Mnuchin Promises to Protect Big Banks

At this point there is little reason for those on the Alt-South and Alt-Right to have any faith in the Trump Administration. The latest retreat from the president’s populist campaign rhetoric comes from Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, a New York Jewish hedge fund manager and banker who has previously donated money to Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney – certainly not a nationalist or populist record. Politico reports that Mnuchin is counter-signaling Trump’s idea to break up the big banks which control the US economy:

The Trump administration on Thursday distanced itself from a populist push to break up the nation’s biggest banks after months of publicly flirting with the idea.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin emphatically rejected that move during a Senate hearing in response to a question by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

…Mnuchin, a finance industry veteran who’s leading the administration’s drive to overhaul Wall Street regulations, said splitting up the banks “would be a huge mistake.”

…Mnuchin’s comments put more daylight between the administration and the anti-Wall Street rhetoric that was a centerpiece of Trump’s winning campaign. The GOP party platform even included a pledge that stated, “We support reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, which prohibits commercial banks from engaging in high-risk investment.”

Truthfully, I never expected the big banks to be broken up. I thought it was brilliant campaign rhetoric though and it helped to energize Trump’s base. It certainly excited me. I expected Trump to eventually compromise on this issue, gaining some reform measure in exchange for leaving the banks in tact. He could have dealt the banks a blow and left open the option of breaking them up at some future point and made this a major part of the Republican Party’s message to broaden its populist appeal. Instead, he has apparently given up on it early without any concessions. I thought Trump was a great negotiator? Was he ever serious on this issue?

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  1. I loathe the leftists so much, and they loathe Trump so much, that I’ve been thinking of voting for him next time simply because he’s not them.

    Almost every item of news makes me question that decision, however.

  2. For too long our people are told to choose one of two bad options, in a rigged game and they obey unquestioningly. There is a third choice, kick the game table over.

    If you want real power, you vote for a protest party. GOP and Dems are winning by the thinnest of margins now. A protest party that can get 1 or 2 percent, is a real threat to their chances of power now.

    Local politics is a good option as well. What if a nationalist party started winning in one or two states? How would that affect the stability of the Union?

  3. RB, don’t you get it? No political solution is possible through the ballet box, so it’s time to break out the ammo box.

  4. Trump is going out of his way to appease the jews yet they still want to force him out of office by any means neccessary. I thought being a billionaire real estate mogul from Manhattan would have made him a lot more jew-wise !

  5. Was Trump ever serious about any of his campaign promises? The move to impeach/resign him is all infighting amongst our enemies. Whatever the result it will make little difference to us. Anyway, politicians don’t change the paradigm, memes do.

  6. President Trump is getting ready to leave to meet with the three main enemies of White Americans—the Jews, the Muslims and the Roman Catholics.

  7. “Ballet box”…Yes, attending performances of Swan Lake and The Nutcracker are apparently having little effect on altering the political landscape.

  8. @ Krafty Wurker

    Lay off the Catholics. Isn’t it bad enough that they’re being raped by their own priests?

  9. spahnranch1969
    May 19, 2017 at 12:03 pm

    “RB, don’t you get it? No political solution is possible through the ballet box, so it’s time to break out the ammo box.”

    No political solution is possible voting for Republicans, that’s for sure. For some reason ‘Murrican nationalists believe they can vote for Conservatives decade after decade, and get a nationalist outcome. This is stupid behavior, and is why nationalism does not exist as a political force in America.

    I actually think if there is any big conspiracy at all, it is to keep White Nationalists supporting Republicans instead of their own candidates. Stormfront for example, was swamped by kosher pied pipers during the election campaign, all armed with talking points to ensure Bob Whitaker was ignored and Trump the Great Savior of the White race! was put first.

    The same will happen at the next election, and the one after that, and no action will be taken by the forum owners to remove these kosher conservatives, and put their own candidates first.

    If the Green Party only supported mainstream left parties like the Democrats, they would be no where. Instead they support their own people, and are major force in almost all White countries.

  10. This is why I don’t give the money raisers in WN any money. Why give them money so they can campaign for Republicans? I may as well bypass the middle men, and give the money directly to kosher Republicans.

  11. Michael Cushman – Please study the history of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933. That was the bill that prevented a repeat of the Great Depression. Decades later, while people were distracted by Bill Clinton’s Oval Office blow job from Monika Lewinsky, the Senate REPEALED Glass-Steagall – and the 2008 big bank collapse was the direct result of that.

    If Glass-Steagall handn’t been repealed, big banks couldn’t have used commericial bank deposits and 401k pension deposits to play the Casino buying derivative default swaps and such Ponzi scheme garbage.

    Glass-Steagall never should have been repealed, and it must be restored. It’s the right kind of banking regulation that essentially separates ‘Casino’ banks from Commerical banking.

    We need to channel our energy into loudly supporting Mnuchin in the move to restore Glass Steagall INTACT.

    Trump hasn’t betrayed us on this one at all. He’s doing it right.

  12. I’m shocked– (((Mnuchin))) protecting the (((banksters))) ?

    Yes, bring back Glass-Steagall.

  13. It’s all too much– I turn on Fox for a couple of minutes and I hear some (((guy))) who wants to go after Iran, then the name Rosenstein, then Lieberman. Then I turned it off. Is this f***ing Tel Aviv?

  14. I don’t think they could have found a worse choice to head the FBI than Joe Lieberman, Charlie Manson maybe, or Whitey Bulger, I don’t know.

  15. Joe Lieberman, former Senator from Connecticut representing Israel, is reputedly the front runner for the position of Director of FBI. Israeli spies will be able to spy on America with impunity if Joe Lieberman is appointed Director of FBI.

  16. I stumped for Trump – but I am proud to state that I did not contribute ONE penny. Not 1 kike shekel.

    It’s the KIKES. It’s always been the KIKES.

  17. Re: The Lieberman pick: IMO, Trump is hoping the Jews will throw him a life preserver but they’ll probably let him sink. Serves him right.

  18. If Trump nominates Joe “the camel-faced kike” Lieberman to be FBI director then that’s it, Trump is beyond redemption and should be driven out of office. Even Crooked Hillary has enough balls to stand up to the jews once in a while.

  19. @Michael Cushman…


    I suspect that you are right.


    Thank you, Sir!

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