Drugs Addicts, Prostitutes, Playgrounds and City Property In Mitch Landrieu’s New Orleans

Robert E. Lee was so angry with Mitch Landrieu that he forgot to wear his politically correct filter and let slip a few truths that started “a conversation about race” in New Orleans:

Behold, the 21st century New Orleans that will be defined by a “better future”:

“NEW ORLEANS — Hidden among the brightly colored slides and basketball court at Hunter’s Field you’ll find open drains, used needles and even used condoms.

One of the park’s neighbors, Rudolph Dupart, says the playground has become a hangout for drug addicts and prostitutes.

“You’ve got people in City Hall who don’t give a damn,” Dupart said. “I’ve got a grandson. I’m not going to let him come over here!”

That’s not because of the condition of the playground equipment, it’s because he says goes on in the park.

“You’ve got drug use, you’ve got prostitution, you’ve got a little bit of everything,” Dupart said.

Hunters field is a city owned property that was refurbished and had a playground added for the children of the 7th Ward. Now, with rampant drugs, prostitution, and dangerous open drains Dupart encourages people to keep their kids away…”

Look at all this progress!

This sounds like the kind of place where anyone would like to live. Also in the 7th Ward in New Orleans, a grocery store burned down last night and the black residents climbed over the danger tape to help themselves to the liquor and cigarettes left behind in the charred ruins!

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  1. However, none of this matters because SJWs in Boston, New York and Chicago can now rest in satisfaction knowing that they’re morally superior to Southern Whites.

  2. James

    Maybe in Boston/Cambridge and the Upper West Side of Manhattan, but in Chicago the SJW’s are quickly running out of places to hide from the Black Plague.


    We have known New Orleans was s-t for a long time, but Mitch Landrieu has taken it to a new low. I think Mitch is even worse than old Ray Chocolate City Nagin. Nothing more filthy than a Southern man who turns on his own people.

  3. Might this ‘bold step’, by New Orleans, into ‘better future’, be baset upon the Yankee Empire Welfare plantation model, as pioneered by Selma, Alabama?

  4. @James Owen…

    ‘However, none of this matters because SJWs in Boston, New York and Chicago can now rest in satisfaction knowing that they’re morally superior to Southern Whites.’


    Yes, Sir; – and, unfortunately, there is no quality control on the back end to every verify the success of their ‘moral ventures’ – as projected into Dixie.

    The reality of Southern White Supremacy being just as important for Black welfare as White, would never ever occur to them – because they don’t see communities, but, only survey individuals, and, beyond that, only individuals
    who fit their narrative.

  5. @Preston S. Brooks…

    ‘Ray Nagin was actually a successful cable TV executive before being mayor. The Landrieus have been nothing but corruptocrats for generations.’


    Could it be that the Landrieus are reincarnated Haitan revolutionaries?

  6. After what the blacks did to Detroit, instead of fighting to keep monuments up in black areas, might it be better to try and save as much heritage as you can? Unfortunately you can’t move those fine old buildings somewhere Whiter, they will be trashed, the copper pipes ripped from them and sold for crack cocaine.

  7. Snowhitey
    MAY 22, 2017 AT 3:37 AM
    Bill Ray,
    Uncle Mitch may have black ancestry from his daddy. Don’t know for sure but quite a few folks are stating that online.

    Louisiana had relatively lax racial laws BEFORE 1861. Officially Miscegenation was illegal but those laws weren’t evenly enforced and thousands of light-skin Negroes passed as white in New Orleans and married into White families. During the WAR FOR SOUTHERN INDEPENDENCE, the Louisiana Tiger Zouaves had a reputation for criminality and the Virginians thought many of them suspiciously swarthy. What passed for White in 1861 New Orleans was considered SUSPICIOUSLY SWARTHY in 1861 Richmond. Following the war, the Reconstruction legislature legalized interracial marriage briefly and then the Redeemers re-outlawed IR Marriage by the 1890’s they enforced it more tightly because of the Eugenics laws then being passed. Still in New Orleans, there was a lot of miscegenation going on between Colored/Creole prostitutes and White men and who knows how many babies were born to these women.

    Anythings possible in New Orleans

  8. In fifty years, the whites of every nation will be in an appalling predicament. We’ll still be the majority…..in Iceland or the Shetland islands perhaps. I think the answer lies in the space program. We need to get ourselves to Mars, develop it and settle it, and be very selective as to who joins us. We need to prevent the Chinese or Japs from laying claim to it. Let the other races have mother earth…..its nothing without us anyway. I do fear that the the movement will be forced to be all-inclusive and have all other races accompany us…..despite their minimal contribution and low IQ’s.
    Reclaiming our nation’s on earth, or leaving earth altogether are the two options we need to consider.
    Since whites will be solely responsible for moving civilization to Mars, and possibly other planets, shouldn’t it only be us that qualify for resettlement there? Bring other races, and we’ll bring exactly the same problems we had on earth.
    This is a discussion that will have relevance in 50-100 years time, even though it sounds a little ‘out there’ now.
    Remember that if so much money wasn’t wasted on refugees, wars and assimilation programs, the white man would likely be up there now.

  9. @john
    Yes. White men or any men, haven’t left low Earth orbit in almost 50 years. When White men went to the Moon, the anti-Whites started planting memes that said we should spend the money not on space, but on the poor people down here. So instead of having a space empire, we got to experience the delights of Diversity!

    I think you are right about space as an escape route. Once we get into space, the White Genocide program is kaput. We can live in orbiting space habitats, and other planetary bodies. If diversity comes to our locality we will simply jet away. If we can hold back the anti-Whites till then, the White race will be okay.

  10. We will have to send a select group to the space. They will all have to mechanical engineers, nuclear scientists, biologists and chemists.

  11. Everybody knows Diversity chases down Whites but cucks and liberals are liars and hypocrites about it.

  12. Junius the Jew has changed it’s name again, like the shape shifting jew it is – but it’s STILL blaming Northern Whites for the Nation Wrecking of it’s own nefarious race. Sooooo Jew!

  13. @Captain, whilst white man will go to other planets one day, , settle them and run them well, negros can’t even manage a tiny backwater like Uganda.
    As we focus on advancing the world and colonizing other worlds, the muds only ever focus on holding us back to their level and sucking us dry.
    If we can’t reclaim our lands, we need to just vacate earth altogether. White ambition and capability has outgrown it.
    North America, Australia and South Africa were nothing when whites arrived there- and they’d be nothing if we left. Earth will be nothing if we leave.
    The anti-whites ought to be careful what they wish for. They won’t be celebrating our absence for long. Left with only eachother, they’ll realize we weren’t that bad.

  14. I love Earth and all its beauty and four-legged plus creatures. I don’t want to go into space permanently. Why can’t we just shoot the coloreds and Jews onto some desolate planet light years away with equipment that self-destructs after landing? We know neither group would be able to plan a proper escape without us, and eventually the darkies will eat the spawn of Satan. Why leave them here to further destroy one of God’s most majestic creations?

  15. @Snowhitey, you’ve made a valid point there. Obviously when we go, we’d need to terraform the new planets to make them suitable for farming and animal husbandry. Of course we’ll still be eating meat and keeping pets. The thought of leaving animals in the hands of, say the Chinese or Africans, horrifies me.
    In the meantime…..another koranimal attack in Britain, caused by open border governments who ought to be sued by the victim’s families.
    Theresa May will jump on TV and ‘condemn’ the attacks……organise another teddy bear and candlelight vigil……and then continue with more immigration as usual. Nothing will change.
    More evidence earth is no longer safe for us.

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