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  1. Stamping out “Islamophobia” means stamping out White Britons, rotten traitorous bitch. Muslim terrorism, the new normal. Whites retaliating, zero tolerance.

  2. So it’s the end of any free net speech (what other media platform grants it?) but not martial law?

    The two things go together.

    This is why I doubt everything. It’s as if no one read 1984, or lived directly under jewish rule.

  3. If she stomped out Islam first, I think the “phobia” would take care of itself. Just a thought…

  4. How are people planning to maintain this and other sites when the jew ban hammer falls in full, which should be soon? The process is already under way…

    Whites should be organizing privately and locally, if anyone doesn’t know that.

  5. Apparently Osborne lived next to a Paki in Cardiff. Can’t think what might have triggered his Islamophobia.

  6. The way Conservatism works is they debate the left for a few years over some radical, insane policy. Then when the left decides that the time is up, they give the signal that the discussion is over and those Respectable Conservatives that want to keep their lucrative careers as paid talking heads, do a 180 degree turn and become ratifiers and enforcers of that insane policy.

    Lets not forget when the Trumpanzees got control of the White House Petition website, the first thing they did was ban discussion of White Genocide there.

    Respectable Conservatives.

  7. get rid of the Muzzies

    It is hard to do what is necessary to protect the West. Human rights, democracy and tolerance for all people is a religion in the West.

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