racist” or a “white supremacist” and those terms are thrown around so casually that just being out there with a Confederate flag or supporting a Confederate monument in public is enough to get you branded as such.

Here’s what I saw at the Jefferson Davis monument: I saw hipsters riding by on their bicycles, hurling invective and speeding off down the street. The Confederate heritage supporters there were determined to *prove* that they are not racists. I even saw one guy tell a hostile passerby that he had non-White grandchildren. It was clear to me that the important thing was to be portrayed as a victim, as someone who smiles and turns the other cheek, who is nice, tolerant and respectable and who isn’t a racist. That’s how you win over public opinion and save the Confederate monuments.

We heard it all again on Sunday at Lee Circle:

In reality, we all came to New Orleans after antifas attacked the encampment of Black Confederates at the Jefferson Davis monument on May Day. They threw rocks, bottles, used mace, burned flags, engaged in vandalism, hurled slurs etc. They were as hateful and menacing as anyone could possibly be. They even accused the Black Confederates of being racists!

Take ‘Em Down NOLA is led by the avowed communist Malcolm Suber. They march with groups like Black Lives Matter, Republic of New Afrika, the New Black Panthers and New Orleans Antifa. In the eyes of the Lügenpresse, the only “extremists” out there are White racists. The black supremacists calling for the extinction of all White people are fine. No one raises any questions about the “optics” of a group that is led by a communist and which contains members of violent black supremacist groups.

It is a ridiculous standard: one side is berated by the Lügenpresse as “hateful” when they behave like a church choir while the other side is only expressing its tolerance when it hurls rocks and broken bottles, starts fights and engages in vandalism. Don’t even get me started on their appearance. I saw plenty of vagrants and the scum of the earth in the mob that approached us on Sunday.

The pro-monument heritage crowd is intimidated. The anti-monument crowd can behave as poorly as it wants. I can’t count how many times I heard it is too violent, I have a job, I have to work, my family comes first, there is too much risk to come out and oppose these people. I heard the same refrain from everyone from normies to Confederate heritage activists to nationalists.

That’s why we are losing these heritage battles. Everyone on our side of this debate but a small minority is too cowed and intimidated to advocate their own cause. They are too apathetic, individualistic and materialistic to form an effective opposition. They are not mean enough and organized enough to fight back successfully. I’m afraid our prosperity has made us weak and decadent.

I came away from New Orleans with the impression that the enemy only respects strength and power. The weakness we have seen from the Rainbow Confederacy crowd has invited nothing but aggression. They don’t care about your attempt to prove you are not a “racist.” THEY are the problem, not YOU.

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  1. ” White pietas is grounded in love of family, love of race, and love of Christ. The non-white races do not have pietas. They do not love family, race, and Christ. They worship themselves and desire to extend the power of their family and their race, but they do not love, they do not have pietas. Nor do the liberals have pietas. In fact, they hate all Europeans who have not renounced their families, their race, and their God. The liberal wants to return to paganism, but he cannot return to paganism via his own people. The Christ of Europe always gets in the way. So the liberal must destroy all things European in order to return to the paradise of the pagans. Abstract reason, which the French Jacobins placed on a throne in the person of a prostitute (perfect symbolism), became the liberals’ means to an end – the destruction of the white race. Thus the liberal in all his guises always refers to a rational process rather than to the honor code of the European when he wants to effect change, because his mind-forged process leads him away from white pietas and toward the kingdom of Satan on earth.”

  2. Whites will keep losing as long as we accept the framing of the narrative that our enemies impose upon us. According to this narrative Whites have no legitimate interests, we must justify ourselves to other races, and we exist for the sole purpose of serving the interests of other races. Whenever a Southerner answers an attack on our flag by saying that it represents heritage not hate he is accepting this narrative. The proper answer is that we don’t have to justify or ask any other group’s permission for the symbols we use to represent ourselves. If we do then we are a subjugated people.

  3. Hunter you nailed it

    As I told Junius Daniel on another post in 1900 we still had the bloodthirsty Southern wolves among us. These were men who were basically gentlemen and good old boys, did what they had to do to survive, but lay a hand on their wife, sister, mama or any lady and they would either beat you severely or kill you. They didn’t shy away from doing this either. In 1900, most rural Southern men traveled with a bowie knife and a gun when they went anywhere, that was just de rigueur fashion and expected for a man and usually this man knew how to use both.

    Between 1900 and 1965 something happened called Universal Education. As the children were universally educated, they began to conform to these social ideas taught in schoolbooks that came from the North. The Baptist Church also began a campaign to rid the South of alcohol, one thing that had before 1900 been part of almost every gathering, in fact election day in Dixie usually became a drunken brawl. As these things happened, people began to become more docile. With the coming of radio, movies and other things, cultural norms began to change. The traditional Southern man slowly became extinct. The coming of telephones, state police organizations, and other things helped to link everyone together, making acts of vengence more difficult to get away with. By 1950, the men who still lived by the old rules were dying out, but the young men who lived by the old ways, these were your Klansmen, were cursed by polite society and by the churches.

    My family came from the feuding backwoods of Eastern Kentucky, where killings were a daily occurance when my grandpap who was born in 1924 was a boy. The feuds had mostly ended by the 1920’s, but bad men were still around. There was one man who was born ca 1890 or so, worked with my grandma’s father my great-granddaddy in the coal mines, no one really knows how many people he killed. He killed some Negroes in the Harlan Kentucky mine riots, killed another man in a saloon brawl with his shotgun, and killed his son in law in his front yard with his shotgun as well. He moved from one part of the county to the other, and lived down the road from my other great-granddaddy and shopped at his company store, and if he stole from you, you kept your mouth shut. Daddy used to run past his house as fast as his feet would carry him. I think he died in the 1960’s and never once was prosecuted.

    Hunter, i dont know if you ever talked much to your granddaddy but I am sure there were plenty of badmen in Alabama just like this. From West Texas to West Virginia, they were once the most common type of Southern man, Now they only exist but in books.

  4. How about state heritage theme parks, private money private property . Commission some new confederate statues, have a movie theater play movies like Geetysburg, Gone with the Wind

  5. Who established the present narrative of nonwhites being inherently righteous? Ill give you a hint, he rubs his hands a lot, speaks a heavily Yiddish accented voice and is reviled all over the world. The Negro isn’t intelligent enough to do anything, this Negro Commie in New Orleans answers to him, as do everyone else. (((THE MERCHANT)))

  6. I propose a New South, one that champions the working class whites who built most of the South and who fought to preserve its freedoms from federal tyranny.

    What’s odd is that the white poor/working and middle class hold the moral high ground, yet the pro-white crowd fails to seize it.

    At the end of the day the Confederacy has come to mean ‘classism’ and corruption in the form of slavery, which would have continued to obstruct a healthy middle class if blacks were not integrated. Neither Reconstruction nor whatever the South reacted with after succeeded in integrating effectively so that a middle class could thrive.

    Those of us who gather here have come to the conclusion, from a variety of angles (I am not the hard core race realist type), that whites cannot live with blacks in a healthy, stable, harmony-maximizing society.

    But it seems like the League of the South has failed to articulate or convey a message that it defends the white middle class.

    Most sober whites figure out at some point, somewhere in their psyches, that ‘equality’ for blacks means enslavement for us, and genocide. Some of us figure out that that also means the end of a middle class in general, and that most blacks are too pigheaded, dependent, or narcissistic to realize that (add in jewel generally).

    The message and branding has to change, I think. But that’s not to say our lives became too secure, and that we as a people have become weak. I just think a shift in paradigms would remind the morally flabby that it’s time to firm up.

    All this comes from someone who is an anglocelt but lacks deep understanding of the South. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe sometimes it takes an outsider.

  7. “It makes you sick to your stomach, doesn’t it?”

    The real sickening part is that whites are the ringleaders and willing accomplices.

    Stop focusing on the blacks and the Jews, whitey needs our attention. Blacks are cohesive because the radical elements straightened out the weaker elements. They lambasted, shamed, intimidated, and disowned traitors. When it comes to our situation, we buy their products, we buy their services, we sell to them, we elect them, we hire them, we work for them, we cheer them on, we drink with them, and we marry them. Something is seriously wrong here.

    We need to focus on the real power structure. It may look local but it’s not just local. When it comes to The South, there is always outside instigators involved. Dig deep into the Charleston shooting and you will find holes. Before the facts were even complete there were calls to bring down the Stars & Bars. There was organization to it. Personally, I believe Charleston was a false flag event. If you don’t, you need to really inspect every detail of what happened there. It was a turning point. And, turning points need focus. When it comes to warfare, there is no such thing as coincidence.

  8. It’s all about gaining positive ground. Putting forth a friendly and accepting image, as Hunter noted in the article, is doing nothing but inviting the enemy to stomp on our faces while we continue to be reviled.

    If you can’t win with peace, you have to get a little more forceful. Want to protect the monuments? Organize a sentry to keep a watch on them when plans are announced to take them down. When you see the masked hooligans a-coming, stand firm around it, or chain yourself to the statue itself. See how bad they actually want to take it away. You obviously can’t be crazy enough to physically attack the lackeys of the state, or they’ll just unleash hell on you, but anything short of that? Can’t be any less effective than what’s been done already.

    Hardest part is getting people to accept that peace ain’t working. MLK and Gandhi were products of their time and place, not a universal roadmap for social change.

  9. What happens when they chisel the face of Stone mountain off? We all go over there and have a replay of Nola? With every monument they take down the more emboldened these people get. So don’t tell me they will never let it happen. It’s going to happen and there needs to be a battle plan in place.

  10. Brad: You’ve hit the nail on the head. The Confederate Generation was the Golden Head, the Boomers the feet of clay. The Confederate Generation fought the corrupt, and criminal, City of NO along with their police and retook the city but the present generation is too weak The Confederate Generation fought the corrupt and criminal Reconstruction and made many sacrifices and won. But now, Southern White’s, as a group, no longer have any sense of unity, racial pride or will to power. A sad time for Dixie, who is fading away. I miss her.

  11. Makes me sick too. It’s really sinking in that this is a battle of the species, not a political conflict. Their species intends to exterminate ours. Kind of clarifies it in your mind to think in those terms, doesn’t it?

  12. in ‘Murka as in Europe, the Jews have got most of the Whites – not to mention their anti-White ethnic stormtroops – bought off with a cradle-to-grave, debt-financed welfare/illfare state: they accept the grave, in return for the debtbux. When the debt blows up, then we’ll see what happens. In the meantime, Southron Cavaliers, here’s the juice: you lost the War of 1861-65. It’s actually remarkable that your monuments stayed up as long as they did. Since, as a rule, the victors write the history books. NEXT TIME: WIN.

  13. The Liberty Place monument, first to be removed, commemorated the men who resisted Reconstruction (black rule) and fought for White supremacy. White supremacy meant that White men ruled, not black men. Its connotation of “superiority” has been applied to enrage the black troublemakers. In fact, white rule was and is always best for blacks.

    Reconstruction is back. The difference now is that the enemy is versed in the arts of subterfuge. He has subverted the White mind with prosperity and false doctrine contrary to ancient tradition. The White man has just enough comfort and not enough courage to risk his life to resist. Now the enemy comes to install black rule. Rhodesia and South Africa are seeing the last stages of this effort already.

    Those few men (I included),who recognize the danger have judged the monuments insufficient cause to sacrifice their lives. For an effective defense would be a risk to each man of destruction by the state.

    We must prepare ourselves and our families. We, not the state, nor the popular culture, must teach our own children. We must feed ourselves. We must look after our own, invest in our own, recognize the corporate enemy and let our traffic with it be only to extract from it to benefit our own. This will require discipline and sacrifice. Will we survive?

  14. the USA deserves to be nuked and destroyed…modern day Sodom and Gomorrah…what else can I say…

  15. most white people simply do not care if these statues are taken down and even melted. Now if the Super Bowl was called off..or if scratch off were taken off the shelves..

  16. Whitaker’s take on it is The Greatest Generation and the Boomers are in reality, the Weakest Generation and the Worst Generation. He hopes this cowardice will end with their passing.

    Here’s how Southern men were when he was a boy:

    “In 1944 or 1945, my mother and father were in the line at bank in Atlanta. Ahead of them there was a New Yorker screaming obscenities about the delay.

    My mother saw my father walk up to the Big City guy and say something to him. She said the city boy turned white as a sheet and go quiet.

    What my father said, very quietly, amounted to this: “yelling that kind of language may scare people in New York, but a lot of us are Southerners and our wives are with us.”

    “Thet can get you killed down here.”

    “Be careful on your way back to your hotel.”

    No more shrieks.”

  17. New Republic of Afrika……who the hell are they?! Everything they’re probably calling for, they can already find…..its in a place called Africa…..and spelt with a ‘c’. If they just moved there where blacks run things, I’m sure they’ll find all their needs will be met. Oh hang on……they’re third world shitdumps so we’ll stay in America where whitey can still run things whilst we continue berating them.
    They sure as hell need us more than we need, or want them.

  18. As a Northerner I have always strongly supported the right of Southerners to secede from the Union. The jews, liberals and coloreds say the White Southern man is too racist; I say he isn’t nearly racist enough! And now we see the inevitable results of his mildness towards those who literally want to kill him.

  19. DC and its megaphone allien entity
    Dallyn Roof an instance of lyin press to demorolize from Timothy Mc Veigh and so forth the target remains the same.Lack of local and state political authority.

  20. Irony

    Confederate flag represents multi racial(seperate but equal. The Union flag pro to nationalist.Lincoln proclamation emancipation shall be free repatriation.

  21. Some of these southern cities are CSA theme parks. I’ve no particular reason to visit many of these places outside of a Civil War tour.

  22. Men are not as tough today as they were 80 to 100 years ago. My grandfather was a small bridge builder and my father said that one day a knee grow worker gave him some lip on the job and he almost beat him to death with his fists. He was tough and he almost killed my father several times shooting at my father as he ran to get away from him. We have lost our grip on society. You don’t cross men like that and live.

  23. @Mr. Griffin…

    ‘I came away from New Orleans with the impression that the enemy only respects strength and power.’

    No one else in the world will guarantee our culture and it’s symbols but us, the people of that culture.

    If we are unwilling, we will be overcome and dispersed.

    That sort of thing has been written in the history books, over and over again.

    Only a willing martial vigour, on the part of non-surgically adjusted males, can preserve a culture, from alien threat.

  24. As an Australian who supports your Dixie cause, it should be realized that its problems are mirrored throughout the Western world and isn’t just a Dixie or Australian problem. Owing to ignorant ‘ leaders ‘ in every white nation, who answer to Jews and the U.N. , rather than the people who elected them, we have a complete mess of over-immigration, foreign ownership, unpopular, expensive wars, non-white criminal activity and the erasing of our way of life. And we didn’t vote for any of this nonsense.
    Revolution will have to give us what the ballet box failed to do…that being nations that serve whites and have their best interests at heart, keep us safe and ensure our long term future.

  25. bloodybill
    MAY 12, 2017 AT 2:33 AM
    Brad: You’ve hit the nail on the head. The Confederate Generation was the Golden Head, the Boomers the feet of clay. The Confederate Generation fought the corrupt, and criminal, City of NO along with their police and retook the city but the present generation is too weak The Confederate Generation fought the corrupt and criminal Reconstruction and made many sacrifices and won. But now, Southern White’s, as a group, no longer have any sense of unity, racial pride or will to power. A sad time for Dixie, who is fading away. I miss her.


    The bloodthirsty Southern wolves of the Confederate Generation to whom killing was like breathing as i wrote in my post above were produced in a world without universal education, where the Baptist Church hadn’t become a leftist institution, and where sheriffs were the last authority in law enforcement.

    Universal Education re:mind control raised these men’s children and grandchildren and progressively weakened the brood. The establishment of state police forces and bureaus of investigation made it more difficult to cover things up. The expansion of Federal powers starting with Prohibition made it more difficult to make money ie Moonshine. The establishment of movie theatres and radio made a national culture of Jewish Hollywood possible. Thus the local culture was polluted, along with mass publication of fashion magazines.

    A million reasons, dont have time to state them all.

  26. Maybe these confeds should just join the Alt Right? Outside of the Alt Right, pro-Southern advocacy seems uniformly inept to me.

  27. Will Occidental Dissent be blogging on the Confederate Flag/Heather Franklin SJW video in Portland, Oregon?

  28. It was a lot easier to be a male, a hundred to a hundred and fifty years ago. Fighting if not expected, was tolerated, spilling blood, if not expected, was tolerated. Everything wasn’t against the law then, drugs were legal, heroin was a brand name of morphine sold through the mail. In the modern world, people are afraid of prison, and getting in the revolving door of parole and prison.

    Most people farmed a hundred years ago, farmers are a lot more independent than people who work for wages, they don’t answer to a boss. They were just more independent minded than people are now.

    I think public school has created millions of people who respond only to group think, they have apparently no ability to reason or think for themselves.

    In 1900, there wasn’t the modern police state that can spy on everybody, and there weren’t millions of people in jail for selling dope.

  29. “I even saw one guy tell a hostile passerby that he had non-White grandchildren” …thats his fault not theirs

  30. I think that Mr. Wallace is correct with the line where he stated that: “I came away from New Orleans with the impression that the enemy only respects strength and power. ” Indeed.
    What many of the “sort-of-racially-conscious but-don’t-want-to-be-called-rayciss” American patriots have not yet realized is that if the South and the Confederates go down, the Founder’s who fought the American revolution will be the next on the list. They are going to have to chose their race and their ancestors, or their libertarian leanings and demographic displacement. I put up a piece on this on my blog yesterday at this link:

  31. It’s called a step to genocide. They’re destroying all of our traditions, heroes, flags and culture right in front of our eyes and most ignorant Whites can’t even see it. They’ll leave all the infrastructure because that’s what they’re killing us for, infrastructure they can’t build.

  32. The reasons Whites the world over are now weakling pussies is simple: the god damned jews & their leftist race traitor acolytes successfully made their Long March Through the Institutions; they usurped education (to instill fake guilt in Whites from kindergarten through college), the courts (to dungeon any Whites who have the strength of character to refuse that “guilt”, educate themselves & fight back), the government, media & the big money machinery that enables them to buy the “goy” whore drones who make it all function.

    As for Southern men in particular, all this has meant that it’s now vastly more difficult to undertake the necessary acts of retributive justice our ancestors like the ones who lynched molester/murderer of Mary Phagan jew Leo Frank undertook: cameras everywhere; all police & local sheriffs now fed-emasculated, no longer on our side & prepared to look the other way.

    But not impossible, not by a long shot – and that’s what it’s going to take, since we now plainly see that even when we pull off a huge upset by electing outsider Trump, he quickly shafts us in favor of the kikes he’s surrounded himself with, even in his own family.

    The (((system))) which is the United States must be overthrown, along with all the other traitor governments of the “west”. It’s that, or extinction.

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