The Resurgence of Activism

We have arrived in an unexpected place.

The Trump era which lasted from June 2015 until April 2017 is over. After almost two years, it feels good to be back in the streets, rebuilding our network and moving forward. In the last month, I have been at events in Auburn, AL, Pikeville, KY and New Orleans, LA, which is a new record for me.

We’re having popular front rallies now where everyone comes to square off with antifas in street confrontations. These rallies include the Alt-Right, Southern Nationalists and White Nationalists. They are being livestreamed to thousands of people with Periscope and Facebook Live.

It’s amazing how this just sort of happened. I think it is a symptom of disillusionment with “mainstream” politics. We’re shifting from the internet to the real world and from politics to culture. The energy that was harnessed by the Trump campaign is finding a new outlet in the streets.

What do you think? Where is this going?

Note: I understand there are more of these events on the horizon.

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  1. It ends when ZOG kills us or dies trying. At least a couple of generations down the road. All those sci-fi crap movies like “Planet of the Apes” and “Soylent Green” were actually zio wish films.

  2. Very difficult to say. Leftist activism of the 50s and 60s ended with the capitulation of the old order and the Leftist take-over of the institutions. But they had the aid of the media, courts and the general trend of history since the 1920s. Hard to say where things will take us now. They NEED to take us to a Rightist rise to power. And some trends are working in our favor. But we will need to see a snowball effect to really change things.

  3. Lincoln’s gov’t and military were permeated with early Communist partisans. Marx and Engels looked to the Northern Cause with approval of its policies which implemented Marxist ideals of industry based economy, suspension of individual rights in terms of rule of law, suspension of writ of Habeas Corpus and strong central government.

    Karl Marx himself signs a letter from the First International Communist sends a letter of congratulation to Abraham Lincoln.

    Tradition in Action is examining the Lincoln regime as a proto Marxist state

  4. If the Right continues to battle and defeat the Left on the streets we may see the institutions demand that Trump and the AG put an end to political street violence. Til now it has supported the system but it appeard to be moving against them as the Alt-Right develops a street fighting culture.

    Over the winter the Right has mostly battled Antifa. But with the warmer weather we will soon see Black riots and activism. It will be interesting to see how the Alt-Right confronts this much larger force and whether or not the Trump Administration moves against the Black activists.

  5. These rallies need to lead to gaining adherents and recruits to the Southern cause. Or they’re pointless. We have to get young people to understand that they and their Southern culture are under attack by foreign outsiders. They have to want to join us. They already have, in a way, by being born Southern. Rallies are for building organisations.

  6. @James Owen,

    Agreed. There needs to be very clear goals rather than these be merely reactions to whatever the Left is doing against us. We need to be doing thinga against them – taking down their monuments, running aliens out of an area or taking over local governments. In short, we need to be changing the facts on the ground.

  7. “We need to be doing thinga against them – taking down their monuments,”

    MLK travesty of art in DC, anyone?

  8. Bring Uparmored Jeeps and trucks. Also we need a Goebbels who can coordinate New York or Boston. He moved to a Red City and turned it Natsoc.

  9. In the West since the 1960’s at least, the white populace has been diluted by immigration, imoral inbreeding and under breeding in white families. We’re well down the road to extinction. They’re are trends and forces in place that can’t be reversed unless non-politicians unite and devise solutions including gathering support and reaching as many with our message as possible. Also, democracy does nothing so we can forget the idea that that will ever help us. Its a dismal failure. Down the track, Western governments will have to be ooverthrown. At worst, they are traitors and are a threat to our wellbeing. At best, they’re out of touch and just don’t listen.
    When this day comes, our fight will be a legitimate one. We have a right to exist and to survive.

  10. You must demand secession from the Union. Not only would secession benefit all decent White Southerners (and all the good nigras, too) it would destroy the power of ZOG’s empire, which has menaced the world for over a century. For what it’s worth I would be more than happy to join the fight for Southern independence.

  11. I still think the ‘streets are online’ and that the focus should be on red pilling – waking people up. The alt-right Vs alt-lite was a symptom of the revival of isolation and infighting imo. Intelligent co-ordination within a broad popular and populist front is better.

  12. ‘What do you think? Where is this going?’

    It’s part of what will be a decade long battle to reawaken the Southern White Race, and the resulting reaffirmation that we cannot expect non-Southerners and those in Washington to protect our sovereignty, that we must endlessly assert it ourselves.

    The battles will rage everywhere – from online pay platforms to schools, parks, newspapers, professional sports, to local churches.

    In the end, this issue is not going to go away, because we won’t let it; and we are growing stronger, at a much quicker rate than we were just a couple of years back.

  13. @Michael Cushman…

    ‘Very difficult to say. Leftist activism of the 50s and 60s ended with the capitulation of the old order and the Leftist take-over of the institutions. But they had the aid of the media, courts and the general trend of history since the 1920s.’

    Sir, it also ended with the end of The Vietnam War, a resumption of anti-interventionist policies, and the destruction of a presidential administration.


    The upheavals that began in the late 19th century, with labour movements, court activism, and social unrest were a 75+ years plus process.

    This new process only began in recent years. Oh, let’s say, 2012 – when North Carolina, for example, retook it’s legislature from alien and scalawag hands and began to fashion legislation that is now the model for other Southern States.

    We’ve even strippt our Yankee Empire appointed governor of his power to do more than talk, or sign a bill we want him to sign.

    Nowadays, Texas talks of a new constitutional convention, South Carolina passes nullification of any further gun control laws, Oklahoma asserts the ten commandments in publick places, Miss’ippi reasserts the right to freedom of association – via ‘religious freedom laws’ – and North Carolina begins the process of refuting transgenderism and reversing ‘gay-marriage’, as if there could ever be such a thing.

    We are beginning the process of digging out; a path which will not be at fruition before I am dead, and you are very very old – if you are alive then, even.

    Still, we will march on.


    The single biggest catalyst in all of this has been the fact that, now, with the internet, we are celebrating well over a decade of largely unregulated dissent online; and that is beginning to challenge the indoctrination establishment that had been set up by The Empire in our publick schools and perpetuated by the misinformation on TV.

    This is not a full inventory, but, even at a cursory glance, such as this, you can realize that the paradigm has shifted away from our enemies, and towards us.


    We are planting a new/olde vineyard now, and it will take some time for the vines to grow strong and yield consistent good wine, but, that day is coming.

    Let us keep planting, and the Good Lord, through Father Time, will take care of the rest.

  14. @Michael Cushman

    “taking down their monuments”

    As I’ve mentioned elsewhere Michael, the Poles are removing Soviet monuments in Poland. They’re dismantling the markers of their conquers and enemies, thus nullifying that conquest.

    I believe we ought to start with Union monuments in the South. As somebody pointed out elsewhere, Blacks lose interest without prodding from outsiders. Without those ostensibly White activists from Chicago and New York, Ferguson wouldn’t have been near as bad. If Southern statues need to be “placed in context,” Then Northern ones in the South, need to be, too. Perhaps thrown into the sea. “Or in a “Museum” in Illinois.”

  15. Lynda
    MAY 12, 2017 AT 9:22 AM
    Lincoln’s gov’t and military were permeated with early Communist partisans. Marx and Engels looked to the Northern Cause with approval of its policies which implemented Marxist ideals of industry based economy, suspension of individual rights in terms of rule of law, suspension of writ of Habeas Corpus and strong central government.


    The Nationalization Act of 1798 was the first ideologically bent immigration law passed by John Adams which declared that Jacobins or anyone holding liberal opinions could be arrested and summarily thrown out of the United States by military authorities. Immigrants also had to wait 14 years for citizenship. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison called this an evil idea and wrote their Virginia and Kentucky resolutions claiming that Freedom of the Press is absolute, which means in the ideas of Jefferson the publishing of a Holy Bible or a sex manual is all the same thing. The reason Jefferson felt this way is he needed unfettered immigration to defeat the Federalists and in 1800 he won the election with the votes of these immigrants, many of which were (((Chosen People))))

    The Naturalization Act of 1802 passed by Thomas Jefferson ended the ability for the United States to deport anyone and immigration was left entirely up to the states. Ciitzenship could be obtained in as short as five years. Southern Democrats, then called Republicans went along with it because Jefferson promised them that large numbers of Immigrants would grow the Democratic power base and protect slavery. When the Napoleonic Wars ended in 1815, White Christian Immigrants, Jews and other filth began swarming our nation, however the Southern Democrats then in control thought that was a good idea, after all it would discourage the Federalists from seizing power. The thing was within that group of immigrants were your European Protestants, they became National Republicans and Whigs, your Catholics became Democrats as did the Jews. The thing is as total population+2 senators equals your electoral vote, all of these people counted toward the whole. The Irish weren’t reliable voters so by 1856, the new Republican Party was able to win alot of Northern States and their large electoral vote number, meant trouble for the South.

    As for the Lincoln Administration being Proto-Marxist, from a strict sense it would be more similar to Mussolini’s Fascist Italian State than it would be to Communism. Remember a few basic ideas. For one Communism doesn’t necessarily entail an industrial economy, it entails a government-managed economy where the means of production are owned by the state. The Soviet Union never became a manufacturing power or a major exporter as it barely produced enough for exportation. Like Mussolini’s Italian state, the Lincoln Administration didn’t interfere with Industry, but it did lend them various favors just as it did to the railroads. Another basic idea of Communism is that land belongs to the state and the rights of indigenous peoples are holy. Lincoln on the other hand with the Homestead Act said to any man, go and claim 160 Acres of indian land, kill them however you want and its yours. Homesteading is private ownership and it also leads to the murder of the indigenous. The third main idea is trade. Communism teaches that all trade between nations must be completely free. Marx said trade barriers impede the growth of a world state. The Lincoln Administation practiced Economic Nationalism as it purposely excluded via the Morrill Tariff goods from Europe for the sake of American manufactures. This is nationalistic and more in common with Mussolini’s Italian state.

    Ironically the Free Trade Economics of the Confederacy were exactly the same as Communist Free Trade economics. That is the point where States Rights and Communism agree.

    As for Karl Marx, I believe he felt that freeing the slaves would cause such an apocalypse in the United States that it would lead to a complete collapse of the Capitalist State. Marx didn’t understand that the armed White Christian populace would brutally stop any efforts against the social order. By the 1870’s when it became clear to the Jews that freeing the Negroes didn’t cause the United States to meltdown or self destruct, millions of Jews flooded the nation to make sure that it did happen. Marx and his allies began before his death heavily advocating for Gun Control for this purpose. He saw that the armed white population in the United States and elsewhere would stop his plans and the mere presence of an inferior race wasn’t enough to destroy the system.

    The Jews murdered Abraham Lincoln to cover up their real plans and switch to Phase Two, Lincoln was only necessary for Phase One. Doing this served a couple of purposes. ONE it took the power Lincoln had and devolved it to Congress and the Bureaucracy. TWO it ensured that no lawsuits brought against the Lincoln Administration would be heard THREE it gave the evil cause a martyr which would make discussion of the rightness of the Southern cause impossible for generations. I believe that John Wilkes Booth was patriotic in his intentions, but that he was set up by the Jewish Commies to clean up the trash. THREE CAN KEEP A SECRET if TWO ARE DEAD.

  16. @Michael Cushman

    “taking down their monuments”

    As I’ve mentioned elsewhere Michael, the Poles are removing Soviet monuments in Poland. They’re dismantling the markers of their conquers and enemies, thus nullifying that conquest.
    I believe we ought to start with Union monuments in the South. As somebody pointed out elsewhere, Blacks lose interest without prodding from outsiders. Without those ostensibly White activists from Chicago and New York, Ferguson wouldn’t have been near as bad.


    Saint Louis is a large ugly Northern City occupying land in a Southern State, with its own gigantic Jewish population, they didn’t need that much sewage from outside. Thats the bizarre thing about Missouri, its like a Southern State with two giant Northern metropolises at each end. During the war Saint Louis supported the Union by over 90%. It was the receiver of both German and (((GERMAN))) immigration from 1820 forward. The brainwash is so bad, most Missouri folks think they are (((Midwesterners))) today.

    The Trump Protests where our friend Ben Teter aka AIDS SKRILLEX was introduced to the world was largely made up of locals. I was surprised myself that the Saint Louis Area is that leftist but when I did some research on it, it is that way and worse. Of course being within driving distance of the Chicago sewer multiplies that exponentially

  17. If you can round up enough fellows to have a touch football game, you can get enough fellows to attend a political meeting. If enough people do this, then you have organized something serious.

    Make a list of your pals and their phone numbers and addresses., most of whom will feel the way you do. Get something going.

    Like the Brad Griffith touch football team, from Nowhereville, Alabama/ LOL.

    That’s how you do it.

  18. St Louis was the first place the German and the (((German))) fought the Anglo-French who ran Missouri. It was a raging street battle that look place on Olive between today’s St Louis University and the Budweiser Brewery.

  19. This is happening because PRIMAL survival instincts are kicking in. Many – not all- but many Whites have decided we want to LIVE, after all.

    As Adolf said, we fight to live, or we die.

    We aren’t being left alone, which is what most of us want, after all. We are up against the existential wall. We are discovering that we are NOT alike underneath, and we don’t actually LIKE the SHITSKINS at all. We must get rid of THEM – but we MUST PURGE THE JEW.

    This pattern, of White Nation Wrecking, by Der ewige Jude, has repeated for centuries. It MUST end.

  20. While demonstrations and marches and other short term tactics are good things, they are just that: tactics. We must think in strategic terms. This Union of mestizos, mulattos, and Negroes mixed with Whites cannot endure.

    Of late, many Blacks are turning to separation in many things, e.g., graduation ceremonies, seating, professional organizations, etc. This is wonderful news for us, and here is why. Working toward getting Blacks to be be separate (same with Amerindians), means that if they get their own autocephalous and independent land, the SO DO WE. Think of it. They want to totally segregate. This is the easy way for us to achieve our own nation-state.

    This homeland should have the following characteristics: No Jews, Muslims, Amerindians, mulattos, mestizos, or Negroes. This Homeland is a permanent Identitarian ideal for Whites. Whites to remain at least a 90 % permanent majority forever. Selected Asians and Hindus would be eligible for inclusion.

    Just as in the Indo-European languages and genetic migrations, so our future Home would include same.
    The future for us in a certain turbulent world is this: the World of like minded peoples (inherited civilized behaviors and descendants of ancient and advanced cultures versus the African hordes, inbred Muslims, and other indigenous low IQ, low potential people). It is that simple and binary. We need to ally and align ourselves with the ethnic native same or better IQ people of the World against the regressive and reprehensible of non-contributors.

    Such a new Homeland would have pre-arranged diplomatic relations with China and Russia, Asian and South American countries-which are implicit and racially aware White dominated.

  21. At this point, it seems that Alt-Right public rallies and protests seem like a good idea. My guess is that if the Right gets more successful with street actions, the Left will either get violent or use the state to restrict public protests.
    What most Americans, who are not racially conscious, do not realize is that an attack on Southern and Confederate heritage is an attack on America’s Founders also. I just put up a piece on that on my blog; share it with any American patriot types that you know.

  22. Denise, your point about not being left alone is probably the most vital talking point right now. It’s a verbal tool that can be used to pry away more support for the anti-White hordes who falsely claim to be victims. Those that accuse “racists” of preying on them can’t seem to explain why it is the “racists” who are doing everything in their power to remove themselves from non-Whites. We are the ones being stalked and attacked, not them. We give them their space, they gladly take it and then demand our space as well. We move away, they follow. We isolate ourselves to form our own communities and networks, they go out of their way to inject themselves into our movements and work overtime trying to get us fired, slandered and attacked even more.

    When you try to move away and create your own space and they still follow and attack you, then you really have only one solution. The degree and severity of that solution is relative to the degree and severity of the tactics and actions they use to attack you.

  23. The coloreds need to be shipped back to the jungles of west Africa. Except for the violent ones, who must either be castrated or hung from trees and lamp posts. The jews must be permanently relocated to concentration and forced labor camps in the Arctic Circle. The fairies shall find themselves cast into peat-bogs, without the luxury of having their heads attached to their torsos. Enough is enough.

  24. It’s great that people are getting out from behind their keyboards and speaking up and standing up IRL. Their radicalization now moves into the next phase, injecting some testosterone back into them. I agree with you that it is a manifestation partly of the Alt Right and others FINALLY beginning to lose faith in mainstream politics and petitioning the government for a redress of grievances, over and over again. I anticipate it will continue until some unforeseen event which none of us have the power to leverage ourselves creates a vacuum or abdication of power from the Federal level, resulting in balkanization.

  25. But with the warmer weather we will soon see Black riots and activism.

    The Negroes will be much more reactionary and their activities much more spontaneous. They’ll pop up, at short notice.

    In such cases, attacking their YJC handlers would be effective. Southern blacks need to be severed from their foreign, non Black handlers.

  26. @Poupon Marx

    “Of late, many Blacks are turning to separation in many things, e.g., graduation ceremonies, seating, professional organizations, etc.’

    This was happening when I was in highschool in the 80’s. We already had class separation. For instance, the rich kids had their own prom at the Country club. The Black students didn’t want to hear White music, so they held their own, too. The school still put one on., but most of us didn’t go.

  27. All this activism will require fuel.

    -I hate garbage that says my people must accept that our great-grandchildren will be brown.
    -I hate demons that pump wicked poison into all forms of mass media to be consumed by my people.
    -I hate deceivers that impose thought control and spiritual slavery on my trusting people with fabricated words like ‘racist’ and ‘white supreeemist’ and ‘hater’.
    -I hate filth that force my people at gunpoint to prepare baked goods for people they view to be destroying the biological health of their environment.
    -I hate usurers that selectively enforce weaponized unconstitutional Terms of Service to deny my people access to PUBLIC COMMONS payment processing platforms and media platforms, because of their SPEECH.
    -I hate vermin that is funded by our enemy to physically shut down the free SPEECH of my people in public settings, because it might arouse . . . hate.



    -I am *beginning* to hate the cowardly alt lite faggots that refuse to openly and specifically defend the free speech of our people, while claiming to be defenders of free speech. If you are unwilling to fight for Whites because you mixed your seed with non-Whites, then don’t expect to have a place in our society after we take it back. Bleed with us in this war, or gtfo forever.

    I tried to find a different verb for this comment, but there was no other that served the purpose:

    HATE: to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest

    It felt great acknowledging my hate and feeling it course through my veins as I wrote this. If a lion is designed to hate and destroy hyenas that encroach on its pride lands, then we are designed to hate and destroy enemies that encroach on the societies of our people. Any creed trying to sell you on placating your enemy is itself a lie and a weapon of the enemy.

    Your biology is screaming at you to destroy that enemy–to remove from existence that threat to your loved ones.

    Do you hear it?


  28. @Harvest Grain… Fine sentiments. However, “White” is a term that is used a lot, but is not qualified or specified universally by White Nationalists. Some restrict the ethnic description of “White” to Nordic or Northern European populations-in effect a beauty contest. They will denigrated those from Mediterranean backgrounds, and consider Slavs to be Untermensch.

    Like the engineer I am, I value performance and overall plant integrity. All components have to be of a high standard. I recognize that East Asians are such high value in broad spectrums of important characteristics. I also have witnessed, even within my family of a male member marrying a Japanese descended woman and producing a beautiful child.

    A friend of my family, a decorated U.S. serviceman married a Japanese woman, who was beautiful inside and out. She was a paragon of womanhood. She was one of my mother’s (a very racially aware Southern woman) best friends. Their son was full on American, went to school in Georgia, his father’s state, married a Southern belle with blond hair and blue eyes, and lived happily, with her family happy that their daughter was vouchsafed to a man of honor, intelligence, loyalty, and the product of exceptional genes and breeding.

    The genetic makeup of what we now call Euro-descendants, aka Whites, stretches from India through Eurasia to Scandinavia. Aryan is a Sanskrit word.

    To be successful as “race”, we need genetic quality on all spectra, solidarity, reason, rationality, limited use of nostalgia, and common sense. Thinking empirically, such as engineers do, will produce beneficial outcomes. What works, is observable, can be measured, and sustained overrides caprice, romanticism, and idolatry.

  29. @James Owen…


    “we cannot expect non-Southerners and those in Washington to protect our sovereignty”

    That’s it in spades.’


    Thank you, Mr. Owen!

  30. @Bob Sykes…

    ‘You need to form an alliance with northern Whites, otherwise you are lost.’


    Mr. Sykes, it is precisely because we, Southerners, are in a ‘union’ with Northern Whites, that we are in this godawful predicament.

    How can we make an alliance with those who want to see and end to us?; and whose politick has been this way for nearing on 200 years…

  31. Support current Secessionist movements.

    If one can secede all can secede & determine their own futures. We need self-determination in the occupied territory called USA. Don’t think the US gov’t will slaughter a high percentage of it’s own population like it did in the 1st Civil War but, hehehe, I may well be wrong on that.

    The social Fascist Democrats & their Captive Press will cheerlead the CA, OR, WA secession because they believe they are on the verge of absolute Utopia out there on the left coast. Once the left coast is gone, it’s game over for the rump of the USA. So support CA-OR-WA secession in word & in deed

  32. @James Owens…

    ‘“taking down their monuments”

    As I’ve mentioned elsewhere Michael, the Poles are removing Soviet monuments in Poland. They’re dismantling the markers of their conquers and enemies, thus nullifying that conquest.

    I believe we ought to start with Union monuments in the South.’


    That’s a great idea, but, where are these so-called Union monuments?

    I can’t recall any in NC.

  33. @Poupon Marx
    We don’t need to qualify or specify who we are. Our genes speak to us internally, and it’s quite clear to us who is White.

    Your anecdotes are edge cases. This is not a war about edge cases. It is a war over the future of the White genome.

    If your engineering intellect leads you to spend your energy and resources addressing edge cases, then so be it. You might consider, however, respecting the energy and resources of the majority of us who are defending the middle of the bell curve. Or not.

  34. jk35hb ef Different life experiences produce differing views, in many cases. My background is marine mechanical engineering. During my professional life, I worked with many hundreds of different people, in close cooperation and living. Working and living on ships with people is a far more intimate experience than the office or even a residential neighborhood.

    What I have come to believe, is that I share more commonality with those who believe in the same values, mores, ideas and ideals. There may be more of these, percentage-wise in the South or Texas, but there are certainly many in South and Central America, Christians Worldwide, as well as similar IQ Asians and Eurasians. A “White”, Nordic type with blue eyes, freckles, and blond hair who is a Cuck, a self-hater, and a generally amoral, degenerate piece of worthless protoplasm is NOT “One of My People”.

  35. The other night I was reading a local newspaper and they ran a story on a Somalian refugee family now living in rural Australia. There must have been eight children in the accompanying picture. One was going to be an engineer, another a heart surgeon….
    Why then aren’t they in Somalia where they are needed?
    The leftrag paper was treating it like a good news story- as if fuzzies taking over is just fantastic…

    Then I looked over to the TV…..blacks in every ad portrayed as the civilized, more intelligent of the species who complete the renovation correctly or choose the better deal.
    Then an ad with a white guy and Asian wife and their kids enjoying family time at McDonalds with the kids chomping their burgers and laughter all round…..all designed to normalize the extinction of our race.
    It just fries my brain sitting through all this. Its truly puke inducing.

  36. @Poupon Marx
    So you come from the tribe of High IQ Christian Marine Engineers.

    Well, that explains it then.

    It’s only logical that you would feel that a lowly landlubbing White who has been brainwashed by a lifetime of enemy-controlled mass media to cuck against his own race is NOT “One of Your People” – or, put differently: NOT a tribe member of the High IQ Christian Marine Engineers.

    That is a totally logical and rational, even mechanical engineering-esque, view of your existence as a biological organism.

  37. The key danger is for these public protests to become a thinly veiled excuse to “mix it up” with antifa. If they bring it, fine. But I’m sensing “mission creep” not only amongst the rank and file, but also the de facto leaders. We can’t punch our way to victory, and neither can they. It’s a battle for the Zeitgeist.

    • It wasn’t a battle for the Zeitgeist in 1775 or 1861. It isn’t now, either. We won’t vote this thing to a resolution, one way or another. The key danger is fearing having skin in the game.

  38. I think street activism is all we have. We need to turn it up a notch. While it’s important to show to these things dressed for success (so to speak). It’s more important to accomplish a goal a little more important than just looking like the more normal group. People are more engaged and determined if they know what the goal is. Even if the goal is just. Something simple like getting media coverage or pushing the enemy into physical attack. If everyone is working toward that goal we can make it happen. I would prefer more vicious goals? myself but I’m a sneaky Cracker and not everyone else is…

  39. @Harvest Grain…My apologies if you were offended, as I mean not towards you or any other decent White person, regardless of mental or other abilities. I have lived and worked for far too long to overvalue IQ. I value clear thinking, honor, morality, and earnestness. My point is that in my ideal White Homeland, certain people can feel, think, and act as they see fit. Those who want to breed only with Nordic descendants can do so. Those who have broader allowances or other preferences can do so, as well.

    The defining and limiting aspect is whether it hurts or helps the destiny and overall viability of the “White” Race. I am comfortable-from a long personal and professional observations-that INDO-EUROPEANS can mix genes (as they already have over millennia) and sustain our quality and defining characteristics. I have set down what those limits are. Within those, my purpose is not to exclude who you and like thinking folks want to mix genes with.

    When I first started as a Marine Engineer, ship’s power plants only had American made machinery. That’s a good thing. But more ships were supplied with Japanese made heavy equipment and control systems. The advances in design and execution were significant. Japanese marine equipment topped all others in quality and efficiency.

    A powerplant is very much like a society. You put in machines and auxiliary systems that interact and work in symbiotic fashion with others. Since the 1960s, I have observed the intermarriages of Americans and Asian women, the children they produced and how they integrated into American society. I report herewith that such couples and their children are full on “White” in the best qualities of our race. Their children meet or exceed all benchmarks, standards, and measures of “pure” Caucasians” (a mixture of many ethnics). They grow up, join the military, dislike the inferior Blacks and indigenous people, and are indistinguishable from White anything and everything. I’m talking about men who are blue collar to lab workers.

    Euro-derived people have nothing to fear with intermarriage of other ethnics that share the SAME IQ PROFILES. That is very exclusionary.

  40. A half-humorous, full truth article. Why White Men Prefer Asian Women: The View From A Sushi Bar
    Google: Eurasian People/images

    Is there something wrong with Ann Marie Calhoun, Kate Beckinsale, Eddie Van Halen?

    One of the reasons for propounding this consideration is this sad fact: Caucasian women are the world’s most confused, confounded, worthless, problematic, unreliable, delusional, and rank very low on the nurturing, mothering, family traditional values scale. They are unstable and liable to be swayed by tripe and trite nonsense. We need to average 3 children per family for a considerable period. For that to happen, we need women that are strong, solid, smart, and loving. Think about it, and who you will procreate with, which will be a person, not a phenotype, a symbol, or a certain shallow physical appearance. Consider all the options.

  41. “Race” is exactly the problem.

    We, the anglo/germanic celtic people are being hunted down, enslaved and genocided in our own homelands.

    Authentic nationalists need to recognize that ‘race’ is the way jews have manipulated us into self-loathing and supplication.

    We are a people, who share a genetic, cultural and tribal heritage. We have every right to define it how we want and to defend it.

    If/When Southerners realize that ‘race’ is a trap, they can lead their people into the future. But not until.

  42. @Poupon Marx
    I wasn’t offended, so no apology necessary (though decent of you to extend it).

    White territories are being massively invaded by hostile hordes of taco, kebab, dindu, curry and Labrador-eaters.

    You are expending considerable effort defending the edge case of White miscegenation with snowflake Asians.

    The US has inside its borders today and invader population larger than the population of France.

    To use a maritime metaphor:

    The hull of our ship has been breached—bigly. 20% of our bulkheads are completely filled with seawater. You want to debate whether all seawater is the same.

    Fine. You win. Some seawater is more special than other seawater.

    Now that we have expended the time and energy to address that most pressing matter, since you are a maritime engineer, let me ask you:

    1) How do we repair the breach to our hull?
    2) How do we pump all of the seawater out of our bulkheads (except for the special snowflake seawater) before our ship goes down for good?

  43. @juniusdaniel1828

    That’s a great idea, but, where are these so-called Union monuments?

    There are several in Georgia and various other states. For instance, there’s one to Union General Lyon, in Denison, Tx, for some reason. He never got any closer to Texas than Missouri. Every few years, kids deface it. It’s in a civilian cemetery outside of town.

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