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  1. As I was looking at the schedule for next week’s conference I noticed you omitted the hog-calling contest, the cross-lighting, the ceremonial Hanging of the Coons and the Miss Daisy Duke pageant. May I ask why?

  2. Hunter, I know you might not like what I’m about to say, but I’m going to say it. I guess rallies are for the younger whites, but they’re not for me. But as evidenced by the Scalise (funny Scalia name similar to the Supreme Court Judge who died) shooting, they are coming for us. That means anyone who is white.

    Funny how these whacked out creeps never do this at a Jewish synagogue or a muslim place of worship huh?

    Watch the video of the shooting before YT takes it off.


    I’m spending time on the range and in the garden. At a rally y’all are sitting ducks for sick leftists like the one who shot at Scalise. I’d consider some type of body armor so that if you were shot, you’d have a good chance of surviving.

    Mark Koerkne states on his Facebook page the dire warning of this man who shot Scalise. I used to think he was fear mongering but he’s right.

    Please keep your eyes peeled at all times. You and the rest of the young white men who are going to show up at these rallies.

  3. Unfortunately it is only through persecution that white nationalism will grow. Before the British arrived Dutch descended white South Africans (Afrikaners) were not a united people. After British oppression and the Boer Wars they were!

  4. by and by I’ll be joining the White exodus from Jew-controlled Mexifornia; looked at real estate/prices in and around Amarillo. Nice. Then I checked out the ethnic composition of Amarillo: 50% Mex, 15% White, 15% Black, the rest mystery meat…latter mostly Whites being bred out by spics and niggers. Texas, like Mexifornia, is a White minority state, and the situation will only worsen pending Ra-Ho-Wa.

  5. Haxo, is Mexas or Texico the names they should consider? More fitting names I’d think.
    I’ve been to Paristan and Pakibritistan in Eurabia.

  6. Hesiod and MacTire – Der juden? Give me a break. My DNA is 99% British Isles. So don’t be spreading lies you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s not about being demoralized, it’s being smart.

    I want our men to live, not die or get the shit beat out of them at rallies.

    If white men and women want to attend rallies, meet and greet others fine. But GD it, wearing protection and keeping tight security is not about hiding, it’s about being smart.

    I’d prefer young men in specialized training and living in areas where they have the same color of kith and kin. How is that being a coward? Is it better to get beaten, tazed, and bloodied? What about the WN’s who don’t have health insurance? One visit to the ER could cost thousands of dollars. The muds get their bill wiped clean, whites get their checks garnished to pay for the ER. I know this as I’ve had to set up these garnishment for medical bills when I worked in HR/Payroll.

    If Rallies worked, we would have had this country back in the 60’s. I remember the Civil Rights marches, etc. Our men and women were beaten by our own people to defend the niggers. Google Kathy Ainsworth who’s buried in Magee Mississippi. She was pregnant and murdered by the FEDS.

    Once again, I’d prefer it if young white couples gamed the system and got all the free shit they could. On top of that buying up tax sales and gaining control of the area by owning all the real estate. If that makes me a coward, so be it.

  7. “””….Our men and women were beaten by our own people….”””

    Yep. And it will be so until western patriots refuse to recognize enemy within….communist. Known also as liberal,, leftist, snowflakes, progressives or whatever beatiful name this genetical mutation currentlly preferres.

    We call those people communists and this madness is guilty for absolutely every disaster throughout history. How many jews on niggers were involved to Salem racisthunt ? Or medieval racisthunt in Europe.

    BTW , they fear exposure more than jews. Thatswhy they keep saiyng ” we, we we ” They are exactly like jews. You can say whatever you like about jews and they don`t care until you say jew. Communists also don`t care until you say communist and explane that mr. Scalise is victim of communism and in the same line with medieval witches, French revolution, Soviet revolution and every horror in white history.

    Smoke them out. Communist is not “we”

  8. @ Debbie Johnson

    It is very good advice. It’s dangerous out there and people should recognize the threat and plan accordingly. Ignoring sound advice and losing an eye or a kidney is pure stupidity. It has nothing to do with our intelligence or our capabilities. Our enemies are psychotic.

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