Augustus Invictus Holds Confederate Memorial Day Rally In Orlando, FL

Augustus Invictus held a Confederate Memorial Day rally this afternoon in Orlando, FL to protest the removal of the Confederate monument in Lake Eola Park:

“ORLANDO, Fla. – About a hundred people protested Saturday against the Orlando mayor’s decision to move a 100-year-old Confederate statue from Lake Eola Park to a nearby cemetery.

Augustus Invictus, who organized the protest at Lake Eola park Saturday afternoon, objected to Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer’s decision to move the monument to Greenwood Cemetery in mid-May.

“I do not appreciate some Black Lives Matter agitators coming down from New York to tell us what to do with our monuments,” he said during a speech. …”

Identity Europa and League of the South members were present.

According to the local media, there were about 100 people present at the rally. We’ve been told that no opposition showed up in Orlando. I’ve also heard from our people on the ground that the incident in Gainesville has been resolved. This is a pleasant surprise because we shouldn’t have to agree on everything to agree on opposing Antifas and defending our Confederate monuments.

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  1. What’s even more infuriating about the removal of those CSA monuments is that they are being taken down just before Decoration Day. That is no coincidence.

  2. This was a great experience for me and my wife. We had a great time with some like-minded, and not so like-minded folks. As much as I may disagree with Augustus’ view of my country and its direction, I definitely am greatful for his bringing together of all these different factions today. It was nothing but positive.

  3. All of these monuments as well as the Confederate Battle Flag represent the successful resistance to our complete subjugation during Reconstruction. Although we didn’t win the war for independence we did manage to win a certain amount of autonomy which lasted into the mid 20th century. Having failed by direct means they have eroded our culture & identity through mass migration, mass immigration, the mass media, & Hollywood degeneracy. Now they seek to deliver the coup de grâce.

  4. Orlando, Florida is such a Northern/Jewish/Latino/Negro Colony today that when I was down there and my brother lived there, you could only find real Southrons in the small towns outside of it. The sad part is now that Florida is so overrun, you could dynamite a million Confederate sites and I doubt south of Jacksonville most would care.

    Florida and Maryland-Studies in Cultural Displacement. NOVA is next in line

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