Immigrants Bring Female Genital Mutilation to USA 

Muslim immigrants in the Detroit area of Michigan have committed female genital mutilation on 100 girls. Approximately 200 million women have undergone the barbaric practice in Muslim countries and communities around the world. However, it was previously unknow in the United States until brought in by Islamic immigrants.

The Miami Herald reports that it was a husband and wife team who mutilated the little girls:

Three people have been charged in the case, which alleges the clinic performedthe genital cutting as part of religious practice. The Levonia, Michigan clinic was owned by Fakhruddin Attar, who is a medical doctor, and Detroit emergency room doctor Jumana Nagarwala is accused of performing the procedures in the facility. Attar’s wife Farida Attar is accused of being present in the examination room to comfort girls during the mutilation, also known as female circumcision.

The three are part of a sect of Islam called Dawoodi Bohra, a Shiite branch of the faith based in Gujarat, India.

…The complaint alleges the clinic began performing the procedures as early as 2005, and assistant U.S. attorney Sara Woodward said in court Wednesday Nagarwala did so on as many as 100 girls in the following 12 years. The children were between the ages of six and nine.

This is the natural result of bringing Third World people to a Western country – inevitably the immigrants bring their problems with them. Those such as Austin, Texas mayor Steve Adler who have worked hard to bring in vast numbers of Muslim immigrants are ultimately responsible for the terrorism, female mutilation and other problems unleashed by the foreign peoples in our land.

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  1. I live in metro Detroit, and EVERYTHING you’ve heard about Dearborn is true – just so y’all know, (((they))) deliberately targeted the city of Dearborn for retaliation and anti-white ethnic cleansing to get back at Henry Ford for publishing ‘The International Jew’, an excellent book based (in part) on a woman named Elizabeth Dilling’s travels in the Soviet Union. She was a Phyllis Schlafly-type of the era and was SO HORRIFIED at what the kikes had done to the White Christian Russians after seeing it for herself

    Michigan Jews are some of the most viciously anti-White in the entire nation. GAS THEM ALL

  2. “Muslim immigrants in the Detroit area of Michigan have committed female genital mutilation on 100 girls.”

    Whereas in the United States, the genitals of a 100 million un-consenting baby boys, most of whom non-jewish Whites, have been mutilated.

    Also it is quite relevant, that the procedure undergone by those three Minnesota girls, at the above referenced Michigan clinic, is according to the comments in the Star Tribune article, a Type IV procedure in which no tissue is removed.

    Their clitoris is nicked, and no tissue is removed.

    So it is ironic in the extreme, to see Americans upset about those girls.

    Whereas concern for their own boys? Not so much.

  3. We need to castrate all male nigglets, the same way hog farmers castrate male pigglets to control their swine population and eliminate animal aggression.

  4. Jewish doctors and their enablers have committed such widespread, massive physical abuse on generations of helpless American boys and men via male genital mutilation (i.e. ‘circumcision’) that I cannot even imagine a fitting punishment…the soul weeps with rage…

  5. @Goyim Goddess

    Arabs been in Detroit-Toledo corridor since the late 1800’s just in the beginning most were Christians Ford employed quite a few of them BTW. When Immigration from the Middle East resumed in the 1950’s, Detroit was a natural destination as there were plenty of Arabs there already.

  6. @Billy Ray –

    I know, my maternal family is Lebanese Maronite Christian (Phoenician, not Arab, thank God) – came to Michigan in late-1800s, NOT many Arab Muslims if any at all in first few waves of emigration. A couple decades later the Semitic train really started flowing and the filth began rolling into Detroit and Michigan as a whole. Voila, Dearborn ghetto. FYI, Christian Lebanese in Detroit (who have never considered themselves Arab, generally) have historically avoided Dearborn like the PLAGUE

  7. P.S. There were WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY too much Arab emigrants (/ALL emigrants) in late 19th century-20th century, and there are MANY questions as to (((who))) engineered the opening of the floodgates…

  8. @Goyim Goddess

    The Immigration Act of 1790 held that the term WHITE was defined as those who were not Negroid or Chinese. Thus Jews, Arabs, Turks, Hindus, Persians, some Central Asian types in Russia were defined for the purposes of US Law as White. The definition of White hasn’t changed in the US Code since 1790. It is still defined via the Three Race Theory paradigm

  9. @Billy Ray –

    This is really unbelievable and a HUGE MISTAKE on our founders’ part, to put it mildly – on par with Southern blindness towards Jews

  10. @Goyim Goddess

    God is looking down on these cuckolds, and is smiling at the thought of what awaits them once they die.

  11. @ Goyim Goddess

    “I know, my maternal family is Lebanese Maronite Christian (Phoenician, not Arab, thank God) – came to Michigan in late-1800s, NOT many Arab Muslims if any at all in first few waves of emigration.”

    Interesting. I really am curious and would love for you to explain the Phoenician line a bit. We don’t get too much exposure to those various tribes of the Levant.

    Just an FYI, according to writer/researcher Eustace Mullins, who found the following in Britain’s Chambers Encyclopaedia (1859-1868), the (((Canaanites))) became the Phoenicians and then the Venetians (the famed (((Merchants of Venice)))). The real ones not the Shakespeare play. Now that is not to say that all Venetians were descended from Cain. Nor all the Phoenicians. Any input?

  12. Aaaah, breadcrumbs…..

    “4 Arabs did not settle in the coastal Levant 5 Data shows distinction between Canaanites & Hebrews, doesn’t contradict Biblical claims”
    5:53 AM – 24 May 2017

    Very interesting statement.

    There is a lot more to the movement (and mixing) of peoples, even in fairly recent history, than we’ve been taught. I think that is why the controllers control most archeological digs and destroy or hide things that will link us to our true origins. That is why they love the mixing of peoples.

    On our shores….. I believe there may be more to eradicating the Confederacy than what it appears to be. I’m just not sure what to think right now. If they can convince large swaths of the population to believe something like the gas chambers and (((6,000,000))) as well as other falsehoods of WWII when people who lived it are still alive, then something that occurred 1,000 years ago is really up for manipulation.

  13. @ Goyim Goddess

    I am not advocating circumcision but FGM is not sold as a mechanism for cleanliness or for other health reasons. Though both are a form of mutilation, the latter is far worse due to its intent.

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