Yankee Hypocrisy and Southern Identity

Others on this site have rightly noted that the “cuckfederate” faction of Southern Heritage supporters have done little to defend or preserve anything of significance. While well-intentioned, they have made the tactical error of letting our enemies define the terms of debate, resulting in a futile and demeaning pursuit of approval from those who will never grant it. Earnest cries of “it’s not about race!” have never been effective, and never will.

Racial issues are real and relevant, and our identity is based on our European heritage. However, the issue of race (specifically, anti-black racism) does not define who Southerners are as people, however much the SPLC likes to pretend otherwise. Let me repeat: RACE ISSUES DO NOT DEFINE SOUTHERNERS. Views about race vary widely among white southerners. The only people who equate racial hatred and Southerness are those who hate us anyways, and just want an excuse to justify it.

In my opinion, the important defining characteristics of Southerners include: Abiding Christian faith as a part of daily life. Strong distaste for government interference and excessive rule-making. A chivalrous form of manhood which genuinely cherishes and defends women. Reverence for our brave, determined, and principled ancestors. Of course, we also have distinct language, music, cuisine, and folkways. We are defined by things that we esteem and love; not by what we (purportedly) hate.

We cannot convince non-Southerners of this, and should waste no more breath trying.

However, our Southern brothers and sisters are a different matter. I believe that many of them are suffering from Stockholm syndrome. I frequently encounter Southerners who denounce Confederates, signalling, in effect, “I’m a good person, so I will rebuke my treasonous, racist ancestors!” It it tempting to dismiss these people as disloyal, and perhaps some are, but many more have received a shallow and biased education about Southern history, and have simply absorbed the dominant cultural narrative. They can be educated  to see that there is no moral imperative to denounce their Southern nationality. Even without challenging the “racism is bad” paradigm, this can be done by truthfully pointing out that Northerners are brazen hypocrites to whom we should cede no moral high ground.

Non-Southerners ceaselessly condemn us as vile racists full of hate, while failing to live up to their own stated ideals. They have chosen to reinvent unabashed white supremacist and race separatist Abraham Lincoln as an egalitarian progressive hero. They have chosen to ignore the abysmal conditions of blacks in the ghettos of places like Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles. They have chosen to ignore that racial segregation is, in the modern era, more common outside of the South than within it. They have chosen to ignore the race riots rampant in the urban North in recent years. Where is the racially egalitarian utopia in the enlightened Yankee empire?

Perhaps they should be called out for these shortcomings, (made to live up to their own rules, in Alinsky terms), rather than allowed to point, shriek and condemn every vestige of the Confederacy as an evil abomination. Why not, for a change, play offense? Most importantly, in the process, we will teach our own people that they should not covet Yankee approval.


  1. @James Owen…


    “Life cannot be successful if it is not played like chess, and in that particular game, you win by going after your enemy’s King and Queen – NOT their pawns.”

    That’s why it’s essential to assail the SJWs who stir up the Negroes. Rather than the Negroes themselves. Except, however, in cases where they are an immediate threat. It’s also necessary to separate the Negroes, politically, from the SJWs.’


    Outside of certain temporary local situations, I agree – Negroes are rarely the issue.

    And, yes – separating the coalition against us is very important. More than that we will not say…

  2. @Billy Ray…


    The problem with Florida has always been that it was barely settled when the war started in 1861. The panhandle was settled across to Jacksonville and from about Daytona Beach draw a big black southwestern line to Sarasota. Everything below that line was frontier in 1861, Following the war, the band of settlement extended slowly, but still by 1890 settlement had only made its way a bit further south. Henry Flagler’s Railroad to Key West caused South Florida to be settled. Miami Fl in 1900 was made up largely of Yankees and Southern Negroes and West Indian Negroes, who worked there in various occupations. Southern Whites came as well but strangely enough if you look at the list of the Mayors of Miami from the founding in 1896 all of them were Republican, which showed the Northern political influence. In fact they didn’t even elect a Democrat Mayor until 1947 and didnt elect another Democrat until 1957. Definately an oddity in a Southern State, typically before 1954 Republicans in the Deep South were about as popular as tourists from a Leper Colony.

    The old joke about Florida getting less Southern the further South you go is true and the old map from 1874 shows why. To this day the pronounciation of MI-AM-EE was the standard Yankee one and Mi-amuh was the Southern one. I remember when I told my elderly aunt I was in Florida and she asked me if I went down to Miamuh. Thats how it was said among the old Southern folk…’


    Yes, when I was a child I don’t think I ever met a single White Republican in my state – who was not Negro or Yankee.

    Really, the idea of such was completely absurd.

    Even today, there are many ole-timers in Nowheresville, Northeastern North Carolina, who flat out REFUSE to leave the Democrat Party – even though they know it is completely anti-White and anti-Southern, and even though they mostly vote for Republicans!

    Obviously, air-conditioning has made what was once a winter wonderland for Yankees, a practical all year round proposition of the state of Florida – particularly the lower part.

  3. RB: “Losing? Whites elected Donald Trump didn’t we? Not our fault he turned out to be a cuck. If he was as he appeared in the election campaign, most of our problems would be solved.

    As for Roof, 100 of him would be no use in any kind of war, as they wouldn’t have the sense to follow orders. If you can’t tell a boy like Roof is a hopeless case, by looking at him, you would be of no use in politics or war either.”

    I reply,

    Lee monument in New Orleans is coming down tonight as I type. With the training I’d had been able to give someone with Roof’s commitment, it would not have.

    You attitude is summed up:
    Do something- we lose.
    Do nothing- we lose.

    I say bullshit. 100 men with the COMMITMENT of one Dylann Roof and Lee monument stands tomorrow. Not only that, but the local goddam jewish press would begin to report things from OUR perspective.

    I’m not making the moron a martyr, I’m saying commitment matters and is all that is needed to get this ball rolling in our direction again.

  4. @Truth Corps
    The monuments are coming down, because of one empty boy like Roof. The monuments started coming down because of his actions. He was not committed to anything. He was just a boy with no friends or personality of his own. Its all in the pictures. Look into his eyes. The lights are on, but no one is home. If you can’t see this, I am sorry to say it, but you are socially incompetent and politically incompetent. You should not be listened to at all.

    I have seen people like you talk, talk, talk, on the Internet forever. You talk and do nothing. People like you don’t post effective memes, nor do you attend rallies. You talk because you want some other moron, to go kill a bunch of random people.

    You played no part in Trump’s victory, I bet you just LARPed about being a bad boy on the Internet the whole time. Other Pro Whites did the mind-numbing work, so a man Trump could take advantage of it and win. That path is still open for a better man, because of the WORK a small number of Pro Whites did, which you and many others did not do.

    Stop LARPing and some real work. Then you can use the word commitment without irony.

  5. For all the cucking a lot of Northerners are doing, and I don’t wish them ill, they will soon see that it will not make a hill of beans difference to give in on Southern statues. They will be coming after the founders statues and any others they can get to erase the past as all evil White Men. How did it work out for the North in Chicago, Pittsburgh and Detroit?

  6. @RB
    When you can show me a DD214 you can talk to me about commitment. Until then you’re the exact same as the Mainstream Media that portray Roof as an empty shell.
    Here’s hoping to meet you at a future event.

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