Alt-South Memo 7: Beware Out-of-Town Rappers!

Today on the Alt-South Memo:

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  1. As usually, I enjoyed.

    The polite mockery on the ‘out games’ was a delight – and, as well, ‘woodchipper nationalism’ postlude to it.

    Interesting, too, the stories you find and how you combine them. You make the broadcast original not just in philosophical view, but, via amalgamation.

    Build on this – the irony, false phrases, ludicrous sound-effects, and your intoxicating pleasure at doing what you do.

    It’s a formula to build on Just keep on keepin’ on@$%&!

  2. Its funny how this useless race of people complain that their ancestors were forced to work without pay in slavery (a practice still occurring in Africa) yet have no problem these days with being paid for not working ( in Western nations with welfare). Now that… will never hear them complaining about.

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