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  1. Simply ask: Are you pro-White or pro-White Genocide? If they aren’t forthcoming, skirt around the question or start calling you “racist” you know it’s the latter.

  2. More of the Same: Genocide is too much associated with outright massacres and mass-killing in the public perception, it is beside the point if it fits the UN definition of it.

    White replacement or White Replacement is defacto genocide are better.

  3. Lulz, White Genocide gets people’s attention. It’s already gone viral. “Replacement” is respectable, benign and inaccurate. The 1948 UN Genocide Treaty doesn’t talk about replacement or “social constructs” either.

  4. Tell these cucks that the foreign invaders will put far leftists in power and those leftists will rape the first and second amendments to death. Tell them that in fact mass invasion nullifies their right to vote, makes the whole charade irrelevant since the other side will simply import how ever many warm bodies it takes for them to win.

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