ACTBAC NC, Raleigh-Durham IWW Square Off In Graham, NC

It was another humiliating day for antifa in Dixie.

ACTBAC, a Southern heritage group based in North Carolina, held a Confederate Memorial Day Celebration this afternoon in Graham, NC. Raleigh-Durham IWW, a communist group affiliated with antifa, came out to oppose them. We heard about the event and sent some of our guys from League of the South and Identity Dixie who reinforced ACTBAC which outnumbered antifa 4 to 1.

I’m told it was 100 to 120 on our side vs. 25 to 30 antifa in Graham, NC. The antifa were reduced to standing on a street corner and crying about muh “white supremacy.” They spent the day screaming profanity and venting their frustrations on the police who they compared to the Klan. Three antifa were arrested while one of our guys chanted Hail Dixie to applause from the crowd.

Here is the write up in the local news:

“Shouting members of activist groups traded verbal jabs Saturday in Graham’s Court Square, though physical altercations only took place between a few protesters and law enforcement.

The event, Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County’s Confederate Memorial Day observance, along with the Triangle Industrial Workers of the World’s counter-demonstration, began with arrests of three IWW protestors. …

At one point, a protestor allegedly grabbed a flag — either Christian or Confederate — apparently set up beside the courthouse earlier that morning by an ACTBAC member — and began to attempt to tear it, said Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson.

Capt. Steve McGilvray of the Graham Police Department said it appeared one of the protesters was “struggling to get a water bottle open” after grabbing the flag, leading officers to believe he may have been attempting to set fire to it. McGilvray said another protester quickly picked up the bottle and took it, so officers were unable to determine what was inside. …

Men dressed in camouflage and military tactical gear, known as the “Alamance County Regulators,” stood facing the protesters throughout the event. IWW protesters shouted insults at them and the law enforcement officers working the event — “(Expletive) white supremacy! (Expletive) the police!” and “The cops and the Klan go hand in hand.” — while members of the ACTBAC crowd hurled personal insults at the protesters, including comments on their odor and allegations that they didn’t work jobs.

“This ain’t Berkeley,” one ACTBAC member shouted. “You’re in Dixieland.” …

Later, Gary Williamson, ACTBAC founder, cautioned members of his group about the consequences of removing Confederate monuments, such as the one in Court Square.

“If these monuments fall … the whole land we walk on is going to fall into the hands of communism, socialism and what we see across the street over there,” Williamson said. …”

I’ve heard antifas attempted to steal, tear and burn a Christian flag. This happened before the event began and was the reason that all three of them were arrested.

Update: Here are the mugshots of the three antifa dirtbags who were arrested:

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  1. Antifa ain’t gonna be no match for Gary Williamson’s boys – not to mention the extra help sent by The League.

    Gary Williamson organized a rally, during the repressive summer days of 2015, that brought over a 1,000 Confederates to Graham.

    ACTBAC is a small group completely dedicated to The Cause, and they will neither be cowed nor silencet.

  2. @winbornmill

    Well, Junius, I find it interesting that the Town in the video looks just like towns here in Texas. I think I’d feel completely at home and at ease there. We really are one country. Dixie, that is.

  3. Resistance is mandatory! We will not be assimilated. The existence of our race is non-negotiable!

  4. @James Owen…


    Well, Junius, I find it interesting that the Town in the video looks just like towns here in Texas. I think I’d feel completely at home and at ease there. We really are one country. Dixie, that is.’


    You’re absolutely right, Mr. Owen. If you ever came up here, you’d find yourself fitting in like a key in it’s proper ignition.

    We are one people, one nation.

    Now all we have to do is realize it…

  5. Of course these people have ZERO connection to the original IWW, which was made up of blue-collar workers.

  6. Geez, please tell me that top picture is not one of ours! That’s disgusting.

    And it’s a medic? “Physician, heal thyself.”

  7. IWW, anyone else here played Kaiserreich? These trust fund baby mother f***ers sure aren´t industrial workers !!

    The problem, as always, is that the cultural-trotskists always come to Southern nationalists protests and it is never the other way around.

  8. The fire starts in the small cities, next it’s onto the larger ones. The goal is to seize all the capital cities. Technically under law the Confederacy still exists, all that needs to happen is for the state conventions to reestablish the state governments and then begin staffing a national one. Least thats what these guys say.

    Does anyone know who they are?

  9. Here are more Antifa

    Megan Squire

    Squire seems to be the ringleader. She is a professor at Elon University. Brags about connection to SPLC.

    Cindy Cowen Bennet

    Joe Wood

    Devin Ceartas

    This person was not there, but said he would like to commit violence against ACTBAC

    Matt Swan

    Ceartas and Swan indicated that they want to use BB guns and a drone to drop projectiles on people.

  10. ACTBAC’s list of guests that attended included the Alt-Right, Identity Evropa, the Loyal White Knights of the KKK, Council of Conservative Citizens, Identity Dixie, and Leauge of the South, and more. Looks like the (SPLC) Southern Poverty Law Center made a good decision when they designated ACTBAC a hate group. They just verified what everyone knew.


    As Graham police officers pulled up the banner, ACTBAC members cheered “because we assumed it was another ‘IWW banner,’” the group wrote in a Facebook post about the incident. “We thought by the wording it was 110% some anti-everything slogan,” the post continues, alleging that ACTBAC members had tried researching the sign’s meaning but “still can’t figure out what these guys were there to express.

    “Either way who ever they are, they are not us. If anyone comes to a event of ours and breaks the law and shows disrespect, you will be escorted out just like these fools wearing a new pair of bracelets.

    “And the scary part is, they are both Marines,” ACTBAC posted

    What’s up with ACTBAC throwing these Marines under the bus? Also, “ACTBAC members had tried researching the sign’s meaning but “still can’t figure out what these guys were there to express.” … really? Please tell me this is judenpresse lies…. otherwise, educate yourselves folks!

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