Southern Baptist Convention Condemns The Alt-Right

I’m not a Southern Baptist.

I’ve never been a Southern Baptist either. I was raised as a Methodist, but as I got older and started to think more about religion I discovered that the Methodist Church supported abortion. They’re also opposed to “racism.” It was resolutions like that passed by church bodies which alienated me from Christianity for many years. The faith as I was exposed to it had no appeal to me.

It took years for me to realize that American Christianity was simply going with the flow. Every other “mainstream” institution in our society has been compromised by entryists. The same is true of the church. It is also true of the media, the universities, the military, etc. They’re all on the same page and promote the same values and narrative. In particular, the Southern Baptists are notable for not being at the forefront of social change whether it was over slavery or segregation.

The Southern Baptist Convention officially denounced the Alt-Right this afternoon:

“Phoenix, Arizona (CNN)The Southern Baptist Convention moved to denounce the “alt-right” white nationalist movement Wednesday, a collective decision that occurred only after pastors pushed back against denominational leaders who initially chose not to address the issue.

At their annual meeting, Southern Baptists agreed to a statement decrying “every form of racism, including alt-right white supremacy, as antithetical to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” …”

This is the handiwork of entryists like Russell Moore combined with the cowardly desire of conservative Christians to appease the media and cling to “respectability.”

None of this really flows from church doctrine. The very things being denounced by the Southern Baptist Convention – racism, slavery and white supremacy – are what it stood for throughout the vast majority of its own existence. The Southern Baptist Convention itself was called into existence over the refusal of abolitionists to enter into communion with slaveowners.

This is hardly the first retarded thing to come out of the Southern Baptist Convention in recent years. There was the lobbying on behalf of amnesty for illegal aliens. There was virtue signaling by electing its first black president. There was the debate over dropping “Southern” from Southern Baptist. There was pretty much everything Russell Moore has ever said and done in their name. The United Methodist Church recently said hold my beer and ordained a transsexual deacon.

The only thing this cucking by the Southern Baptist Convention will accomplish will be to win a few media plaudits and alienate some of its own members. As the Southern Baptist Convention becomes more identified with Russell Moore, its members who already dislike Moore, social justice crusades and who are sympathetic to the Alt-Right for that reason will leave the denomination. The overall effect will be to strengthen the Alt-Right by reducing the appeal of another cucked version of “mainstream” Christianity. The Alt-Right will thrive in a more secular America and among the disaffected.

The only loser in this will be Christianity. Russell Moore’s mawkish, milquetoast version of Christianity wasn’t the faith of our ancestors and has little appeal to men. As long as it carries that banner, the religious institutions built by our fathers will continue to crumble.

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  1. @Poupon Marx, romanticized as in what Christianity use to be. Strong father figures, defense of faith and family; standing up for what is scriptural but socially incorrect by an apostate culture.

  2. Fr. John+
    June 15, 2017 at 5:14 pm

    “Examples of Orthodoxy’s capitulation to the world abound-such as adopting the Gregorian calendar;”

    Nonsense. The reason the Gregorian calendar was widely adopted is because the maths is better. If we were still with the Julian calendar today, we wouldn’t know the correct time for planting season, nor the correct date to celebrate holy days. Markings on paper do not trump reality, the world will move regardless.

  3. You obviously are very young and influenced by Hollywood and British movies, son. Yes, with a limited knowledge and shallow scriptural basis, warriors trudged into battle assured by the clergy that “God wills” this or that, victory, etc. This is shallow and blasphemous and an insult to the Three Os of God: Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent. Some little man in a frock, as well as all humans cannot know what God wills. That is the essence of a true religion. Stop bleating like a poltroon. That isn’t good enough anymore, and never was; it’s a self-delusion and hallucination.

    You follow the PRINCIPLES of your religion, to commune, to seek the wisdom and guidance. God is infinite and beyond our comprehension. Your petite degradations end up in the gutters and sewers of history. You want romanticized religion??? Islam awaits you and will accommodate your inadequacies and make them appear to magically disappear. Romantically speaking.

  4. M.S: Willy Nilly. What you described as ideal in religion exists to the greatest extent in Islam. There, you may concoct and mandate any excuse for any action, no matter how grotesque, or atrocious. It is highly romantic, not logical, not reasonable, not proportion, and not moral. Perfect for you. 1 800 DIAL A MOSQUE. Representatives are waiting to take your calls. First 100 callers get to hear Alisha, Mohammed’s child bride, describe her rapture on her wedding night.

  5. @Mark Saint…

    ‘@juniusdaniel Thanks for the kind words sir.’


    You’re very welcome!


    ‘To the rest, in this discussion, facts are facts and all (?) mainline protestants are apostate now if the SBC goes through with its plans. From what I can discern, only the Orthodox Church is non apologetic in its stance on Christ. For all intensive purposes, most, if not all, of the Protestant churches are just land and race worshippers…mission accomplished. That is one of the reasons I have reservations about Christian Identity, it’s doctrine just replaces the modern jew with white anglo-celtic tribes.’

    That’s an interesting analysis, Mr. Saint. I’ll have to mull (the notion of Protestant Churches as Christian updates on nationalist pagan identity) that over.


    ‘Anyway, as a rountable discussion, we in the LOS, need someone of the likes of Brad Griffin, but with religious authority, to take the helm of open dialogue amongst the members. Question is who will that be?’

    Pastor John Weaver seems to be the only plausible candidate, yet, his focus on what he focuses on is such that he would never accept it.


    ‘We in the LOS need religious zealotry tied to our struggle. There needs to be a romanticized Christianity incorporated into every action we make. It is now an opportunity of a lifetime, God has handed us an apostate church, maybe He is asking us to rise to the challenge.’

    An interesting point on zealotry. On what The Lord is asking and or doing, I can only say that the time is arriven when a great cleansing is to come; and, from what I have studied, those ain’t never pleasant.


    All the best!

  6. Southern Baptist who?
    The church that has lost nearly 40% of it’s members in the last 30-yrs? Give me a break. They’re insignificant not only in the U.S, but also in the South nowadays.

  7. @Wi…

    ‘Southern Baptist who?
    The church that has lost nearly 40% of it’s members in the last 30-yrs? Give me a break. They’re insignificant not only in the U.S, but also in the South nowadays.’


    I get your point : that the SBC has decreast in numbers. Yet, I have to wonder if you live in The South, as, here, there is always another Baptist church, just down the road.

    I believe the numbers are 123,000,000+ folks living in Dixie, yet 30,000,000+ still count themselves as Southern Baptists.

  8. Hunter’s thoughts reflect my own thinking over the last few years.
    I was a devout Christian but EVERY single church taught, not what Jesus taught, but Jewish-worship and people of color worship.
    And the males in the churches were zombies. Now of course that is not true of ALL male Christians but every church I’ve attended.

    You know I look at Bashar al-Assad, who is a WHITE MAN, and how he spoke the TRUTH about the Jews and how has stood against the “Christian” nations trying to unseat/assassinate him and the same “Christians” arming and training ISIS while working to genocide our race and then I think of Hezbollah how those MEN have the BALLS and love of their people to fight the mightiest army/air force in the Middle East, at the very least, Israel. Which is FUNDED and ARMED by the “Christian” U.S.

    This website is run by former US State Dept officials, this article details how Christian taxpayers money has gone to Israel, who attacked the USS Liberty in June 1967 and got away with it.

    While I don’t want to annoy anyone I have to say that REAL Christianity appears to be dead.

  9. The Southern Baptist will be loaded up on Dykes and Homos and marrying them within the decade. “Pope” Moore has a lot of support in the bureaucracy.

  10. @Micheal Hill

    Thank you sir for the bold statement you made in the rebuttal of the SBC. Indeed sir, we are considered “satanic” by this bastard Moore? The roles of good and evil, as perceived by those who are supposed to be the leadership, have reversed. We now for sure are on Christ’s side. We now have an official theological enemy . Now, besides just being so called anti-Semites, we have a more mainstream enemy of The Christ to engage, Judeo-Christians, and I sir will be glad to be counted among you and my Brethren of the LOS as warriors for what is right.

  11. At this point, have to wonder if the Remnant and Called Out, should just have Cyber Church services and avoid this obvious watering down of any sort of Christianity. Let’s go really Radical (as was Christ) and dust off Herbert Armstrong as theologian.

    What I’m seeing in the SBC is not pillars of righteousness, rather some simpering luke warm thing.

    Without condeming Sin, offering a better way via example, what exactly is that place other then a wind swept house of commodity, here, read a book about being male, makes you evil

  12. To paraphrase Evola, the value and strength of medieval christianity was in those aspects of it which were pagan and Germanic. Christianity no longer has any value for whites (at least in the west). It is completely cucked and must be abandoned.

  13. @Quintus

    Very well put post. Yes, the the term American foreign policy and Christian don’t have anything in common.


    Yes, Armstrong and Britain Israelism are very interesting. Cyber Church would solve the problem of our being spread out.

  14. Poupon- “I am not a convert, but my entire ancestry from Eastern Europe and the Middle East have been Orthodox since the Church began.”

    OK, so you are not an Anglo. [ Talk about Jews and Judaizing!]

    Then I have no substantive argument with you: Your Byzantinism suits you.

    But It does NOT suit the Anglos on this site, for whom your one-sided attempts at proselytizing, are clearly in evidence.

    And your intemperate treatment of a Priest, (contrary to the admonitions of St. John Chrysostomos Epistle ‘On the Priesthood’, show you to be in grave sin, as well-something that no laymen would do normally, but could only happen in America. Even such a man as Fr. Schmemann noted this problem here in the USA, almost sixty years ago:

    “It is neither pleasant nor easy to sound like a prophet of doom, especially in our atmosphere of an almost compulsory official optimism which regards every word of criticism and self-criticism as subversive and criminal. Yet, at the risk of shocking many good people I cannot, in all honesty and sincerity, conceal my firm conviction that Orthodoxy in America is in the midst of a serious spiritual crisis which endangers its very existence as Orthodoxy.” –

    If you are Greek, Antiochian, or some other eastern Orthodox, you know about the SCOBA. I’m not making up my warnings, but speaking from the standpoint of the Phyletism that mars most Byzantine ecclesiology.

    I’m merely trying to augur for MY people, the WASPS of the USA, against enemies, both Left and Right. Who you are trying to augur for, is anybody’s guess..

  15. Mark- I can try, but with sentences like the following: “I remain an Orthodox, but also follow Buddhism and other Eastern religion…” I’m not sure I will be able to make heads or tails of it, either. I can’t do it now, but maybe later today. God bless.

  16. Southern Baptist minister Davy Blackburn’s deceased wife and her unborn child were unavailable for comment.

  17. Russell Moore, you are one of the reasons people leave the SBC and become Catholic. We want true Christianity (pre Vatican 2) and once found we wonder what we ever saw in the SBC.

  18. Christianity is just a warmed-over version of Mithraism and Zoroastrianism, which are much, much better religions. Great is Artemis of Ephesus!

  19. Hunter needs to do a good write up on this.

    The FIRST ERA KU KLUX KLAN was an extension of the KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE and all the members were originally members of the KGC and Freemasonry. Pulaski was merely a reformation of the KGC, the Ku Klux Klan had been founded in Lexington KY in 1854 and Headquartered in Cincinnati Ohio from 1854-1864 or so. The FIRST ERA KLAN had no religious litmus tests, all one had to be was an Ex-Confederate or sympathizer to join. The Jew Bernard Baruch’s father was a Klansman. Catholics joined the Klan as well. The KKK goes out of existence ca 1871 replaced by smaller groups.

    The SECOND ERA KKK 1915-1944 was founded as an arm of the Southern Baptist Church. For the first time in the Klan bylaws, Catholics, Orthodox, Jews, Atheists, Southern Europeans, Slavs, and others were absolutely forbidden to join. The Prohibition of Alcohol was a top thing, Klansmen were encouraged to be tea-totelers. In certain places in the South, the Klan actually lynched bootleggers and whiskey makers. At this time the Southern Baptist Church was a main arm behind Prohibition and in fact the Southern Baptists managed to keep the entire state of Mississippi dry until 1966!!!!!

    Somewhere between 1945 and 1963 when the Negro Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham was bombed the Southern Baptist Church and the Ku Klux Klan became enemies. Many Klan leaders such as Edgar Ray Killen in Mississippi were Primitive or Independent Baptists but the Southern Baptist Convention trended slowly Liberal and more Zionist after 1945. ALABAMA WAS THE FIRST STATE TO DECLARE THEIR SUPPORT FOR THE FUTURE JEWISH STATE in 1942, Likely because of the Southern Baptist Church. The history of how and why all this happened and how the Southern Baptist Convention turned against the Klan has never been written. Someone should write it!

  20. Billy Ray: Excellent report. The actionable question becomes, “Where do Christians go for the True Faith? I have provided the answer. One might produce independent non-denominational Protestant Churches as alternatives. These are not affiliated and usually depend on the fidelity and integrity of one pastor or a hard core of believers. This model will not would on a scale big enough to prevent further damage and incursion by the (((Tribe))). See my comments on this thread and else. Likewise the links.

  21. @Poo-Poo Marx (aka, John Bonoconti of Philadelphia), I should like to compliment you on the soporific effect of your posts. One or two of your turgid sentences and I fall asleep as if anesthetized.

    You are an exceedingly dull, unlikable person and therefore an ideal object for my ridicule and scorn. I shall therefore make a point of besting you at every opportunity, you shan’t escape until I tire of humiliating you.

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