Lessons From New Orleans

The League of the South has spent years warning about Southern cultural genocide.

Unlike our friends in the Southern heritage movement, Southern Nationalists do not believe we can coexist in a multiracial democracy. We do not believe we can preserve our Southern heritage while becoming a racial and cultural minority in our own lands. In every society, someone always rules. In the past, we ruled ourselves and erected public monuments to our forefathers. Today, we have decamped to the suburbs and have turned over the keys of our great cities to the negro.

As the Robert E. Lee monument comes down in New Orleans, I have compiled a list of the lessons we have learned from this episode. This is a verdict on multiracial democracy.

1.) Dylann Roof Didn’t Cause This

Dylann Roof has nothing to do with this.

We have no reason to believe Dylann Roof ever visited New Orleans or Louisiana. Malcolm Suber, the black communist activist behind Take ‘Em Down NOLA, succeeded in getting the Orleans Parish School Board to rename George Washington Elementary School in the 1990s. In fact, the Orleans Parish School Board had renamed 27 public schools in New Orleans by 2005.

Last September, Take ‘Em Down NOLA held a rally in New Orleans to tear down the Andrew Jackson statue. Malcolm Suber told The New York Times he wants to tear down the George Washington statue by the New Orleans Public Library. Take ‘Em Down NOLA also wants to either tear down or rename Tulane University, the World War I Memorial, the Andrew Jackson statue and dozens of other streets, schools, hospitals, universities and monuments in New Orleans. They also want $5 million dollars a year for an Africanization initiative called “Build ‘Em Up NOLA” which would “create jobs for black youth, erect historical markers to more accurately celebrate the city’s history, and support black artists and historians in creating narratives and images about that history.”

Yesterday, The New Republic published a fawning article on the black communists behind Take ‘Em Down NOLA which makes it clear that Charleston was only a “catalyst” which was used to advance a preexisting agenda. According to Michael “Quess” Moore, the Confederate monuments in New Orleans “were easier to stigmatize because they were all in the Confederacy.” The incipient Take Em’ Down NOLA group, however, had been meeting at the Robert E. Lee monument since Michael Brown was shot in Ferguson in 2014. They were educated by the black communists Malcolm Suber and Leon Waters who have been pushing their agenda in New Orleans since the 1980s and 1990s.

This is a racial power struggle. Malcolm Suber and Leon Waters are black communists. They frame their cause in terms of a 1811 slave revolt led by a Haitian slave driver.

2.) The Lügenpresse Creates False Anti-White Narratives

In the wake of Charleston, the Lügenpresse created the narrative that Confederate monuments had to be removed and the Republican Party sprung into action across the South.

I said at the time that there was a racial double standard. This only happens on the rare occasions when Whites kill blacks as Dylann Roof did in Charleston. When blacks target and kill Whites, the Lügenpresse doesn’t create and drive anti-black narratives to remove black monuments. To cite just a few recent examples, anti-police and anti-white black supremacist shooters like Kori Allen Muhammad in Fresno, Ismaaiyl Brinsley in New York City, Vester Lee Flanagan II in Roanoke, Micah X. in Dallas and Cosmo Setepenra in Baton Rouge are treated as disturbed, isolated individuals rather than as representatives of their race or any leftwing political cause like Black Lives Matter.

When Muslim terrorists strike out and kill Whites in the name of jihad, the Lügenpresse is adamant that Islam is a religion of police and that Muslims are not to blame. In the rare instances when a White shooter like Dylann Roof kills blacks, White Southerners are held collectively responsible.

UPDATE: I’m told by Narrative Collapse that the Lügenpresse is ignoring a black-on-White spree shooting near Charleston that happened last Tuedsay.

3.) The Democratic Party Embraces The Leftwing Fringe

Mayor Mitch Landrieu and the New Orleans City Council are enacting the agenda of black communists who support the Africanization of New Orleans. The Democratic Party embraces the radical leftwing fringe while hypocritically demanding that that the Republican Party disavow “extremists.” We see this all the time at rallies where Black Bloc anarchists and communists flying the Soviet flag stand in solidarity in crowds with their fellow Democrats who protect them from the police.

4.) Someone Always Rules

In case you needed another reminder, black supremacists are behind the movement to remove Confederate monuments in New Orleans. They are driven by racial and cultural animus against White Southerners. The alternative to white supremacy in the past is black supremacy in the present. Naturally, the Lügenpresse ignores the “hate” which comes from their side.

5.) Black Confederates Are Nazi Scum Too

It is not about you. How many times do we have to say it? These people hate you. They want to destroy your heritage. They even want to cause you physical harm.

As we saw in New Orleans, KK the Indian, Arlene Barnum and Black Rebel, all of whom are non-White monument defenders, were attacked by Antifa. They got multiple death threats. When I was briefly at the Jefferson Davis monument, I saw bicyclists speed by and hurl the worst kinds of abuse.

The Left can be as violent, racist and hateful as it wants while our side is strangely expected to look, behave, dress and associate like the church choir. The Left can mace elderly women, throw sucker punches and hurl rocks. They can spray paint “Black Power” on our monuments. They can attack police officers and be as nasty and vulgar as they want. They can welcome every extremist under the sun – black communists, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, New Black Panthers, Republic of New Afrika, etc. – into their ranks. They can form mobs and look like they just crawled out from underneath a rock!

Meanwhile, the Right will debate this or that person’s affiliations, the optics of the event, whether or not we have any “racists” in our ranks, whether it is a good thing to be associated with this or that person, the language that is used, whether there is any violence, etc. The Right does all this while the Left riots in the streets, busts windows, sets buildings on fire and violently attacks people.

New Orleans was the ultimate repudiation of Rainbow Confederates. These people do not care … that you are not a racist, that you are non-White, that you have non-White friends, non-White family members, that you are a nice, tolerant, decent and wonderful Christian. They do not care how many blacks fought for the Confederacy. All they know is that you are the enemy and it is all the same to them.

For the last time, it is not about you. It is about them. They are ideologically motivated black supremacists and militant communists and anarchists. They are going to behave this way regardless of what you say. They are going to be supported by the Democratic Party regardless of what you do. We have a bad habit of exaggerating the importance of what we say and do.

6.) Yes, Politics Is a Zero Sum Game

I’m tired of hearing the talking point that “politics isn’t a zero sum game.” Yes, it is a zero sum game. The destruction of our monuments is as zero sum as it gets.

7.) Yes, It Is About Race

I’m sick and tired of hearing this canard as well.

Every single member of the Black Caucus opposed the monument bill in the Louisiana House. They walked in unison out of the House chamber. The removal of monuments in New Orleans and the renaming of schools, hospitals, universities, streets and buildings is totally about black identity politics, black racial consciousness, black political power and the agenda of Organized Blackness.

Yes, we should judge everyone as individuals. Yes, there are black individuals who support the monuments as well as White Southerners who oppose the monuments. At the same time though, we are more than individuals and racial identity is a real force in Louisiana politics.

Blacks never hesitate take their own side. Whites should take our side in politics as well.

8.) The Republican Party Is Useless

After what happened with Gov. Nikki Haley and the Confederate Battle Flag in South Carolina, this much should have been obvious. The Republican Party, which is subservient to the Chamber of Commerce, has always wanted to erase our Southern heritage.

Republicans in the Louisiana House of Representatives passed a toothless monuments bill. This is another example of token gesture politics. The bill only formalizes the process of removing monuments in Louisiana. It wouldn’t have stopped New Orleans or Shreveport from removing Confederate monuments. Once again, Republicans want to get credit for doing something while doing nothing.

9.) The SCV Is Useless

As we saw in New Orleans, the SCV didn’t show up to oppose Take ‘Em Down NOLA.

These people are Boomer conservatives. They busy themselves appealing to federal courts, state legislatures and city councils which are deaf to their cause. Strangely, they believe they can “defend our heritage” through legalistic means while simultaneously losing the culture.

It is a losing argument. The destruction of Confederate monuments is the logical and inevitable outcome of the SCV failing to morally defend the racial and cultural aspects of the Confederate cause. Instead of taking the hard road, they chose middle class “respectability” and have been defending disingenuous takes on history and attempting to prove they are not “racists” for the past thirty years.

10.) We Are Ultimately Responsible

At the end of the day, this is our fault.

It is not a New Orleans problem. It is not even just a Southern problem. We can see the same problem all over the West and it stems from the same fundamental causes. We have become Nietzsche’s Last Man. The people of the West want to believe that politics will go away, that everyone can live together in peace and harmony with a full belly, that “race doesn’t matter” and other delusions.

We’re not the same men as our ancestors. Their culture was based on a sense of honor. They wouldn’t have tolerated such a disgrace. In contrast, our prosperity has made us weak. Liberal democracy has made us more individualistic and materialistic over time. The fact that we can be shamed into submission by mere words is a clue. Can you imagine the Confederate Army being defeated by accusations of “racism”? Why didn’t it ever occur to the slaves to accuse their masters of “racism”?

We have lost our sense of identity, our former morality and our religion too. We’ve degenerated into this highly individualistic, materialistic mass of soft trembling consumers. We’ve thrown away our real culture in exchange for this garbage on television. The White residents of New Orleans fled the rising tide of black crime to take up residence in the suburbs. Most of the people who support the Confederate monuments are afraid to come out and identify with their own cause in public.

In a sense, yes, it is about us. They have a stronger sense of racial identity than us. They are more assertive, organized, unified and confident. The opposition suffers from fewer delusions about politics. Their politicians are also generally faithful to the people they represent. As time goes on though, these people will continue to push but will steadily encounter more resistance. Whites will become less bashful about taking our own side in these disputes. We will become stronger, angrier, more unified and organized, more assertive and less captivated by delusions about race and politics. We will become less and less willing to support cuckservative politicians who fail to defend our interests once in office.

The pendulum will swing back. Just as strong men create the conditions which lead to weak men, it is weak men who create the conditions which lead to the reemergence of strong men.

Note: We’ve already seen a taste of this with the election of Trump and with Berkeley. There is a burning desire in White America for strong leadership.

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  1. Dylann Roof most certainly accelerated it. He gave them the political capital to accelerate their time table, regarding Southern Genocide.

  2. Not only have they no sense of honor, but they have a mindless sense of respectability and brainless decorum that doesn’t let them see what’s happening right in front of them.

  3. A promise of integration was that there would be mutual toleration. Clearly that is a promise unfulfilled and foolish for people to have believed. The drive of democracy is to toward division and in a multi-racial society, it inescapably fractures society along racial lines. There can be no justice in such a society since there can be no real civil peace, only moments of exhaustion between bitter conflicts.

  4. “We’re not the same men as our ancestors. Their culture was based on a sense of honor. They wouldn’t have tolerated such a disgrace.”

    Truer words were never spoken.

    Dylan Roof got tired of tolerating insult after insult. He could not find any kindred spirits to relate to because we are silent at work for fear of being fired for the unfathomable sin of “RACISM”. He wasn’t crazy per the definition, he was sick and tired of Black Run America and had the courage to do something. He lacked the intelligence to pick a good target(s) and instead picked the worst possible target. But still he had the courage to ACT. He DID SOMETHING.

    Imagine if instead of targeting the churchgoers, Roof managed to don an waiter’s uniform for Mayor Landrieu’s gala celebration tonight in New Orleans after Lee’s monument comes down, where he will address the Leugenpress. Use your imagination, but the only thing that will stop Southern cultural genocide is violence. Those hell bent on destroying us will only stop when they are stopped by us.

  5. Design a plaster cast sculpture of Darren Wilson stepping upon the carcass of Mike Brown. Set it up in Canfield and march through same morning/evening.

    Defense is not going to bring victory.

    Attack will.

  6. Dylan Roof didn’t do nuffin.

    I’m glad the monuments have been removed. They would simply be destroyed in the African society.

    The REAL problem is that White won’t take our own side. We’ll do everything for every-one else, but ourselves.

  7. Roof hit precisely the wrong target.

    However Tommy Mair hit the right one.

    Hit the traitors first. Blacks have no agency.

    The men on those hoisting cranes should live in dread for the rest of their lives.

  8. Good article, just change Islam to a “religion of peace” rather than a “religion of police”. LOL, we have all made such typos… You can please delete this comment when you assess the need for the correction.

  9. moved into u.s. early 1970s from euro. never understood the coons suffrage of slavery, white taxpayer funds programs to advances civil rights unproductive.

  10. Hunter,

    I would ask that you write an article about one monument to a Confederate general that Moon the Coon’s son didn’t order taken down … that of Albert Pike, official prophet of the luciferian cult known as Freemasonry. It sits on the river side of the intersection of Jeff Davis Blvd and Tulane Ave, about 1/2 mile south of where Jeff Davis once stood.

    BTW, Pike is also the only Confederate military officer with an outdoor statue in Washington, D.C.

  11. White crumbs to the Negros, the white shitlibs had to toss them this, but the white shitlibs and boomer will get theirs

  12. The largest and most significant lesson from New Orleans is ‘demographics is destiny’. Once the demographics shift to a new population, they will remove the old statues of your heroes and put up their own. The only lasting, permanent solution then would be a society of our own.

  13. All heritage monuments must stand. And censored facts must be reclaimed for the historical record, Truth in history needs to be reclaimed in all public fora.

    “Folks please understand that the only people who believed in 1861 who believed that the states did not have the right to secede were Abraham Lincoln and the radical republicans…”

    The Union war against the South is a Deep State narrative. The public record shows how Lincoln reversed many positions and became a Deep State instrument.

    “Lincoln did not free a single slave. What he .did do was enslave freemen”. And that agenda is still rolling.

  14. Truth Corps
    May 19, 2017 at 9:25 pm

    RB’s strategy:

    “Don’t just do something, Stand there!”

    If you are incompetent, its better to do nothing.

  15. Tex Wood
    May 19, 2017 at 10:16 pm

    “The largest and most significant lesson from New Orleans is ‘demographics is destiny’. Once the demographics shift to a new population, they will remove the old statues of your heroes and put up their own. The only lasting, permanent solution then would be a society of our own.”

    Couldn’t agree more.

  16. That’s a great photo of Marse Robert, surveying the scene below. He looks totally disgusted with NOLA, as well he should be. It’s cold comfort, but comfort nonetheless, that the city is no longer worthy of him, or Davis, or Beauregard, or their statues. Let Katrina II take the whole mess, especially cuck-white cowards and traitors, to where NOLA belongs, the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.

  17. @Tex: the Jews, via their ethnic armies, don’t intend to let Whites have “a society of their own”. (((They))) intend to destroy us: first, culturally; then, politically; then, economically; and finally – S. Africa is a preview – kill us. When the current debt-ponzi, through which the Jews buy consent, collapses…we can turn the tables. But we’ll have to go all the way against (((them))). Not f*ck it up like Adolf the Ambivalent did.

  18. The Confederate generation was unique. Even the Old Bugger Lincoln conceded that only about 10% of the Southern White population at the end of the war would work with Lincoln’s plans for Reconstruction. 90% group loyalty. Incredible. The political party, Democrat and their auxiliary political/guerrilla organizations were made of up of combat veterans, and the natural leaders of a society – businessmen, doctors, lawyers, military officers and they did what ever it took to win. Amazing how patriotic combat veterans can save a nation.
    All that is gone now. The modern Southerner has been warped by integrated schools, lack of education about his history and is a watered down “American” – many have mulatto relatives. The South lost out in the 60’s when the Southern governors failed to call for an armed rebellion that likely would have reversed the so called Civil Rights movement. The Feds had a great fear that there wold be organized military type resistance. A new WBTS with Communist Russia chomping at the bit to take the rest of Russia would have been too much for Ike to gamble with. Since the George Wallace sell out of the late 70’s it’s been all downhill. But, I can’t tell the future, but there will be a future.

  19. You’d get a lot farther if you used the real flesh and blood ‘tribe’ or ‘people’ instead of the abstract, scientifically sketchy politically menacing ‘race’ which lacks humanity.

    No one can deny that the angloceltic people have a right to a homeland, yet we are being genocided in all of ours.

  20. @ Captain John

    “Roof hit precisely the wrong target.
    However Tommy Mair hit the right one.
    Hit the traitors first. Blacks have no agency.
    The men on those hoisting cranes should live in dread for the rest of their lives.”

    I love your thought process.

  21. New Orleans fell to the Union early in the War for Southern Independence, making it all but impossible for the CSA to conduct trade with the outside world. That being the case it never really made too much sense to have Confederate monuments in that city to begin with. Monuments to Old Hickory, however, would be appropriate, since he defeated the British at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815.

  22. I learned almost a decade ago, the greatest mnemonic I have ever seen.

    Our Race Is Our Nation.

    It says it all.

  23. You’d get a lot farther if you used the real flesh and blood ‘tribe’ or ‘people’ instead of the abstract, scientifically sketchy politically menacing ‘race’ which lacks humanity.

    There’s nothing abstract about race in a racially polarized world. 99.9% of the time we can easily tell the difference between someone who is White and someone who is black.

    What you’re suggesting is to divide people along ethnic lines. In a war of attrition, this is possibly the dumbest advice you can give people who are being surrounded and attacked along racial lines. And we are being attacked along racial lines, not simply “tribal” lines.

    Race is real. Race makes it possible to lay the foundation for all of the culture that White people claim to want to protect. Without Race, culture(s) will die; therefore an unapologetic, unrelenting and brutal type of Race-ism is our only salvation. You can’t play nice with people who are literally trying to kill you, your culture, and even your history. If they won’t give us our space, then we’ll have to take it.

  24. Our worst enemies are white anti-Whites. Brainwashed, self hating fools bent on their own destruction.

  25. I hope they put up a monument for Martin Luther King Jr, some good points of view but the monuments were put up for the wrong reasons

  26. Despite the media spin to the contrary, European Nationalism is rising.

    The media is probably trying to buy time saying they’ll fight nationalism when in fact I bet they secretly are working on setting up their escape houses in South America and Canada.

  27. Please read the plight of the white boer minority in south africa.a truly pre Rwandan situation is developing.the president of South Africa is callING for blacks to take over wHite owned land without compensation.in another speech he said “I’m not calling for you to kill the whites ……….. yet…… look it up on you tube. Where does this end?

  28. Northern monuments are already coming under pressure. Statues of Columbus are being vandalized everywhere. There will be more to come. Whites across the nation don’t have much longer to wake up out of their multi-cult dream bubble.

  29. Excellent article, and I especially appreciated this, “At the end of the day, this is our fault.” This bitter truth must be faced, we,(western man in general), have apostasized from our ancient faith and then embraced every idiotic and satanic “ism” that rushed in to fill the void. So the statues of noble, Christian, virtuous men are taken down by savages, the statue of a demonic lucifer worshipper (Pike) remains. Its almost as if…

  30. I do not believe that this is a case of cultural genocide for a number of reasons. First, they are not taking down “Confederate Monuments”: they are taking down Monuments to the Confederacy. These are two very different things: “Confederate Monuments” would be monuments that were built during the time of the Confederacy (1860-1865) while “Monuments to the Confederacy” were built after the war to honor the Confederacy. All statue fall into the second group, as the Confederacy did not waste precious metals on statues. They are not historical artifacts.

    in addition, the statues are to be re-deployed where they can be placed in the historical context of the Confederacy. A great place for this would be a Civil War battlefield or museum. That way, the statues are placed in the context of their time.

    I agree with you that the city has not handled this well. They needed (and still need to) publicize where the statues were going to go to, and when they were going to get there, before they started removing the statues.

  31. This is by far the best article written about this monument fiasco. Your honestly is refreshing. It isy hope that those who are opposed to NOLA w/o monuments take a serious look at the things that you have pointed out and explained. The title Black Facist is as ugly a word as Racist. But whatever you call these nasty folks, they need to be stopped. I want to see how they make a private institution change its name or the Fighting Tigers change their mascot. Folks associated with these larger, wealthier schools have lots of $$$ and know all of the right people. I just pray that they haven’t succumb to political correctness and can still think for themselves.

  32. Time for the Whites to form a White Caucus to keep White at least equal ! The Blacks want Black Supremacy and control over all Whites ! They will not and do not want to work with Whites ! They want Segregation again ! I say that is great, let the Blacks support Blacks and Whites support Whites. !

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