SPLC vs Huffington Post on Racial Segregation

Let’s try to follow the logic of Progressives when it comes to racial segregation.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) laments that in the State of Mississippi “Segregating poor, black and Hispanic students from white and wealthy ones is not only intrinsically problematic, it means that they do not get the same high-quality resources as students at wealthier schools.” The SPLC argues that all students have a “constitutionally guaranteed right to an integrated education” and describes racial segregation in education as a “burden” under which students “suffer.” Hmmm… ok. Simple enough. So, racial segregation is bad because it harms Blacks and Mexicans.

But the Huffington Post, equally as Progressive as the SPLC, celebrates Harvard University’s first-ever Blacks-only graduation as a way to honor their racial “identity and struggle.” Huffpo describes the segregated ceremony for Blacks as a way to “reaffirm and uplift their community.” The liberal website goes on to write of the segregated graduation as an “opportunity to celebrate Harvard’s black excellence and black brilliance.” Hmmm… ok. Simple enough. So, racial segregation is good because it uplifts Blacks.

Now, which of these are true? Is segregation good or bad. Is it a burden or does it uplift? Does it cause suffering or is it an opportunity that should be celebrated?

It really is difficult to follow the logic of anti-Whites on the issue of segregation. They can’t seem to make up their minds. Let the Leftists try to reconcile their double-think on this and explain how segregation is “good for me but not for thee.” In the meantime let’s enjoy this clip from a bygone era of common sense.

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  1. It’s just another way to cloak the demand for special privileges in the rhetoric of “equality.”

    That’s always what all these PC-isms are about. They demand entry into the white man’s clubs while they set up their own. The Jews have taught them to ape the Jew.

  2. Hunter, lose this platform. Annoying and difficult to read.

    And the Marco guy needs to get his own site, he high jacked DS before I ran him off,

  3. The difference is, the students weren’t forced to attend the modern black ceremony — they chose to as a matter of solidarity and positive recognition. The Jim Crow institution of racial segregation wasn’t just bad because it was separate, it was mostly bad because it actively prevented blacks from education, advancement, opportunity, recognition, etc.

    I’ll bet these students could have attended either ceremony, or even both if they wanted to. There are usually different university graduation ceremonies for different colleges, a big main one, private ones for fraternities, etc. It’s not a big deal. From Harvard Magazine: “the event was crowdfunded by students… this year, the all-black ceremony is open only to graduate students, but organisers hope to open it up to undergraduates next year. ‘This is an opportunity to celebrate Harvard’s black excellence and black brilliance.'”

    It’s obviously something they’re doing for themselves, not imposed upon them by others.

  4. Integration is always aimed at Whites. Diversity is always deemed necessary if anything is “too White”, not “too black”, “too Hispanic”, etc. The double speak is only apparent because anti-Whites lied to us about integration from the beginning.

  5. J.M. – What will happen if White students fund and create a White only graduation ceremony? It wouldn’t be celebrated by the press like the black ceremony, that’s for sure.

  6. “It really is difficult to follow the logic of anti-Whites on the issue of segregation”

    Uh, no it’s not. Haven’t you heard? Anti-racism has become a code word for anti-white. Whatever position is most detrimental to whites, prevents them from developing group interests and actions, costs them the most money and annoyance, causes the most racist rape and murder against them, reduces their numbers, etc., that’s what the left and the entire System supports. So supporting segregated black graduation exercises and trying to fling minority white kids into black Mississippi schools to be ill-educated, beaten, raped, and abused is morally and practically consistent. So is allying yourself with Muslims and Muslim terrorists. That “anti-racism is . . ” needs to be constantly reiterated and revived because it’s true. Supporting the segregated graduation is a psychological slap intended to remind whitey of his place. It’s very inconsistency is consistent with with white-hating racism, sending the message that they don’t have to follow their alleged rules when dealing with whites because whites are the conquered enemy whose rights and dignity don’t even have to be considered. A kind of ritual mounting to show who’s boss.

    Have you noticed how after antifa got their asses kicked at Berkeley the police are suddenly, after two or more years, stepping in to “stop the violence?” That is to say, save antifa? Whites standing up to one of the street enforcement groups of the establishment sends small shivers down the spines of the System. Can’t have the sheep stand up ever. So NOW they support enforcement. Can’t have their colonial slaves be seen as winning, ever.

  7. There is no logic in anything that comes out of the Cuntington Post, it’s all hysterical, irrational cat lady nonsense; The SPLC (Semitic Propaganda Law Center) is a “nonprofit” domestic terrorist organization.

  8. The Jews always change the rules to fit the situation and the desired result should be as clear as crystal glass. WHITE GENOCIDE=ELIMINATION OF CHRISTIANITY=JEWISH MESSIAH COMING TO BE LORD OF CREATION RULING OVER THE EARTH FROM THE THIRD TEMPLE IN JERUSALEM

    Yes they believe this tripe

  9. After having read the article on the CIA and the corruption of all modern culture, today for relaxation, I decided to watch the 1937 black-and-white film of Frank Capra’s treatment of Hilton’s “Lost Horizon.”

    From the first scene, where Ronald Coleman is sent to rescue “90 White People,” we see the superior position of Europeans as contrasted with the Sinoids.

    The entirety of our history and culture today is a complete lie, and we need to purge the current falsification of OUR culture, from the hands of Jews and their Shabbas goyim.

  10. White supremacist many whites resisted civil rights force at gun point and legislation without national referemdum vote Q. negros as your neighbor. yes or no.

  11. As if we haven’t known the through line since we cut our teeth in this movement.

    It’s the “reasoning” that one can find in the SCOTUS decision from the early 1980s that seriously hindered the Southern private school movement: White people can’t have anything by themselves, but non-white people can switch up between their own race-based enclaves and being around white people.

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