Dear Patriot Nation

I made this video last night.

“This Is Texas” is so cucked that this morning they are threatening to storm a Klan rally with media in tow in order to snatch a Confederate flag to *prove* they aren’t “racists.”

Note: Watch the Boomer Patriot in the second video. He goes up to every young person at the rally and asks them if they are a racist, Nazi or white supremacist. There are four or five videos.

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  1. In the photo above the fat tub of guts with the mustache screaming at the White Nationalist is named David Amad right. What kind of name is Amad? Sounds Middle Eastern.

  2. Why is a fat, Middle-Eastern-terrorist-looking Boomer violently screaming at a peaceful young WASP American trying to exercise his Firsr Amendment rights while another fat Boomer woman LARPs it out in camo? Is this the twilight zone?!?!

  3. The head Cuck of the Guardians of Antifa, BLM, Trannies, Muslims, and of course, illegal Wetback cholos who will attack you from behind, is indeed named David Amad. He has publicly posted his cell phone number and email address online and requested that people contact him. I’m sure he would appreciate you letting him know what a great job his organization is doing. 832-366-4044.

  4. @ Old Hickory

    Could also be shortened from some Spanish name like Amada or, like you said, A.mad muslim.

    When Azzmador went at him about race, he looked around to see if any blacks or Mexicans were in the area. He is the epitome of mainstream leadership.

  5. Lol, is that some sort of neo-fash larper flag the kid on the left is holding? If it’s up to socially repellent shitheads like this to save the white race, whites are deader than dead. No fucking hope whatsoever. Just unreal.

  6. I wish that Marxist creep would’ve asked ME if I was a neonazikkkwhitesupremacist because I would’ve proudly answered in the affirmative. Then I would’ve asked him if he’s a fag.

  7. Fat people normally have weak joints in ankles and legs. Sweep the leg. Kick the ankles hard. Don’t get close.

  8. @Jack Ryan

    A good swift & unsuspected kick in the balls will bring any fat ass slob to his knees & if hard enough, have him reeling in pain for good measure. Saw it happen back in the late 60’s. It’s a dirty world, so fight dirty.

  9. This kind of cuck behavior is old news. More than 10 years ago in California at anti-immigration rallies there were threats of violence against WN types, and not because they had the confederate flag. It was enough that they were known to have WN sentiments. The problem of cucks is an enduring one that will only end when the MUDS turn on their pet White men/women and beat hell out of them. In a race war, the enemy will tell you what side you’re on.

  10. This country is chuck full of crazy, stupid ill informed assholes. Most of them trying to look ‘tolerant’ by some bleeding heart nigger lover standard, which means they aren’t tolerant at all. But there is this endless dumb fuck posing that is going on, on the left. University is resembling a cross between a riot and a day care center. I keep hoping somebody in a position of authority at one of these colleges will get enough of the inmates running the asylum and have these childish dip shits arrested and expelled from campus.

  11. “This Is Texas” is so cucked that this morning they are threatening to storm a Klan rally with media in tow in order to snatch a Confederate flag to *prove* they aren’t “racists.”

    Hope they go ahead with that one.

  12. There is some consolation in the fact that pudgy, middle aged, low-testosterone cuckservatards would be the first victims of any Negro, Mestizo or antifa street violence.

  13. These stupid, cucked “patriots” are of EXACTLY the same ilk as the (((Alex Jones Infowarriors))). Disgusting pieces of crap, all they care about is giving the APPEARANCE of Americanism and patriotism, oh-so-careful about not coming off as racists. I hate these ignorant a-holes just as much as I hate our explicit enemies! Yes, I said I HATE THEM. If they are representative of what our people have became, I almost would welcome our extinction. But I know better. I know that there are hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of us “racists and antisemites” out here in the real world, strong WHITE men and women, and for ourselves alone our race is worth fighting for. WE are worth fighting for, more accurately. Not them, not those weak-kneed cucks. For them, they deserve exactly what all of the weak and traitorous a-holes got in Dr. Pierce’s The Turner Diaries. And it’s my sincere hope that they will one day receive exactly that justice. In fact, I’d like to be one of the warriors for our people in charge of carrying out my share of that much-deserved justice. They aren’t just brainwashed cucks, they are WILLFULLY siding with the enemy and WILLFULLY making a stand against actual WHITE people who care about our future and our children’s. They are every bit as much THE ENEMY as the ones that are obvious.

  14. I wish I’d had been there and that stupid bastard would’ve asked me if I was a “nat-zee” or “kaykaykay” or any of that shit. I’d have asked him if he was a traitorous cuck weak-kneed piece of crap who’d rather hug a nigger or kike that’s hell-bent on destroying White people than to let me do my fucking job of actually making a REAL stand.

    What a reeking piece of pure dog shit!

  15. 20 years ago I was at the gun show at the OC fairgrounds in Costa Mesa. I thought I was at the pot bellied men’s convention. These so called patriotards looked about 9 months pregnant. They couldn’t have whipped themselves out of a wet paper bag, not to mention being in a foxhole or protecting their families in the shitties.

    You’re either pro-white or you’re not. Your skin is your uniform.

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