Farstar Returns – Parroting the TV – “the Russians are Behind Everything”

Breaking the Zio TV Addiction

I have been very honored to work with the brilliant comic artist Farstar. He produces and publishes his political work in British places like Australia, South Africa, Canada and not so Merry Old England. Here in the USA, I’ve collaborated with Farstar to produce graphic art propaganda against the MS Federal Hate Crime Act and anti White, political correctness on American college campuses.

This week Farstar and I have turned our attention to the seemingly insane “American” media elite/Lib Dem elite/Cuckservative elites’ obsessions with the THE RUSSIANS. The Russians supposedly stole the Presidential election from Hillary. There supposedly is a Russian spy behind every bush and President Trump and Trump administration officials are “in bed will the Russians” (I wish I was in bed with some of those beautiful Russian tennis players).

Here’s Farstar’s and my take on all the repetitious talk, talk, talk about THE RUSSIANS – it’s just Left Dems and Cuckservatives and American goyim parroting the controlled media, lying press.

Most Americans have a full time anti Southern, anti White liar camped out in their living rooms and dens. This liar is called American Television. We chose Maury Povitch’s “Maury” as the worst representative of this degenerate TV force – do our OD readers have other suggestions of the current worst TV show?


  1. Trump and the Republicans are finally decided to go on the offensive. Republicans are calling for a special counsel to investigate former AG Lynch for obstruction of justice. Why have the republicans waited so long to counter attack Clinton/Obama political operatives?

  2. Thanks Junius – please pass this around your social networks and promote our truth with humor.

    These were my ideas and the best ever artist Farstar brought them to life with his unique mind and hand.

  3. Wow. Almost as good as the old comics GLR did.You can still find them on the internet if you google it. I think Jerry Springer is worse than Maury and is emblematic of what America has become- or is soon to become.

  4. Does this farstar guy have a site somewhere? I cant find any other comics than the two on this site.

  5. @Jim: That’s great news! Maybe the Trump Justice Department wanted to build an airtight case against that incompetent, White-hating she-coon first before making any announcements?

  6. Ethnostatist – thanks.

    Kinda of a tough call there between who is worse Maury P or Jerry Springer. We went with Maury because his degenerate show is now hot, current where as Jerry Springer’s show was in the past.

    We can’t live and think in the past. Great stuff good and bad are happening in the here now.

    A huge problem with our people falling for “The Russians are the #1 enemy” is that they are thinking in the past, stuck in Reagan’s 1980s.

  7. Legge

    Yes Farstar has some web sites featuring his political art, also commercial art.

    Please bookmark the Farstar work we’ve published here on OD. These are all collaborative work that I did with Farstar



    Here’s Farstar’s best political, race realist comics


    Here are some of his cartoons on MMA and others


  8. I think The View is the worst. But picking who is the most obnoxious on television ain’t easy.

  9. @Jack, those comics are hilarious!
    It would be good if O/D had some comic relief on a regular basis where we could laugh at the hypocrisy and stupidity of the Cucktards, Leftards, Jews and the third world hordes they’re forever defending.
    I don’t think its a topic that should be totally devoid of humor.
    I’m always, for example, giggling at Lana Lokteff in total agreement when she often states the bleedin obvious…..to all but the Left! Humor helps us to cope with the stress and bad news we’re forever confronted with.

  10. Very much agreed John

    Humor is a tremendous weapon

    But we have to find a way to get our audience to pay something for the humor product

    Our movement is notorious for wanting free entertainment

  11. @Jack,
    You’re correct. Humor is a powerful tool for getting a message across, being quick and effective. People relate to, and understand it.
    A pity our side don’t really want to invest in it.
    The Left have absolutely no humor whatsoever, being about as funny as a funeral service. I’d like to believe we’re above that.
    Keep up the work, and enjoy your weekend.

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