Dancing In The Streets: Black Women Celebrate The Removal Of The Robert E. Lee Monument In New Orleans

The video below is the definition of having a low time horizon.

It feels great now. This is a big slap across the face to White people in Louisiana and the New Orleans Metro Area. New Orleans is tearing down monuments that Whitey cares about it. There is nothing all those suburbanites can do about it except, you know, invest in their own communities.

What are the consequences going to be though? This will ricochet across the South and the result will be that millions will decide to never spend another dime in New Orleans. It will create racial discord in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana by hardening White racial attitudes. We’ve taken a giant step forward toward the day when White people don’t care about the feelings of black people.

By the way, I seriously doubt this is over. Now that it is open season on Confederate monuments in New Orleans, I predict that Whites will retaliate and ratchet up racial tension to the next level. Take ‘Em Down NOLA’s real goal has always been the destruction of the Andrew Jackson statue. By the time this is over, the New Orleans tourism industry will be boiled like a crawfish.

Note: South Africa has also renamed countless places and torn down monuments. The same is true of the Democratic Republic of Congo where their ancestors came from. If you want a window into the future of New Orleans, look at what happened to Léopoldville.

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  1. The fact that our present controllers have literally rewritten the whole narrative of the Civil War and have gotten away with it is beyond comprehension. Where is the backlash to this? The fact that the Charleston shooting appears to have a lot of holes in it, goes totally unnoticed by the masses. Even if true – which I, personally, do not believe – why use it against inanimate objects that really played no role in his actions. The guy is either MK-Ultra or a lunatic.

    I often think of all the white people that have been massacred by blacks in just the past 50 years and it enrages me. They all got a pass for their racism. And, I solely blame whites for this inaction. Have you ever heard of the name Henry Brisbon, Jr.? I used his case as the subject of a report I did in college in defense of capital punishment. You’ll find the details in a library but I doubt you will online (it will be warmed over). In Cook County, Illinois during the early 1970’s, he and three other black accomplices forced a car off the road. In it was a young white couple who were engaged. They were both murdered but the female got it worse. He shoved the barrel of a shotgun up the young woman’s vagina and fired. They all watched her writhe on the ground for some time before finishing her off with a shotgun blast to the neck or head. He didn’t get the death penalty for it and ended up killing another inmate in prison. I never forgot that story. I’m betting there are thousands of horrendous stories just like it. Unknown white victims of merciless black animals.

    Has anyone looked into who funded the removal of these monuments? Perhaps Landrieu is paying back his campaign backer(s)? There appears to be no transparency on where the money came from? The funders and the removers (both company owners and the employees who did the dirty deed), and high profile supporters need to be doxxed. The dancing whitey needs to be doxxed and then tarred and feathered. I think it’s high time white people who reside in Louisiana start going after everything black. All MLK streets, schools, buildings, and busts – renamed or removed! Why is any communist memorialized in this Republic?

    Some of those responsible for this dastardly act:

    New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu (his father also wanted them removed) – they’d fit in perfectly with the current anti-white leadership of France

    U.S. District Judge, Eastern District of Louisiana, Carl Barbier (another Frenchie)

    New Orleans City Council members who voted to remove them – all negroes – Jason Rogers Williams, Jared C. Brossett, James Austin Gray II, LaToya Cantrell, and Nadine M. Ramsey

    U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals – who were the judges? Can’t find their names now. If I remember correctly, I think a Higginbotham from Alabama was part of the trio.

    FYI, the Beauvoir estate in neighboring Mississippi has offered to receive all of the monuments New Orleans has taken down. The 52-acre estate in Biloxi is where Jefferson Davis lived during retirement. Good for them.

    I will never spend another dime in New Orleans. The place is a dump anyway. I was there 4 years ago after a 16-year absence and was appalled at its further decline. How low can it go because it’s already at the bottom? Cafe Du Monde was mostly Vietnamese servers. Even K-Paul’s was not the same. In all reality, that slum isn’t worthy of those great monuments. All racially-aware whites need to abandon the city and let it implode on itself. And, it will.

  2. I have always hated New Orleans even before this happened. It is too freaking humid, it stinks, there hasn’t been a French person in the French Quarter for centuries, and Bourbon Street is just trashy! The slightest detour from the French Quarter can mean death due to the proximity of section 8 housing. Perhaps if the dumb ass Republicans succeed in getting a war with Russia I can see New Orleans go up in a mushroom cloud. I wonder who low the radioactivity will have to be in the former United States and Russia before China can move in and resettle it?

  3. Bitch Landrieu deserves what can euphemistically be called a “necktie party”.

    So after the coloreds got through dancing around like voodoo zombies they went back to their section 8 housing in the ghetto to resume their parasitic existence at the taxpayers’ expense. Has removing those statues improved their lives in ANY way? If it wasn’t for White benevolence they would literally be eating each other.

  4. Can we expect a dramatic drop in black crime now? Will NOLA be a safe city for White tourists? Feeding the black monster only whets his appetite for more.

  5. Katrina II would be very welcome, followed by a healthy dose of Zyklon B in the Superdome’s HVAC.

  6. Snowhitey

    You are correct. False flag/staged event/media hoaxes like the Dylan “Storm” Roof affair are used to achieve real world goals.

    If that is the central core argument for the removal of these monuments, you can be assured that the “Charleston Shooting” was as real as the Gulf of Tonkin.

    A practical certainty if “Roof” is mentioned in the black propaganda articles explaining the need for the removals.

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