Mayor Mitch Landrieu Addresses The Removal of Confederate Monuments

If you want to listen to Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s address about the removal of Confederate monuments in New Orleans, you can do so below. It fell flat with me.

I don’t believe in Mitch Landrieu’s worldview. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at his liberal platitudes and boilerplate. There was one point in the speech where he quoted the “shocking words” of Vice President Alexander Stephens that “the negro is not the equal of the White man” and that the Confederacy was based on this great “physical, philosophical and moral truth.”

Are these “shocking words” supposed to discredit the Confederacy? 152 years after the abolition of slavery, the present condition of New Orleans is proof that Alexander Stephens was right. In his time, it was widely believed that blacks were incapable of preserving White civilization. In the 52 years since the downfall of Jim Crow, blacks have become a majority and risen to power in New Orleans.

African-Americans have been given the chance to run New Orleans. As a result, they have blighted the city which has lost over a third of its residents since 1960. The US Census has recorded a decline in the population of New Orleans in every decade under black rule. In 2017, New Orleans is the fourth most dangerous city in America (behind black St. Louis, Baltimore and Detroit) and the 32nd most dangerous city in the world. New Orleans has retrograded just as “white supremacists” predicted it would and is now more violent than Tijuana, Mexico and Johannesburg, South Africa.

Commerce and White taxpayers flow out of New Orleans due to the fruits of black majority rule: violent crime, high taxes, corruption, terrible schools which are among the worst in the nation, blight, potholes, homelessness, poverty and now the destruction of historic monuments. New Orleans has been redecorated as a Third World city with a coat of graffiti, trash and bullet holes. It smells like urine. I spent enough time there in two days to understand why there was a Battle of Liberty Place.

As for white supremacy, Hurricane Katrina showed the country why it is necessary in New Orleans. The White minority should rule because when it evacuated the “Chocolate City” and blacks were left to their own devices civilization collapsed there in less than 24 hours. The black population of New Orleans is so violent and incapable of self government that the National Guard was requested to patrol the streets of New Orleans in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2011. New Orleans is a place where 97.1% of murderers are black and Mother’s Day Parades are occasions for mass shootings.

Mitch Landrieu is right that “now is a time for choosing.” When I look at New Orleans in 2017, I don’t see anything at all to be guilty about. New Orleans is well on its way to becoming another Port-au-Prince, Detroit or Johannesburg. That’s the future of New Orleans. If I lived in New Orleans, I would “choose” to live somewhere else where I didn’t have to worry about getting shot.

Maybe New Orleans should erect some monuments to the 21st century heroes it deserves? I say we put Lootie up on Robert E. Lee’s old pedestal as a mascot for the Chocolate City.

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  1. Look at it this way– New Port-au-Prince (NOLA) is now unworthy of hosting statues of President Davis and generals Lee and Beauregard. Write off that cesspool forever.

    Still, it’s a sad day.

    When does hurricane season begin? End of June, right?

  2. At least God took some of the sting out of the loss 152 years ago by ending Abe Lincoln’s gloating over finally crushing Dixie — God did allow Booth to send Lincoln to the grave which ended Lincoln’s celebration within a week after Lee surrendered at Appomattox. Lincoln feeling the party spirit asked the band to play Dixie when the crowd serenaded him and he just had to take a quick trip to Richmond to sit in Davis’ office. Maybe Landrieu will have them play Dixie at his next news conference since he like Lincoln thinks he has finally conquered the South…

  3. They said Lincoln was going to send the slaves home, but Booth prevented that. I personally don’t believe Lincoln would have done anything about the Blacks. When has a Republican ever kept his word, unless it is bad for Whites?

  4. He has aspirations for higher office and is dependent upon the black vote. Who is the one person in the city council in NOLA who voted against removing the monuments?

  5. He is pure scum. I’m nauseous just looking at his mug. He and his ilk should pray every single night that there is no CWII while we pray even harder that there is one.

  6. I couldn’t watch the clip for more than 15 seconds. All he did was repeat false history.

    I think we need to start pointing out the overwhelming Jewish participation in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. We also need to correct false information about the Confederacy with genuine facts. I have never read up on it but can anyone recommend some great books on the Confederacy/Civil War from the South’s perspective that are historically accurate? I am so tired of hearing the Civil War lies. I am so tired of hearing the Holohoax lies. Same strategy by the same people.

  7. Creatures like Bitch Landrieu, Grandma Cankles and Nancy “Face Lift Fiasco” Pelosi prove that politics attracts the absolute worst people imaginable. I hate, no, I DESPISE democracy.

    The only thing that colored people understand is force. Without it they quickly lose their fear/respect of the White Man.

  8. For this, Mayor Landrieu will be very very popular in New Orleans, though, not so, not so very far away.

    No, in the same rural state that administers New Orleans, and in Miss’ippi, nearby, he will be perceived as having a target on his back.

    I wonder if he knows.

  9. Mitch Landrieu, like his sister, Mary, are simply appendages to the Jewish age old enterprise of destroying Western Civilization, and any other country that does not allow them to own and control everything. Soros owns the Democratic Party and the NAACP and SPLC. Of course, he is joined by dozens of other Jews and Shabbas Goys with millions and billions. Landrieu, like the Congress and many in government are controlled by bribery and blackmail by Jews. Sheldon Adellson brags openly about controlling the Republicans. It only costs him chump change, and he gets to make billions as return. Joe Sabran, another traitor and subversive is perhaps as bad.

  10. Wow. Mr. Orange Jumpsuit an lil’ thug are two reasons that Negroes should not citizens. Landrieu is a total race traitor, and a betrayer of his state and his constituency.

  11. I believe in Bitch Landrieu being jailed with the Booty Warrior and the videos of it being put on the internets.

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