Alt-South Memo 8: Golden Circle Futurism

Today on the Alt-South Memo we look at stories which deal with White culture in areas to which Dixie expanded.:

Alt-South Memo is brought to you by Occidental Dissent and Identity Dixie. Many thanks to Charlie Stuart from the Thistle and Brier podcast for all his help in making ASM possible!

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  1. Great, as always. I enjoyed the evolving term-coinings, the growing awareness of your new medium, and your gentle sarcasm and genteel wit.

    All the quick insertions of songs, other media, and voices created a multi-dimensional effect that helped transcend any limits just one voice speaking outward might have.

    The underpinnings are very solid, too – such as your regular use of examining certain local demographick trends.

    Stay with it, be patient, and don’t flag. Time will go by and you will be reaching many many more people who need to be reacht, and, from there, they will reach many others.

    The giant Atlas-Cedar in my yard, was once, in 1875 – a little bitty seed.

  2. You’re very welcome, Sir.

    Yes, it was the best one. There was a sense in that you are finding your way and more fully understanding the dimensions.

    Let me be absolutely clear – Dixie needs good writers, like you and Mr. Griffin, however, we are even more in need of those who are prepared to talk to microphones and cameras, regaularly, and with great ease and affeckt.

    The majority of our Southron Brethren will never read any of your wonderful articles, or those of Mr. Griffin, sad to say.

    This is because they do no reading beyond very short Facebook comments of Yahoo headlines.

    There is nothing anyone can do to change this. It just is.

    Therefore, we, The Southern Nationalist Intelligentsia, must be flexible and adapt to our unbookish brethren, and that means we need you to do this, and to groom others to do the same.

    You are far more perfectly apt for this than you realize – your basick decency, gentility, couth and erudite ways, along with your aw shucks good-ole-boy aura and twangy accent is very difficult to replicate – not to mention your rock reliable political values.

    At this point, you may be the only one who can do this, and so it must be done, and, again, you must find other appropriate candidates – not just ones who will, but, those who have the gifts from The Lord.

    Lastly, this is an avenue of attack for which The Yankee Empire has absolutely no defence -it is legal, it is modern, accessible, and, in the end, no amount of money, MSM balderdash, and DHS expenditures can repress it, because it IS the truth.

    God always finds a way to throw the truth in the eyes of the evil.

    Think carefully about what I’m telling you. Thank you,

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