English Football Chants

Most of our OD readers liked my blog on English soccer supporters chanting insults at ISIS after the latest Islamic slaughter in Manchester England.Group chanting is one area where we Americans, Southern nationalists are basically starting from scratch. It’s not something we’ve ever done. But it is something we could do, it’s effective and a lot of fun. At these defend Confederate Monument rallies – there’s not that much to do besides glaring at the Antifa and then getting in to fights. Just think how great it would be if we could insult and humiliate these Antifa scum in ways like these English soccer supporters insult and humiliate their soccer rivals/enemies.

Here’s a very pretty English lass presenting some of the better chants, which are often a bit bawdy. I love her Brit accent as my daughter once had the same one, but she’s lost most of it after 15 years living in Southern California:

Link – Best English Soccer Chants

There are so many great chants in this link.

Check out the chant at ~ 3:30 where the supporters abuse the entire Manchester City football/soccer club.

“We only hate Mancs
We only hate Mancs
We’re not Racist, we’re not racist
We only hate Mancs”

Or how about this chant abusing a rival player from Argentina named Di Maria:

“Who’s that twat from Argentina?
Who’s that money grubbing whore?
Di Maria is his name
And he has no f******** brain
And he wont be winning trophies anymore”

But back to Soccer supporters doing chants insulting Islamic terrorists, Islamic sadists. Not to be outdone by their cross city rivals Manchester United – Manchester City supporters here do a best ever chant celebrating the demise of a local “English” (yeah right” lad who went off to Iraq/Syria to behead Western hostages. His name was “Jihad Johnny” before a large bomb was dropped on his head:

“Jihad John he’s f******** dead, he had a bomb dropped on his head”

So let’s have some fun out there – let’s get in to some pubs, have some pints and practice our insulting chants – soon Antifa and patriotard pussies will be getting insulted and abused as we will be having a jolly good old time.


  1. I was talking about the whole mechanism of control and not just the Jews. In a darkened room, there are only Muslims, Jews, and Shabbez Goi.

    Wasn’t it Sitting Bull who warned whites that today it is us but tomorrow it will be you. Got that right.

  2. If there were organized groups of soccer supporters on London Bridge playing a mini version of Cricket with cricket bats – yes, they might very well have stopped, quacking ended the lives of the Islamists.

    English Defense League soccer supporters with American style baseball bats prevented Black Riots from spreading in to their neighborhoods.

    Getting out in the streets, contesting the streets, controlling the streets is a good idea – better than just tap, tap tapping on a computer key board.

    “Who’s streets? Our streets”

  3. Jack Ryan –

    Weak ‘men’ like you are the reason the West is being colonized by third-world shitskins

  4. Intrepid – that was noted. Give us/me some credit that compared to your average American, I know a little bit about English football culture – just knowing the game is called “football” not soccer, puts me ahead of most Yanks.

  5. Dumb Pollack Jokes are the norm throughout the Anglo world, but it wouldn’t hurt Anglo countries to take a page from the Polish Book that addresses a problem by preventing a problem. Or an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Even in the face of threatened sanctions, the Prime Minister of Poland refused to take their assigned quota of refugees, saying that he’d take the sanctions over the refugees, because the sanctions would do less harm.

    My best advice to the average Brit is to find a way to lay your hands on some firearms pronto. Arm yourselves and conceal carry even if it is against the law.

    That way, the next time a Muslim decides to crash his car or attack people with knives, he gets gunned down like a dog in the street by British civilians.

    Yes, the British authorities can try and take them away, but if enough of you are re-armed, tell them to wipe their behinds with their anti-gun laws, and refuse to surrender them, you institute your own second amendment rights and force the British to do something about your Muslim problem.

    Americans effectively ended Prohibition by refusing to obey it The authorities felt foolish with a law they could not enforce on the books and ended it. Re-arm yourselves NOW and then make it clear to your leaders that, unless they clean out their infestation, you will handle it yourselves and put them in the trash, too.

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