Corey Stewart Almost Pulls Off Upset in Virginia

Upstart Corey Stewart, who campaigned on protecting Confederate monuments and deporting illegal immigrants, narrowly lost the race for the Republican Party’s nomination for governor in Virginia, the New York Times reports. In the end Stewart fell slightly short losing by about 1% to GOP establishment darling and heavy favorite Ed Gillespie. Stewart was condemned by the Virginia GOP for labeling Gillespie a “cuckservative.” Gillespie called a recent pro-Confederate rally by the Alt-Right in Charlottesville, Virginia an “ugly display of divisive rhetoric and intimidation tactics.” The Republican insider had a massive funding advantage over Stewart with approximately $2.4 million to $186,000.

Gillespie will almost surely lose the governor’s race to Democrat nominee Ralph Northam who won nearly twice as many votes in the primaries. The two nominees won essentially the same heavily liberal parts of the Commonwealth that are mostly populated by non-Whites, immigrants and Northern transplants: urban areas, the suburbs of Washington, DC and the eastern coast.

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    There is no way we’re voting our way out of this.
    I’m done with voting, from the ballot box anyway. The cartridge box is all that’s left.

  2. It is unbelievable how fast we are gaining ground. I know some see it as a loss, but “cuckservatives” have only a few years left unless we give up.

  3. I don’t wish to fashion a victory from defeat, but, I will say this :

    Corey Stewart was not possible, 10 years or, even, 4 years ago.

    Something is changing in the culture of Dixie, and, whether his name is Corey Stewart or not, Corey ain’t going away.

  4. @Truth Corps: Please take the minimal effort whenever a well-meaning candidate presents himself for election. That is reasonable to expect.
    As juniusdaniel1828 underscored, you are correct insofar as there is no way out of this PURELY by voting. For decades traditionalist conservatives understood that our political problems had cultural roots. The Alt-Right is the movement whose reason-for-being is to destroy the Liberal Order root and branch, including the culture in which it is planted, and replacing it with a new culture to give birth to a New Order founded on the “permanent things”: Race, Family, Religion, and Virtue.

  5. The Amish have ridden out the USS Liberty’ing of the fusa so far…
    Why can’t groups of people who think alike copy this idea?

  6. Corey Stewart brought public attention to the issues he was running on, immigration and Confederate heritage preservation. That is more important than whether he actually wins.

  7. Even if that worthy gentleman had defeated his cuckservative faggot opponent he would have faced a friggin’ Great Wall of opposition from the enemy-controlled System and would have been unable to get anything decent accomplished. I really believe we must forget about voting our way out of this mess, armed resistance is the only option we have left.

  8. @Contra1789,

    You’re right. He also showed there is still a lot of grassroots support for our issues and we can credibly challenge the system.


    The GOP candidate was going to lose no matter who he was. So Corey was mostly running to push his issues and set himself up for another office. I think he should now run either for a State Senate seat or a US congressional seat.


    You’re right. Whites are fewer in number but we seem to be getting more hardcore. Very positive sign. I didn’t expect Corey to be competitive and he darn near won.

  9. @Michael Cushman…


    You’re right. Whites are fewer in number but we seem to be getting more hardcore. Very positive sign. I didn’t expect Corey to be competitive and he darn near won.’


    Thank you, Sir. For whatever it was worth, I called my wonderful son-in-law, and told him to get himself, and our daughter, out to the polls, to protect The Southern White Race, and Ole Dominion.

    I’m sure this here parent was not alone in that.

    Chin up – we’re getting there.

  10. Oh, yeah – and to hell with Gillespie and his anti-Southron spew.

    Let his scalawag ass twist in the wind.

    Better to have a Democrat in charge, as it will continue to strengthen the resistance in Virginny.

  11. Understand the difference between freedom and sovereignty. A people are not free if they are not sovereign and they cannot be sovereign if they no longer are in control of their destiny even if they do constitute a numerical majority of the nation. If that be the case, and that is the case for white Americans, then freedom becomes mere illusion and voting an exercise in futility

  12. thas’ right…just keep on voting at the Jews and their puppet political class. Every time you do so, you validate the (((system))) that is destroying us.

  13. Corey should demand a recount. And if they have a write-in option in Virginia he should use that time to organize a third party run! Fuck the Republican party.

  14. The first quarantining of dysfunctional cities where non-white live, would most effectively be, the Beltway around D.C. Let the feral animals kill each other off, and leave the rest of the Old Dominion free to choose their own destiny, frankly.

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