The Jihadis Next Door

It doesn’t get any more absurd than this.

Sorry, I haven’t been posting as much lately here. I’m still black-pilled after finding out this weekend that the state of the UK was even worse than I ever imagined. It was bad enough watching the Oasis and Coldplay concerts at the “One Love Manchester” suicide cult concert:

It was a hammer of a blow to learn this morning that the London terrorists LITERALLY STARRED in a Channel 4 documentary called “The Jihadis Next Door.” Watch the whole documentary. It is a reminder that the problem isn’t them so much as it is us. I was left with the inescapable conclusion that we have become weak and degenerate under liberal democracy.

How the **** do these people unfurl and pray to the ISIS flag, announce that they are terrorists and appear as “The Jihadis Next Door” on national television? How can you have any confidence whatsoever in the political leadership of the UK after witnessing a failure of this magnitude? How did the UK decline to the point where this problem was cultivated and protected for so long?

No one could have predicted the London Bridge attack? Are you kidding me? I feel like I am holding this old woman’s hand, that she represents the modern UK and that country is in hospice and death is imminent as the euthanasia kicks in. Liberalism has taken away their will to live.

It’s sad as f*** to watch. I need a drink to get through the funeral.

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  1. Why shouldn’t those Aloha Snackbar animals go on a jihadi rampage? They have no fear or respect for their host countries, nor should they. Dealing with me might be a little different, however. I would make Godfrey of Bouillon look like Captain Kangaroo.

  2. Theresa May banned me from entering the UK (even though I am Anglican, of Britiah ancestry, am pro-UK and pro-monarchy) but has allowed vast numbers of Muslim terrorists and Third World aliens into her country. She is a disgraceful traitor, much like Angela Merkel in Germany. The class of old globalist cat ladies they come from has done immeasurable harm to our race and civilization.

  3. The real men are usually overseas in useless, endless wars whilst their own nations are dying and transforming into third world shitswamps. In their absence, the treacherous, negligent leaders are jailing people who speak up…..while the koranimals and their commie anti-white stooges remain at large.

  4. This is what happens when you dont spank your kids. The rising races demographically whip the stuffing out of their kids. Perhaps this is “coincidence”, but the left wing theorists opposed spanking because they thought/knew it lead to war/imperialism/strong states and the dreaded ” authoritarian personality”.

    Perhaps it is something subtle, like the impact if stress hormones on future testosterone sensitivity, or perhaps it is a simple Pavlovian “talk shit get hit” lesson imprinted on young minds.

    But I think it is the lack of modeling of Righteous Authority, that people have no clue how to deal with human misbehavior – ie crush it right away rather than wait for people to come around on their own.

    The number one driver for such tenuous peace as we have is Mutually Assured Destruction, the notion that one cannot hurt another without getting hurt in return – the lesson of spanking, no?

  5. Another point, May, who was responsible for policing, wants to police the internet to “find’ these terrorists. Odd that they made their selves known on television! And nothing was done!

    I know it is a taboo amongst the Alt Right, but I contend that the upper class intentionally fosters terror in order to get the lower classes to give up their hard won ancient freedoms (just like 9/11).

    The proper response is to spank the upper class and police state when they fail at doing their jobs, ie take their budgets and powers away. That’s what Made America Great In The First Place!

  6. @Michael Cushman…

    ‘Theresa May banned me from entering the UK (even though I am Anglican, of Britiah ancestry, am pro-UK and pro-monarchy)’


    What does ‘English’ have to do with it, Sir? : it’s Rothschild’s country.

  7. I’m starting to wonder if the Trump and Brexit victories will actually lead to anything meaningful. Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn – a Marxist – will lead the Nation after the election. That tells you all you need to know. Immigration will not stop, nor will terrorism or degenerate faggotry.
    Women are now so empowered that our now feminized men are either turning gay, or its off to Asia to find an always very willing Asian wife to pair up with and populate the nation with half breed diversity.
    Our race falls weaker – literally – every day.
    It will take more than the Trump and Brexit ‘victories’ to save us.

  8. The matriarchy has no real answer to jihad. Even the screwy hysteria over whiteness is seen as feckless womanish behavior of no real use in putting male Muslims in their place in the Progressive coalition

  9. Amazing. The UK, and most of the West, is slowly committing national suicide. The U.S. is not as far down the road -yet. But, the South does not have to go down the road to self-destruction!

  10. This is what the JEW does. The sand niggers are mere tools. There is a proper response, Cushman. We know what that response is.

  11. Hunter try not to watch the BBC and the Lugenpresse too much that you are Black pilled to depression. It’s like looking in to the Palantir in Lord of the Rings. The Palantir – television/Talmudvision tells the truth in some ways, but only presents negative, “it’s hopeless” messages.

    Feature Rebel media – Tommy Robinson. Tommy Robinson does great street interviews at places where Muslim gangs are being sentenced to hard time for raping English girls. Tommy Robinson confronts the screaming relatives of these monsters – it’s the Paki Islamists who are losing it. Good.

    We can not give in to gloom and doom and despair.

    Other things I recommend is hanging out on the internet and in real life with Central Europeans and Eastern Europeans – it’s never been better for our people there. Ain’t any Paki Muslim gangs sexual grooming pimping Polish or Hungarian girls.

  12. It’s fitting that the guy’s name is Butt. Islam is the butthole of humanity. I guess Judaism is the Colon.

  13. No, ands, ifs or buts: The Koran requires believers to kill or subjugate non-believers.

  14. What would be the proper response? Of course Islam should be banned in the West. And Muslims should be expelled from Western countries. They should be stripped of citizenship if necessary. But what should be done specifically when a Muslim terrorist attack takes place? I suggest that the concept collective guilt should be applied. That for every Western victim one thousand Muslims should be publically executed. If that doesn’t have a positive effect then increase it to ten thousand. Then fifty thousand. Then one hundred thousand and so on until they stop. Just a thought. 🙂

  15. Two things should happen. Local cops get decimated for failure. The local MP is hanged. Then, 100 dead Muslims for every dead White.

  16. This place used to be a southern revival blog. Then it was a trump blog. Now it’s a counter-jihad blog. Is it ever going to be a southern revival blog again?

  17. It was the American South that normalized the large-scale presence of non-whites among whites.

  18. That may be the case, John. But I think these people here would be better served elevating The South rather than pointing out the wellknown flaws of Europe. The worse the outside world gets the more attractive a southern revival becomes. And who is this shrill dailystormer sendup: marcus cicero? He lacks knowledge. He’s even worse than Jack Ryan.

  19. @Daniel S.

    My, my, Daniel, where’s the Southern charm that’s supposed to be part of your heritage?

    You do understand that immigration, non-Whites, Moslems, Feminism, Cultural Marxism/degeneracy, and the Jew are all threats to this “Southern revival” you keep mentioning, right?

    Or are you one of these weakling cuckolds who thinks that writing 10,000 word essays and prayer will save and revive the South?

  20. “It was the American South that normalized the large-scale presence of non-whites among whites.”

    And of course the Africans that clapped their brethren into chains and the Jews that sold them to the Yankees and the Yankees who sailed them across the Atlantic had NOTHING to do with it AT ALL! Yeah, sure.

  21. @MC

    Don’t let me distract you. I’m sure somewhere in Europe or the Middle East someone that I’m supposed to care about got hit with a hammer or perhaps, stubbed their toe. And well, everyone in the US counts on you to let us know – your hardnosed copy pasting on such matters is in no way superfluous. Carry on.

  22. I’m not going to speak for the authors like Hunter and Michael Cushman, but I believe they understand that the cause of Southrons is now linked with that of Identitarians in Europe and the Alt Right in North America. Ignoring metapolitics is dumb.

  23. @Yehudah

    You’re a bit nicer than I am with this idiot, but you’re absolutely correct in that the South is not isolated like North Korea – everything is linked, and everyone will fall together if current trends continue.

    You may not care about other areas, and that’s understandable, but at the end of the day, what happens in England, France, Germany, Massachusetts, or even East Asia echoes across the globe.

    And if someone has a problem with how things are presented, that’s also perfectly fine, but the method pioneered by the Stormer (whether you agree with the stances of the site or not) has been one of the most revolutionary things to hit the pro-White scene in decades.

    This person apparently does not understand that the younger generations (the ones we need to reach more than anybody else) oftentimes possess a limited attention span, and need something to sift through the drivel of the Lugenpresse.

    Humor, trolling, social media, and other tools have also done wonders where long-winded essays (which do have a place, in my opinion) have failed.

    Constructive criticism is all good, and I actually welcome it, but whining like an uneducated, emotional faggot just gets my blood boiling.

    To Daniel, either show us all your wonderful articles, podcasts, or videos highlighting your activism, or STFU and treat yourself to a shot-glass of bleach.

  24. Yes, linked by the media unless one seriously believes that if Geert Wilders and Le Pen win, BRA is somehow closer to collapse. For all the righteous condemnation the American/Southron right has made of sandnigger violence over there have any of them ever shown sympathy with our nigger problem? What do Geert Wilders and Le Pen think about niggers, exactly? And then you have the American blogosphere mourning the death of Europe. Well, Europe is still 93+% white, the US is only 60+% white. This religious sideshow in Europe means nothing to us, the niggers here are overwhelmingly christian.

    The stupidity is at such a fever pitch when our statues were pulled down people called the perpetrators “ISIS” instead of what they really are: “God damned Yankee trash.” We’ve internalized yankee imperialism to such an extent we instinctively blame sandniggers for what Yankees do to us.

  25. @Daniel

    Why no mention of the Jew, Daniel? “Yankee Trash” now essentially means a small cabal of drone cucks led by Kikes (the old Yankees are essentially extinct unless you go looking in small towns in Vermont or something).

    And just as an aside, a good portion of the statues have been pulled down by Southern traitors who follow a bastardized form of Christianity that would probably be right at home back in the days of abolition (Governor Bentley ring a bell?).

  26. And without Jews, the Nigger Problem would be far less of an issue aside from random violence, “muh dik,” etc…

    The savages would be too busy killing each other to pose any serious threat to Whites in most situations.

    Hell, even with the Mestizos, you had a Jewess leading a few thousand of them in a protest against Sheriff Arpaio a few years back…

  27. @Danial S.

    You’ve made some valid points and I see where you’re coming from. BUT…..if Europe is weak, if Australia is weak (weak meaning becoming third world), then America, including the South is weak. Alleys who share your culture and would fight with you and give you logistical support if you’re nation is suddenly declared Islamic- would all be gone. A weak wider West will mean a weak America, and vice versa.
    If the lands of your ancestors fall to Islam or niggerization, be concerned…..very concerned.

  28. @John

    There is a semi-valid argument about Europe being better off due to their better demographics, but at the end of the day America has more escape room.

    You can still go into huge swathes of the country and see few if any non-Whites aside from a token Negro or two, but in Europe distances are much shorter, and there is nowhere to run…

    For example, the countryside in Britain, France, or Germany may be all White and tranquil, but the non-Whites hordes in the major cities are only a hop, skip, jump, and/or train ride or two away…

  29. @Marcus…’d love Australia! Plenty of room! Get out of the cities here, and no die versity anywhere in sight.

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