5PT & Our Future as a Stateless People

I haven’t written much lately because I have been black-pilled by the Islamic terrorism in Europe (and the lack of a proper response to it) and the destruction of Confederate monuments across Dixie. While good things are happening in Poland and Hungary and nationalists are increasingly popular in Sweden it is clear that we still have much work ahead of us if we want to survive and prosper in the future.

The rise of the Alt-Right is evidence that there are many who feel alienated from the culture and people around them in the West today. Whites both here and in Western Europe “exist not as peoples with states, but inside them.” Southerners and other Western peoples generally exist within hostile regimes that are actively and aggressively replacing us and denying us political influence in a system aligned against our interests.

Recently, I came across the idea of the Fifth Political Theory, an approach for “identity-conscious Westerners” as a “diaspora tribe” who want a future for their people. It seems to fit well with my thoughts about our present state and what we can realistically do going forward. The key fact of our situation seems to be our statelessness, and that is not likely to change in the near future here in Dixie. “What 5PT wants to achieve is not state power but congregational power, that of real communities networked together as part of our sub-national and trans-national diaspora.” This approach seems promising. In fact, we already seem to be doing this on the Alt-Right:

5PT will be about building and creating our congregations and networks, about forging the Western diaspora into a real-world tribe with populations in both hemispheres in order to restore ourselves as a viable ethnos. We will link the Western diaspora of Europe with the Western diaspora of North America, with the Western diaspora of British Oceania, with the Western diaspora of Latin America, with the Western diaspora of Africa, and so forth. This is a stateless, sub-national and trans-national conception.

I wrote about doing this within the Golden Circle region in my book. But we already see connections and networks being built beyond the GC, which is good to see.

This is obviously not an in-depth analysis of 5PT but rather an introduction for OD readers. How well does 5PT fit within a Southern Nationalist or Alt-South framework? What, if anything, useful can we take away from it? These are questions for our readers to consider.

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  1. You should contact the DUP immediately and see what you can do to help them.

  2. 5pt seems defeatist to me. We are going strong, stronger than ever before. Not the time to throw in the towel and hide in the woods.

  3. 5PT proposing Tribe life but Tribe can exist only in First World. It`s impossible to live Tribe life in Third World warzone and with economic collapse Western Europe become one.pretty soon.

    But the 5PT makes one important point. There are no such thing like “white race” and to survive, it`s
    necessary to throw cucks and traitors overboard.

  4. alright as a general concept. To survive, Whites need to help each other not only w/in current nations, but transnationally. At some point, for instance, (some) Whites in Western Europe will rise up violently against their Jew-induced extinction. Depending on our own circumstances, we can provide them with weapons other than rhetoric and paving stones.

  5. League of the South keep calling what they’re doing “replacement”, instead of Genocide, and their monuments are coming down faster than ever.

    Calling it “replacement” doesn’t work. A scientist would look at the data and say, what you are doing doesn’t work.

  6. @Michael Cushman…

    Sir, you are far too rational – which, if I many point out, is where Satan hangs out.

    And his modus operandi is always to tell you that you won’t succeed, you cannot ever succeed.


    In this I am reminded of a young Confederate general who was mortally wounded in the fall of ’64. Around his bed, in a Northern battlefield hospital, gathered some of his West Point classmates – several in blue, and one Confederate.

    And that Confederate, coincidentally, was the dying man’s commanding officer.
    When that young general died, his commanding officer was terribly struck, babbling unmanly in front of the rest.

    What he is remembered as saying, about the departed, was this : ‘He never gave up hope – no matter how black things have become for our army, he never gave up hope.


    And so, Sir, we must be like the young moribund general – willing to fight relentlessly and without any care to our circumstances.

    We will, in the end, win out – as did The Confederacy, in The War of Reconstruction that followed The War of Northern Aggression.

    Chin up. We’ll find a way.

    The Good Lord is with us – not with those who spurn and mock Him.

    We are not required, either individually or collectively, to be perfect for Him to love us. We only have to love Him, and believe he will, if we apply ourselves, show us a way into and through The Wilderness…

  7. Bob Whitaker? @BobWhitaker2020 Mar 29
    You don’t say “General, do you think we’re going to win this war?” No one who is a pro ever brings that up. That’s not even relevant.

    Bob Whitaker? @BobWhitaker2020 13 Nov 2016
    We will win because a few of us realize this is a war, not something some instant formula or exposure of an Evil Conspiracy will deal with.

    Bob Whitaker? @BobWhitaker2020 Feb 27
    There is almost no way, in the long run, that the group that thinks politics is a game can possibly win.

  8. I know this is not the forum to be discussing military strategy but Whites will need to do just that if they want to survive. The alt-right and 5PT do not go nearly far enough.

  9. The end result of networking as you suggest as a stateless people is to demand a return to the holy land under the law of return. Of course the usual suspects will deny us that, but if we continue pushing this scripturally based narrative as our once white Christian Nations collapse the truth about (((their))) impostor status and our claim of actually being the 12 tribes of Israel in disporia only increases in the minds of the now rootless , stateless white masses.

    As the world inches closer to a World Government in “Israel” the reality of the impossibility of having a white nation for ourselves will become even more apparent as will the only solution to our collective problem outlined in the prophesy of Jacob and (((Esau))) that speaks directly to those rights and to (((their))) final fate.

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