P.G.T. Beauregard Monument Destroyed and Vandalized In New Orleans

I don’t even have to say it:

You know what needs to be done.

These people vandalize our monuments. They physically attack our people. The New Orleans Police Department disarms us while letting armed black mobs march through the streets unmolested. The courts have given us no remedy. The Republican Party is useless.

The League of the South has been warning about Southern cultural genocide for years. It is up to us to stop what is happening to our civilization. No one is coming to our rescue. Donald Trump and the GOP aren’t going to do anything. The SPLC has said we are a “hate group.” If you hate these people and want to wipe them off the face of the earth, you have found the right organization.

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  1. General Beauregard defended us, before we were born, but, we did not defend him after he died.

    How dishonourable and cowardly can we be?!?

  2. Make a plaster effigy of Darren Wilson standing with one foot atop the carcass of Mike Brown.

  3. I hate to see this happen, but maybe it is a signal that saving the South is about more that saving Confederate monuments. Maybe concentrating on other things that bind us together and make us a people, would produce more resistance. Doing so would force our enemies to admit that they just hate us, which shouldn’t be a revelation, but is a fact that many Southerners just don’t seem to grasp.

  4. @Todd…

    Well, following on your angle : monuments are usually put up to something after it’s dead.

    When something is alive, there are no monuments.

  5. Aconplish nothing removing all white monuments.. coons remain coons Lincoln plan deportation cut short by Booth.

  6. Trump might give us a few additional years to arm, train and prepare for the inevitable shitstorm – unless the kikes and their Deep State illegally remove him from office. But I’m afraid that marching around old Civil War monuments in khakis and white polo shirts waving the Stars and Bars just isn’t going to cut it.

  7. Actually this is good thing. Liberal madness must go over the edge until average normie freaks out. And then will be fun.

    Anybody thinks that they will stop with those monuments ???? No, they don,t and that is good. Somebody must push things over the edge and let the commies do the job.

  8. These actions by our enemies are not surprises to us in The League of the South. We have known what the Jew/negro/anti-white white alliance would do when they gained political power in the South’s urban areas such as NOLA. This and the removal of other symbols of our inheritance is merely the outward culmination of the current stage of a war that has been going on for the last half century, since the civil rights revolution (the Second Reconstruction). Few Southerners have stood against our enemies so far, for whatever reasons. The League welcomes all those who want to fight this war for our very survival. But we need more than keyboard warriors. We need men and women of resolve who will do the hard tasks in real life to repel an enemy determined to destroy every vestige of our culture and civilization, including our own flesh and blood. If you are interested in joining us, check out our website at http://www.leagueofthesouth.com or check us out on Facebook and Twitter. An online presence is necessary in this day and age for two things: 1) spreading general information and 2) organizing. The internet is not the place for planning discrete operations, boasting about what you will do or have done to the enemy, or discussing sensitive strategy, tactics, and logistics of our movement. We hope you will consider joining us and lending your talents and resources to thousands of others across the South. Together we are stronger!

  9. I think it’s time to start vandalizing and destroying the monuments of the Left. See how they like it. After all turnabout is fair play. Where is the nearest MLK, Jr. monument?

  10. This removal of the PGT Beauregard statue by Mayor Mitch Landrieu is like Black on Black crime, only this is Catholic on Catholic crime, with the help from the Roman Catholic Loyola University Law School, and their Roman Catholic Lawyers. What a bunch of niggers.

  11. “@Todd…

    Well, following on your angle : monuments are usually put up to something after it’s dead.

    When something is alive, there are no monuments.”

    Junius, I’m nothing but a Southerner, and I hate seeing these monuments taken down. But there is more to being a Southerner than the Civil War, and those statues can be put right back in place as soon as the arguments/fights are won. If we are going to rely on the cause of the monuments, as worthy as it is, to save ourselves, I’m afraid we are going to lose. It’s not an attractive cause to many Southerners, and their hearts and minds are elsewhere. Win their hearts and minds, and they may be drawn to the cause of the monuments, as risky as it is.

    I don’t claim to have the answers, but something more has to define us and bring us together. I have no great love for the old planter class, or for the post-war elites of the South, except for men like George Wallace and Lester Maddox, who my mother knew. Members of both sides of my family fought for the Confederacy, and some died, but I wouldn’t want to go back to the old system that was so heavily dominated by class and caste.

    The biggest problem is that we have no institutions. Our universities and state governments are largely hostile and foreign, and our major cities are full of transplants, foreigners and minorities. Our traditional churches care more about Israel and the children of other people. I’ve seen it countless times where “good Southerners” go to places like Haiti, Guatemala, Mexico, Philippines, somewhere in Africa or inner-city America to donate money and do good deeds, while thumbing their noses at the local “white trash” who need help. If you can go to Guatemala to build houses, why not put a roof on the home of a local backslider, or help feed and clothe his children? And do it with no preaching, politics or strings attached, other than letting him know who you are and why you are helping him. That would be a start.

  12. I feel bad about my previous comment on this thread. Guys like Spencer and Heimbach have sacrificed quite a bit to defend the White race and Western culture and I don’t want to be just another anonymous keyboard commando who criticizes the work of others.

    To that end, I am attempting to amass a small fortune through thrift and honest labor, which I then hope to use for the benefit of the White racial cause. Yes, it would be nice to buy a new speedboat or Indian motorcycle, but at the rate our situation is deteriorating I wouldn’t be able to enjoy them for very long anyway.

  13. The South needs to teach their young that slavery is NOT a sin especially the cardinal unforgivable sin that all the liberals have smeared the South with. Many/most on both sides are bowing down to the false god of abolition.

    The Bible is a book about service and not a book about all these freedoms that this nation worships today. And actually we are all to become servants of God and eventually receive His Holy Spirit and become sons of God and live with God and Christ forever…

    Don’t let the false priests of abolition shame you for a sin you and your ancestors never committed…

    Remove that heavy burden these hypocritical modern day pharisees have laid on you from your mind forever…

  14. I’m not so much as wiping people out as I am separating from them. I care not what blue state America does when it is an independent nation. They can have transgendered bathrooms galore, abortion legal and free at any stage of the pregnancy, open borders, sanctuary cities, and free trade global capitalism and even a biracial transgendered president with female breasts and a male penis. They can impose a racism tax on their whites citizens and give tax credit for Gay and interracial marriages.Even make instruction in alternative lifestyles mandatory for elementary children.

  15. Somebody ought to follow that crew and see where they go. I bet they’re white males, too. What are they doing with the monuments, anyone know?

  16. 11 or 12 years ago those global warming scientists promised us “a Katrina every year.”

    I feel cheated.

  17. “11 or 12 years ago those global warming scientists promised us “a Katrina every year.”

    I feel cheated.”


  18. @Todd…

    Thank you for your lengthy reply, above. I read it and appreciated it.

    Sincerely, Junius Daniel.

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