Margaret Jacobsen: I Am Uncomfortable With My Kids Making White Friends

Margaret E. Jacobsen has a new article for Romper explaining her discomfort with her mulatto children making White friends. Jacobsen wears a ring through her nose like a bull, describes herself as “non-binary” and “polyamorous” and refers to her postpartum depression as a “mental illness” that she “live[s] with” years after the fact. She politicizes her children and dates White cucks despite harboring open resentment towards Whites.

Jacobsen writes in her latest article about how interactions with White color-blind liberals in Portland, Oregon make her uncomfortable:

My children are black and white. They’re extremely proud of their race, but still, I get nervous when my kids make friends with white children. That’s not because I’m anti-white, or because I think that white children make terrible friends. It’s more that I get nervous about what these children are being taught in their homes by their white parents. I get nervous about the language used, statements like “We don’t see color!” or “We don’t even notice that your son/daughter are black!” Or even, “We don’t talk about race with our children. It’s too much for them right now.”

My children know who they are and where they came from. They have been raised to celebrate, acknowledge, and honor their heritage. The thought of sending them to play in a home where that would be questioned, challenged, or in some cases completely ignored, leaves me wanting to avoid playdates with most white families.

She goes to detail how she forces her Black power politics upon White liberal parents and then shuns them if they profess to be color-blind:

I’m a photographer and a writer,” I tell them. “I write about raising black children, being a black parent, and what it’s like to be black in America.” For me, this is a not-so-subtle way of saying, “Race is an extremely important part of our lives and our identities.”

The ideal answer is usually just a simple “That’s interesting! I’d love to read what you write,”  or even a simple, honest answer about not knowing much about race relations in our country. But sometimes, it’s something like, “Oh, we don’t see color in our home!” At that point, I make a mental note that we will not be making playdates with that family.

There are a number of take-aways from this article. One is the obvious mental instability of Jacobsen and her desire to check off every liberal victim status possible. Another is her open politicalization of her mulatto kids and the cucky White beta males she dates. Then too we have the unfortunate outcome of interracial mixing and the limbo in which it places children born of such mixing. Finally, the most interesting take-away for me is the contempt with which Black power activists hold White liberals. Despite (or perhaps in part due to) their enthusiastic virtue-signaling and claims of not seeing race, weak White liberals are loathed by Black activists like Jacobsen. As the Alt-Right frequently points out to White liberals and conservatives alike, cucking gets you nowhere. It is time we took our own side.

White beta male with no self-respect and mentally unstable Black female “non-binary” activist.
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  1. We should be calling such types *emotionally* unstable. When ‘mental’ gets substituted it plays into the jews’ handbook.

    Black people might feel like they’re encountering oppression, but that doesn’t make it true. Jews, blacks and liberals say the same thing about us.

    ‘Mental’ implies a thinking disorder = psychosis. Emotional issues and distortions are the province of human choice and character.

    It was the conflation of manic depression with non-psychotic emotional issues (political in etiology or not) which gave way to Pharma’s massive power. Suddenly every emotionally unhappy person was ‘bipolar’ and needed medication to treat a supposed organic or genetic ‘disease.’

    This black woman is spoiled prima donna, ultimately. She chooses to delude herself and her delusions are the lowercase ‘d’ kind.

    I harp on this because it’s an important distinction. Where there’s psychosis, there’s no choice. Where there’s voluntary emotional distortions, it’s a matter of justice, not disease.

  2. “Unless white parents are doing the necessary work to dismantle racism, like having frank conversations about race with their own children, addressing their own racial biases, and talking about the realities of white privilege, my children will not be having playdates with those families. I will not go out of my way to educate white parents on how to treat my children with respect and dignity. They should already be doing that.”


    Unless white parents do a better job educating their children about the subordinate status they have in our society and teaching them to be more deferential to my children they will not be playing with my children.

  3. When will we read of someone having committed suicide, they having left behind a letter that, ‘I could no longer take the overwhelming guilt and shame of being White, any longer’ …

  4. That site does not offer an opportunity to comment. FYI – the hideous mongrel children look like kikes. Especially the small female orc.

  5. Cue Rachel Dolezal.

    Why would a white man put up with this tyrant?

    X’er’s might remember The Jeffersons (70’s sitcom), where the white guy married to the black woman would get picked on by Mr. Jefferson, the black protagonist. But the black wife would defend her husband.

    The jews planned this. They softened us to integration and now we see the true agenda. I’m not exonerating the author, just reminding everyone the jews engineered things.

  6. As a white father, I’m not obligated to lecture my children about how ‘wonderful’ and ‘equal’ blacks are , or about anything else about them. I wouldn’t want her or her children in my house anyway. She’s an unstable, racist degenerate who hates whites, but would never dream of moving to a nation thats black only. I have no time for these people.
    White husband, mulatto kids, but doesn’t like her kids having white friends? A truly confused and conflicted specimen.

  7. We’ve always had weirdos who were completely obsessed with their own race or gender. The difference now is that the media gives credence to these nuts. Imagine if white folks did this: The White Album would be about being completely white, for example. Self-obsession to this point, I think, is a form of derangement and self-aggrandizement. It’s not a matter of being “color-blind.” Most people don’t care about you that much. Try actually accomplishing something and they might.

  8. @Denise: Madam, the name (((Jacobsen))) echoes, does it not? I suspect that uppity sheboon’s picaninnies are not “half white” at all, they are MISCHLINGE.

  9. I’ve spend over five decades on this earth and I’ve seen a lot and experienced a lot in the multi-culti paradise. But, I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that that bearded shell of a ‘man’ beaming at this Jacobson creature is real (“she’s quite a catch fella. You should consider yourself very lucky indeed”). Please tell me it’s photo-shopped. I’ll sleep better. Fewer multi-culti nightmares…

  10. As the late Bob Grant used to say on the radio, “It’s sick out there and getting sicker.”

  11. If there are no Blacks around, then no action or thought toward a resolution of this type is necessary. A functioning Republic needs certain elements. One is capital punishment. The other is to be able to expel and revoke the citizenship of those who cross certain lines. Black-White miscegenation should result in deportation and revocation of citizenship.

    Very little of contemporary Christianity is of use for a White Ethno-State, the exception being the Eastern Orthodox Churches and independent, individual Protestant Churches of the type that James Edwards writes about related to his youthful influences. Our White Ethno-State should be open to Eastern religions, e.g., Buddhism, Confuslanism, Hinduism, etc.

  12. @Billy Ray…

    ‘Jacobson or Jacobsen is a (((KOSHER))) Surname.’

    I agree, Sir, with the first surname, but, in the case of the second, that would be Scandinavian of origin.

  13. @ Poupon Marx

    No, he meant schvartze.

    I spoke some yid a bit, did time in Little Israel aka northeast NJ.

    Schnorring meshugenner.

    @ whoever

    I was so bored and grossed out half the time around the jews that besides picking up bits and pieces of their disgusting lingo, I read some of their dictionaries.

    Yiddish is a hybrid patois of german, hebrew and I guess some slavic. Schvartze is exactly the word for black, and is derogatory, as is shiksa which means ‘dirty and unclean.’ It’s their pejorative for native european female.

  14. Everyday I LOATHE blacks more & more. When I grew up in the 70’s & 80’s I never thought twice about these primitive pathetic petulant perpetual victims but now my disdain for them is visceral. I know there’s a few decent ones out there. Thomas Sowell, Ben Carson or Pastor David Manning but the rest can go straight to hell

  15. Never fear as a conservative intellectual I will reason with her using my super powers of essay.

    Or taunt her to double down into a complete hysterical meltdown.

  16. “They’re extremely proud of their race”

    They’re members of no race. Such people often end up resenting anyone, of any race, who isn’t obviously mixed. But especially their parents, who condemned them to ambiguity.

  17. Interesting post about a Negress who won’t allow her children to associate with WHITE children for racial reasons.

    According to MLK’s “autobiography”, a biolgraphy written by hireling Clayborn Carson, one of the two most traumatic events of his childhood occurred when he was six years’ old and a White parent refused to allow his WHITE son to play with MLK. This was traumatic for himl.

    MLK never complained about being stalked, assaulted, beaten and robbed by white people. He says they always treated him well…which is why the purpose of the Civil Rights Movement was not to allow blacks to escapte WHITE people but to attach themselves to WHITE people as closely as possible.

    Blacks are irrelevant to WHITES. We need WHITE EMANCIPATION.

  18. Too bad all blacks don’t feel this way. Segregation would still be the law of the land. Yes!

  19. @juniusdaniel1828

    Whenever I was told to be ashamed of myself, I always questioned it. In Who’s eyes am I to be ashamed? Only people I care about and who matter.

  20. @hynzerelli

    “I grew up in the 70’s & 80’s”

    So did I. My parents warned me about negroes. The behaviour negroes at school informed me, daily, that my parents, teachers and other adults were right.

  21. And I don’t want my kids playing or associating with non whites. So I’ll write an article about it and we’ll see the accolades and understanding pour in! Right? Oh wait I’m white so I’m supposed to shove my innocent little white children into “diversity” and tell them to celebrate it! Yeah I celebrated it every day when I was a kid, being called white bitch and gang stalked and harassed and especially sexual assault attempts! What a great childhood that was. Eff this hideous she boon. But I hope she continues to tell her kids this. Keep them away from innocent whites that have stupid parents and hopefully prevent their victimization.

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