Bernie Supporter Guns Down Republican Congressman In Alexandria, VA

I won’t dwell on the actions of James T. Hodgkinson:

“WASHINGTON — The man suspected of opening fire on Republican members of the congressional baseball team early Wednesday morning was distraught over the election of President Trump and traveled to Washington in recent weeks to protest, his brother said on Wednesday.

The suspect, James Thomas Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Ill., died in a Washington hospital after a shootout with the police.

“I know he wasn’t happy with the way things were going, the election results and stuff,” his brother, Michael Hodgkinson, said in a telephone interview shortly after he received the news on Wednesday. He added that he was not close to his brother and had not been aware why he remained in Washington.

“Totally out of the blue,” he added, saying that his brother was engaged in politics but otherwise led a normal life. …”

This is your local moonbat whipped into new heights of hysteria by the Lügenpresse. It is exactly what Democrats initially assumed happened in Arizona in 2011 with Gabrielle Giffords and the Tea Party except that Jared Loughner was an apolitical schizophrenic.

“Just Tuesday morning, Mr. Hodgkinson posted a cartoon on Facebook explaining “How does a bill work?” “That’s an easy one, Billy,” the cartoon reads. “Corporations write the bill and then bribe congress until it becomes law.”

“That’s Exactly How It Works…..” Mr. Hodgkinson wrote. …”

I can’t say that I disagree. Hodgkinson was right about this. I’m frustrated by these things too and it does seem like the system is incapable of being reformed:

I’m not getting the impression that Hodgkinson was crazy. He seems like an ordinary partisan Democrat who followed his beliefs to their logical conclusion. It is worth noting that he didn’t go on a rampage shooting against local Republicans in the St. Louis area. Instead, he drove to Washington, DC to take his wrath out on Congress. He thought about it for over a month.

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  1. Not the “lugenpresse”, sir, the JUDENpresse. Trump needs to declare a 90 day period of martial law. Shut down the so-called “free” press, no more public demonstrations, Federal troops on the streets, curfews, checkpoints, suspension of all further immigration (especially from Mohammedan states), mass arrests of illegals and subversive scum. Then after 90 days he can impose an additional 90 days of martial law.

  2. The leftist violence is not unexpected in the climate of hatred of Trump fomented by the New York Times, WAPO, CNN, MSNBC, the Los Angeles Times and Huffpo. Leftists have become unhinged since Trump won the election and have been raging against Trump for the last eight months.

  3. At least he had the courage of his convictions.

    The Belleville Bernie Bro.

    Now it’s time to make it a Reichstag Moment.

  4. Now let`s bash jewsmoslemsniggersmediaufos and absolutely refuse to admit that there may be something wrong within the whte race. Genetically born liberals / communists for example.

    If only somebody from us succeded to show this lost white guy crime stat or 1 second of Fox News, sure this guy wold lay down his weapon and become the the best friend of David Duke.

    How many dead will be needed to admit finally that evil is inside the white race ? Goodwhites never wake up. We here in Eastern Europe needed 50 million dead and 70 years of horror to finally take a good look in the mirror.

  5. Try to make sure that organized Jewry can’t make hay from this. Press, Banks,
    Lobby etc.

  6. @Juri…

    ‘Now let`s bash jewsmoslemsniggersmediaufos and absolutely refuse to admit that there may be something wrong within the whte race. Genetically born liberals / communists for example.’


    Certainly we understand there is evil in our midst. We are Christians, and the first tenet of that is the need to repent, in order that you will not be a pawn of Satan.

    Still, Juri, surely we don’t have to be perfect to level serious criticism at those cultures – Liberal, Jew, New England, English, Scandinavian, French, and German etc, etc., before we can defend our own.

    For decades we looked the other way, and just accepted the onslaught in mute hopeful resignation.

    The rising Southern Nationalist/Confederate movement is not going to do that anymore.

    Yet, certainly, we understand we have our own unique flaws, and virtues, as well.

  7. White anti-Whites are real and they are man made.

    I’ve been saying for years, there is going to be another civil war in America, because left and right can’t talk to each other as they do, without it coming to blows. I am incredulous with all the guns in America it didn’t start years ago. When it does its going to be a slaughterhouse from sea to shining sea.

  8. They’ve divided us based on race, skin color, physical gender, psychological gender, sexual persuasion, nationality, ethnicity, religion, political ideology, political party affiliation, social ideology, income level, social class, geographical location, education level, body type, etc. These are intentional divisions to the extreme. Too much hatred and the politicians are just as much to blame as the media. But no one is more to blame than the (((monsters))) who control both.

  9. @Juri…

    “…Now let`s bash jewsmoslemsniggersmediaufos and absolutely refuse to admit that there may be something wrong within the whte race…”

    Well we know what we have now. Let’s try living without all the jewsmoslemsniggersmediaufos for a few decades and then get back to me.

    You know some of us remember living without a lot of this when we were younger and I can tell you things haven’t improved. How exactly are you going to convince us were aren’t right about them?

  10. a whole herd of free-range congresscritters, and this silly Berniebot manages to wing just 2 of them. This is what happens when you deploy a BB gun instead of a .308. I also take note of the fact that the other herd of congresscritters just voted 97-2 for more “sanctions” against Russia. Because Russia defends itself against serial aggressions from the Judeo-globalists. Please, Putin: a 30-megaton airburst over the (((District of Corruption))) and another over (((Wall Street))). Soon.

  11. Any one reckon he didn’t zero the sights on his rifle? Bizarre amounts of misses.

  12. What a sad, sad story. How come the loonies (if they are loonies) always end up dead in these scenarios? I would like to have heard his side of the story and why his aim was so damn off. Was that little voice in his head via the closest cell tower not clear enough or was it speaking in Arabic?

  13. This is not surprising at all. I know a lot of these type anti-Republican, pro “Working Man” democrats. They are going to be some of our most formidable enemies. They are Democrats through and through, most having learned to be at the feet of their grandfathers and ever since. They adopt every extreme left wing position Democrats have come to represent. Guys that ten years ago sounded like the crudest Daily Stormer type posters and could have been on Jerry Springer in the 80s are now strident nigger lovers who support BLM and even the queers. I know some who have threatened former long time friends with guns and run them off their property when the friend came to visit and made too many less than nigger loving comments. They talk about whipping and beating Trump supporters and anyone not pro nigger or pro queer. They love government and want it the size of the orbit of Pluto. Global Warming, solar, green, etc., they are 100 percent behind, thinking somehow these things will provide them a lot of jobs and high pay. Virtually every issue they are on the wrong side of it and allied with liberals and non whites and queers. They will never be on any Nationalist political and white racial movement side. These people are going to remain Democrats no matter what.

    Also, probably worth pointing out, many of these guys, especially the age of this Hodgkinson, are severe alcoholics. Indeed, he has all the earmarks of it according to his past criminal record and the guarded responses of those who knew him and have been reported. I know these types well, having seen them all my life. Hodgkinson has the look too, red faced, the eyes, etc. I would bet 100 bucks he was a bad alcoholic.

    All these guys talk about Reagan and the Republicans ruining unions and good paying jobs and pensions and benefits. Well and fine, but if Reagan and the neocons supplied the matches, the 50 to 80 year old crowd like this guy supplied the gas for the inferno. Offered an inch, they took ten miles. It is no wonder businessmen started offshoring and hiring Mexicans, etc., and put the crimp to white working men.

  14. Obama et al never let an opportunity like this pass without using it for political purposes. Remember blaming Sarah Palin and her talk about “crosshairs” for the crazy leftist in Arizona?

    Trump is receiving praise from the left for not doing so and letting them off the hook.

    We are saddled with a really disgusting, ultra-corrupt, bloated, dishonest, warmongering, aggressive, totally unprincipled political-government-media complex.

    “Judeo-globalism”– I like that.

    This place will fall because of the glaring internal contradictions.

  15. Trump should have used this event to call out the Left. He didn’t. Trump is one disappointment after another.

  16. The liberals, just like their pet nigras, are terrible marksmen. I don’t fear them at all, except for the possibility of contracting some homo virus from them if they were to spit on me or bite me, those sneaky, cowardly little faggots.

  17. All the virtue signalling by the left finally triggered a man who acted on his (((misguided))) convictions. Of course, those convictions were spoon fed to him over decades, he was in his 60s after all. Eventually, the young Antifa/BLM types will get around to this, violence is where the rubber meets the road. Everyone should prepare accordingly, as the left is spoiling for a fight.

  18. @ Snowhitey

    “What a sad, sad story. How come the loonies (if they are loonies) always end up dead in these scenarios? I would like to have heard his side of the story and why his aim was so damn off. Was that little voice in his head via the closest cell tower not clear enough or was it speaking in Arabic?”

    The ‘loonies’ usually end up dead in these psy ops because the directors of the productions don’t want the public scrutinizing them too much.

    HW thinks that Loeghner (sp?) was a paranoid schizophrenic who acted on his delusions or voices or whatever. The problem with that is, only a small minority of actual schizophrenics are the paranoid type, and of them, only a minority are violent even when they’re paranoid. The vast majority of schizophrenics aren’t violent; this was established fact for decades until right around 2012 when the Psy Op State (Obama’s second term) went into full installation mode.

    I haven’t studied Arizona much so I can’t speak knowledgeably about the case, but I can about tons of the others. They are mostly faked. Some might involve a black op as part of a psy op, but most are wholly faked by the governmedia. The goal is to create personae that don’t exist in real life – profiles of people whose violence results from the orchestrators’ conflation of psychosis (manic depression or schizophrenic) with concrete political ideologies (or concrete anything) and mostly, with violence.

    Psychosis from these two diseases (and it is extremely rare for people without them to experience real psychosis other than from sleep deprivation or maybe sudden cessation of SSRI’s, etc.) is almost inherently non-violent, due the nature of psychosis’ self referential-ness. To develop aggressive feelings and thoughts towards other people one would need to actually grasp and care that other people exist. Psychosis is defined by material (concrete) delusions and hearing voices, almost exclusively in these two diseases (and in general). The very nature of psychosis’ fixation on unreal things precludes it from featuring actual violence, by and large. Hollywood uses ‘the mentally ill’ to create horror stories because in real life, almost no one runs back into that haunted/chainsaw murderer-occupied house when they could run away. People innately avoid ‘horror,’ so filmmakers have to use the supernatural elements to sustain the plot. They distort what sufferers of real mental illness (psychosis) are like for artistic purposes.

    A manic depressive’s psychotic delusion would have them believing their god, Thomas Edison, etc. (literally). ‘Mania’ is elation, not any other emotion like anger, anxiety, etc., so anger doesn’t even factor into the equation. A schizophrenic is more apt to hear voices somehow, or have a systemic, chronic material delusion (one that isn’t physically possible) like thinking they’re the anti-christ or a prophet.

    If these incidents didn’t wind up with the perp being dead, it would be harder to portray them with some mindset that doesn’t exist. Psychiatry is a pseudo science that likes to hide behind its ‘scientific authority’ veneer. It purports to diagnose biological disease without one iota of biology, either in the definition of the disease or in the diagnosing of it. Supposed ‘mentally ill’ live suspects/convicts would make it harder to promote this false conflation of mindsets. Some people would become skeptical, or educate others about the inconsistencies.

    It’s all about replacing our Bill of Rights with a Stasi State. Traumatize the populace with faked events featuring ‘mentally ill’ crazed gunmen/terrorists so that the people give up their rights.

    Rahm Emanuel said ‘Never waste a crisis.’ But Big Jew has managed to gain enough power they are simply creating them.

  19. Concretely, the sum of these mini-productions will result in massive changes in the laws regarding committals and in how the criminal justice system works. These legal changes will also impact gun rights and where public money goes, which will be increasingly into building the infrastructure and apparatus of the Stasi State instead of into real medical care and criminal justice reform and maintenance.

    Besides massive internments of the poor, homeless, and drug addicted (and possibly massive murdering), Tim Murphy’s 21st Century Cures Act will also establish drug courts all over the US, which will sidestep due process with protocols for mandated ‘treatment.’

  20. @Sam J.

    “”…..How exactly are you going to convince us were aren’t right about them?….”””

    With real life examples. Mighty USA is multiculted in the same time when much weaker white coutries sucessfully fight back. And they are sucessful because they identified real enemy, white liberal.

    Jew seems mighty but actually he is pretty fragile parasite and jew can`t exist without “white ally”. When You bully “white ally” out of country or into silence, jew feel great discomfort and will leave. It works like this.

    Weakest part of Eastern Europe are Baltic states. They are small and squashed between EU, Russia and US. Then somehow they getting rid from their jews and keeping their countries white.

    Historical Estonian Jewish population
    1989 4,653 ?6.8%
    2004 2,003 ?57.0%
    2012 1,738 ?13.2%
    Historical Latvian Jewish population
    1989 22,925 ?19.1%
    2002 9,600 ?58.1%
    2011 6,454 ?32.8%
    Historical Lithuanian Jewish population
    1989 12,398 ?15.7%
    2002 3,700 ?70.2%
    2011 3,050 ?17.6%

    All the rest of Eastern Europe follows the same pattern. Remove white liberal and your neighborhood will be hostile groud for all parasites. When You leave white liberal, then all parasites fight back sucessfully like they did in the Ukraine where they suceeded launch war and jewish oligarhy runs amok.

    Bully white liberal to run and after that jewsniggersmoslems will run by themself…:D

  21. I didn’t disagree that much with what this guy said about Trump or the Party of Lincoln, I would disagree that shooting one of these political hacks is a good thing, or will change anything in the end. The Democrats aren’t any better, they are better about the economy and the poor, but then the terrible nigger lover ism is there, and the fairies, and the wetbacks, and the ragheads.

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