Mitch Landrieu: Confederate Monuments Caused A “Great Migration” Out Of New Orleans

I won’t pretend that I understand these people:

“In a press scrum, Landrieu told the media that the Confederate monuments, which he is in the final stages of removing, “have run people out of the city.”

“But I will say this for people that are interested in the cost,” Landrieu said.

“The cultural and economic and the spiritual loss to this city for having those statues up that have run people out of the city,” Landrieu claimed. “The great migration that sent some of our best and brightest to places across the country that we don’t have the benefit of has been incredible …”

Maybe the Confederate monuments caused their >75 IQ too?

The Confederate and Reconstruction monuments in New Orleans were erected in 1884 (Robert E. Lee), 1891 (Liberty Place), 1911 (Jefferson Davis) and 1915 (P.G.T. Beauregard). According to the US Census Bureau, the population of New Orleans grew in every decade of the Jim Crow era.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 brought the end of white supremacy and segregation in New Orleans. From the 1960 to the 2010 Census, New Orleans has lost 283,696 residents under integration. Many of these residents were black and were temporarily displaced by Hurricane Katrina. They are now returning to New Orleans which is reverting to pre-Katrina levels of violent crime.

That’s what really caused the Great Migration out of New Orleans.

Note: As the future of 21st century New Orleans dawns, the Chocolate City experienced a robbery-by-biting on Canal Street around midnight!

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  1. Hunter

    Mitch Landrieu cannot believe a single word he is saying. I can’t honestly see how anyone could be this stupid. I know its possible but as I read this I am almost in disbelief.

  2. Au contraire. I think Mitch Landrieu is very easy to understand in this case.

    If you actually believe that Landrieu actually believes his own bull, then I have a Klan meeting hall in the lower ninth ward to sell you.

    It’s like I’ve been saying way too often for my health: The politics of urban areas used to be severely divided by race, but are now transitioning to a paradigm where their homeostatic equilibrium divides elitist-corporatist-neoliberals on one side and populist-doctrinaire-true believers on the other side, a paradigm which has some strong racial correlation, but not a perfect one.

    The reason why Mitch Landrieu and Lyda Krewson (St. Louis) kvetch about Confederate monuments is because it’s one of the few issues that unify their cities’ otherwise contentious political climates. They also do it as a diversion and a distraction because they know they can’t talk about the real problem, because the grandmothers of the real problem often vote in municipal elections. For Landrieu, it’s crazy to blame four statues for his city’s population decline, but it’s also politically safer for him to do that than than blaming the black undertow.

    Complicating things in New Orleans is that BLM’s bucket list extends far beyond the four monuments that have been or about to be removed. Among the other ones, they want Jackson Square gone, because Andrew Jackson was mean to Indians. I think what Landrieu is thinking is that if he can make a lot of noise to gloat about the four being removed, that will shut BLM up about Andrew Jackson.

  3. ‘Confederate Monuments Caused A “Great Migration” Out Of New Orleans’


    If that were so, why did Southern Whites gradually move out, and yet, Negroes have flockt thereto?

  4. Wish every pro Confederate Southerner could put up a 16′ 6″ statue (60′ pedestal is optional) of R E Lee or some other Confederate hero in their front yard along with a 20′ x 30′ Confederate Flag on a 119′ flagpole with spotlights shining on the monument and flag at night and then all laugh every time they announce/threaten they are going to take down another monument or flag…Start a general go fund me to help others buy flags/memorials for their yard…what a hoot…

  5. in all candor, I can’t guarantee that, post CW II, Emperor Haxo IV is going to restore any Confederate statuettes. Erecting his own will have first call on materials and labor.

  6. I’d like to see the largest waste treatment plant in New Orlearns renamed after Mitch Landrieu. That POS deserves no less.

    Anyway, when the statues are gone what does that scallawag do to unify the city?

    Commit harakiri to appease the anti-White mob?

  7. It’s all virtue signaling, and the more disconnected from reality it is the more virtuous the signaling becomes. For this reason pointing out the absurdity that results will never have any effect on these people. As long as they benefit from it they will continue to do it. We have to be able to inflict some kind of punishment on people who do this to change their behaviour. Unfortunately it is Whites who stand up for their own people that get shamed and punished.

  8. The Breitbart story states that a private donor paid the cost of the removal of the statues, but its identity is being kept secret. I wonder who it could be…

  9. What a surprise. A scalawag that is also a liar. He deserves New Orleans as much as New Orleans deserves him. I hope he gets even a portion of the fate I wish for him.

    If Cummings is the source of funding for the removal of the monuments, I don’t expect him to ever admit it. But these committees, foundations, clubs and other organizations need to be continually scrutinized.

  10. @ kerdasi amaq

    “I’d like to see the largest waste treatment plant in New Orlearns renamed after Mitch Landrieu. That POS deserves no less.”

    I am going to start referring to look-white/act-black politicians as Landroons. I am sure everyone gets the connection. Uncle Mitch is our Uncle Tom.

  11. The decline of New Orleans began a long time ago. As bad as this is, previous mayors after WW2 had done far worse to the architecture of the city; its just that these monuments are more symbolic. Mayor deLesseps Morrison, mayor from 1946 to 1961, destroyed perhaps hundreds of buildings and structures in an attempt to “modernize” our city. Look at the beautiful Southern Railroad Terminal as a good example:

    Here’s after they destroyed it:

    Morrison replaced it with a couple of statues on a neutral ground which is what it looks like today:

    Or how about this beautiful mansion called the Campbell mansion downtown. This was destroyed and a damn parking lot was placed there!

    How inspiring. This happened all over the city.

  12. Wouldn’t it be something if negroes thank him for his cucking by beating the shit out of him or worse? Don’t discount Karma.

  13. Black churches are solely responsible for launching forth blacksupremacist violence, rape, theft, destruction of everything. That is their gospel. They are the reason Whites choose to leave areas infested by the feces species. Apartheid Americana Now

  14. The monuments were present long before the horrific decline of the city, and were in fact the only vestiges of decency remaining in it.

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