Gondor’s Diversity is its Strength

The racist, sexist and homophobic kingdom of the Men of the West is being enriched by the vibrant culture of the Orcs. Gondor’s new diversity is its strength. The Orcs are just here to do the work that the native men of Gondor won’t do. They come to Gondor for a better life. And look at all the new Orc restaurants that Gondor now enjoys!

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  1. LMAO! All I can say is this is hilarious but at the same time like all the best humor it is rooted in the truth. Sad but true. I am a lifetime optimist and believe that all of us true European Heritage peoples will stand strong and will always be victorious over the barbarians. Wishing my peoples all the best and God bless us all!

  2. By the way, Michael Cushman, I loved living in Charleston, I’m also a Southern Nationalist and close to Anglican, I was a member of http://www.first-scots.org/ an amazing and beautiful house of worship. Always wishing you the very best, be well.

  3. Whoever says that memes aren’t a channeling of the White racial subconscious needs to step back and be quiet – I was just thinking about getting these memes together in an article…

  4. I couldn’t stop laughing! Bravo. It reminds me of a scene from a Veggietales video, where Larry the Cucumber is doing one of his ‘silly songs’ during the main show, called “Lord of the Bean,” wherein one of the other vegetables says of him “You’re no Elf. You’re an Elvish impersonator!”

  5. truly some mud people. Let’s send them to Israel where they admire that kind of diversity.

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