Meet Raleigh-Durham IWW: Duke University’s Antifa Communist Group

Here are the mugshots of the three antifa dirtbags from Raleigh-Durham IWW who were arrested in Graham, NC for attempting to steal and burn a Christian flag:

Is this some local white trash? That’s what some of my followers on Twitter assumed when I posted their mugshots. Appearances can be deceiving though.

Let’s start with Rann Bar-On:

Cool story, bro.

It turns out that Rann Bar-On is an Israeli mathematics lecturer at Duke University who has been sponsored on an employment based Green Card. He is also fond of clashing with police officers and getting repeatedly arrested in North Carolina. This is at least the second time since March. In Graham, he ripped a Christian flag off a flag pole and attempted to set it on fire.

You may have noticed Gregory Southall Williams in the video above. He describes himself as an “ethnic Jew.” Strangely enough, both Gregory Williams and Rann Bar-On are anti-Israeli activists. Williams was also arrested with Rann Bar-On in March for disrupting a Durham County commissioners meeting. They were charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Gregory is a research assistant working on his doctorate at Duke University:

We know that Gregory and Rann are the leaders of Raleigh-Durham IWW and both are associated with Duke University where Rann is a mathematics lecturer and Gregory is a graduate student:

Who is Comrade Megan Squire?

She is a professor of computing sciences at Elon University who is involved with this crowd:

Comrade @brdngresistance was in Graham, NC too:

She is better known as Anastasia Karklina. She is a Jewish immigrant from Latvia who is working on her doctorate in literature at Duke University:

We know that more of these people are connected to Duke University including Eli Meyerhoff, a professor of International Comparative Studies at Duke University and Joe Stapleton, a youth pastor at Cornerstone Community Church.

Don’t forget to support your local antifa!

“Rann Baron, 36, of 201 N. Driver St., Durham, charged with felony assault on a law enforcement officer and misdemeanor injury to personal property. Bond was set at $11,500.

William Anthony Hood, 34, of 145 Kingsbury Drive, Chapel Hill, was charged with assault on a law enforcement officer inflicting serious injury and misdemeanor possession of a weapon at a parade or rally. Bond was set at $15,000.

Gregory Southall Williams, 37, of 904 W. Murray Ave., Durham, was charged with misdemeanor resisting a public officer. Bond was set at $1,500.”

Note: is passing around a hat for their boy William A. Hood. Contact PayPal and complain about their service being used to raise bail money for antifa terrorists.

Update: Narrative Collapse has a featured article on Rann Bar-On. Comrade Megan Squire is also feigning innocence on her Facebook page:

But that’s you again, darlin’:

Don’t insult our intelligence by pretending you are not involved with Raleigh-Durham IWW. You are going to their events, attending their meetings and raising your fist with them on Twitter. Own it.

Anastasia Karklina is trying to hide from us by changing her Twitter account and hiding her tweets:

This genius posted videos of herself on Twitter! LMAO.

Oh, and RIP @triangleiww. It is too bad nothing you post on the internet every really goes away. This post was 100% me with a little help from Restoring The Honor, who you foolishly trusted, and our NEETs haven’t even gotten on the case yet. We will expose the rest of you too.

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  1. Williams’ roomie looks like a kike. Meyerhoff is the Red Headed Hebe. Now lets await the Jew Mischling that haunts this blog show up, and blame the Yankees.

  2. This is the thing SOUTHERNERS need to wake up about. Anywhere you have COLLEGES you have these people. New Orleans=Tulane, North Carolina=Duke NC NC STATE WAKE FOREST, Charlottesville-U of Va. The corrolation rings clear. ALL OF THIS SHYTE is happening near major colleges as the colleges are the meet-up point. I can’t find it now but in the 1940’s the University of Georgia had to FIRE professors for advocating Integration. ITS ALWAYS BEEN THERE. Just now its out in the open.

    #MUHCOLLEGEFOOTBALL needs to end

  3. The Communists and Jews did their ‘long march through the institutions’ back in the 1950s and 1960s. Prior to that, universities were conservative. The perpetual students aren’t at universities to learn, they are there to subvert the young and prevent free speech on campus. They do a bang up job.

  4. As Gomer Pyle would have said; Surprise, surprise, surprise. Jews involved in subversive activity. Who would have guessed?

  5. Nice piece Mr. Wallace. i just shared this on my Goolge profile. Who would have thought (((they))) were involved in subverting the west and taking down Christian symbols?! Of course those who have read the 23rd chapter of Matthew would not be surprised.

  6. RB
    MAY 23, 2017 AT 2:29 AM
    The Communists and Jews did their ‘long march through the institutions’ back in the 1950s and 1960s. Prior to that, universities were conservative. The perpetual students aren’t at universities to learn, they are there to subvert the young and prevent free speech on campus. They do a bang up job.


    The long march took place 100 years before that at the prestigous Ivy League colleges. Harvard and Yale were leftist by the War Between The States. Sure you had old boys clubs and the like, but the faculty were for the most part globalists by then. Now Land Grant Colleges established by the Morrill Act, they were relatively Conservative until WWII. Just like anything it took some time to trickle down. In fact Harvard was so leftist by the 1850’s most Southerners refused to attend it, typically Southern Gentry went to Yale or other schools.

  7. Heard of the Chinese Cultural Revolution? The Americans had theirs in the 1960s, with all that free love and drugs. That’s when the take over was completed.

  8. @RB: Both the Chinese and American Cultural Revolutions began in 1966. A Cohen-incidence, perhaps?

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