League of the South Holds Anti-Antifa Demonstration In Harrison, AR

It was a quiet day in the Ozarks.

Yesterday, the League of the South held an Anti-Antifa demonstration in Harrison, AR. This was in response to an “Arkansas United Against Racism” event which had been planned by the Mountain Home – Redneck Revolt. After opposition began mobilizing, these cowards cancelled their event in Harrison on April 29th and followed up by cancelling their second event on May 27th:

Central Arkansas Antifa was also a no show after getting laughed out of Hot Springs. The League of the South, Knights Party, Shieldwall Network and White Lives Matter are still unopposed in the Ozarks after “no platforming” the Redneck Revolt on the day of their own announced demonstration!

Note: The Shieldwall Network has more on the Harrison rally.

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  1. I thank you for the report, Mr. Griffin.

    Also, my heartfelt thanks go out to all our political soldiers and their families!

  2. I want to feed the Anti fa freaks to the sand niggers. O/T but not really – is any-one rescuing the Confederate statues?

  3. None of the universities in Mississippi, not Ole Miss, Mississippi State, or Southern Miss, will fly the state flag on their campus.

  4. Thank you all! I totally admire you and other proud Americans who stand strong supporting our blessed customs, culture, heritage and society. We are the envy of the world and need to be always vigilant to protect our incredible way of life. I salute you and God bless you.
    Howard Alexander Stafford
    Ocala, Florida
    “The South shall rise again!”

  5. ethnostatist, this is shocking and outrageous! The State Flag is simply the legal flag of Mississippi and is the flag of all Mississippians. We can no longer tolerate this disrespect and I can only pray that something will be done about this starting with the cutting of taxpayer’s funds going to them.

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