Good News! Central European Nations Unite Against Migrant Invasions

It’s easy to get burnt out on negativity, bad news. It’s easy to give in to doom and despair. And there certainly is a lot of negative news in places like not so Merry Old England, Western Europe led by that childless, dying old hag woman chancellor of Germany or the pro Muslim, Liberation Theology CINO (Catholic in Name Only) Pope Francis.

But, the good news is that Central and Eastern Europe is looking and sounding great – never better!

“Defense officials of six Central European countries and the Balkans have pledged close cooperation in tackling migration with all possible means including use of armed forces. The countries — Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia — have created a grouping called the Central European Defense Cooperation and want to be a role model for the entire European Union.”

My experience has been that Central and Eastern Europeans have always been sensible about issues of race, Islam and also Jews – much better than Western Europeans or Brits or Swedes or us “Amurikuns”.

My great Aunt Sonia was born and raised in Czarist Russia. She lived in Paris France from the 1930s – 2000. She lived through the German occupation of Paris and had good things to say about that time – German officers gave up their seats on the subway. Even 1t the age of 93, she was smoking a cigarette and having a whiskey and discussing with me about the Muslim threat to turn Notre Dame in to an Islamic Mosque!

So my advice to Southern Americans and other European Americans is to stop looking to Merry Old England for culture and military “special alliances” etc. Even Germany and Italy seem #*$&#*. No instead look to our European kinsmen in Central and Eastern Europe – the Soviet take over there seemed really bad at the time, but now it seems like it was actually good in the long run. The Soviet Socialist take over of Central and Eastern Europe protected these great Europeans from the corruptions of Liberalism and Libertarianism, feminism, LGBT, PC – “The American disease”.


  1. With the shocking month Britain has just endured, along with the thwarted attack in Paris, its obvious their useless, spineless elites will never do a bloody thing to rectify or reverse matters. ‘Not all Muslims’ no longer cuts it.
    Its becoming a certainty that the people will need to step up and launch a civil war and get the matter settled……permanently.
    The traitors masquerading as our leaders and defenders got us into this mess, but won’t get us out of it. In fact, they’re they must go up on treason charges. They’ve truly endangered our people and culture, yet they were elected to defend us. What else can I say? I’m discusted.

  2. The Hungarians, Pollacks, Romanians and Bulgarians have had the thankless job of protecting the rest of Europe from Saracens and Mongols for centuries. Western Europeans remain traumatized by the Great War and are therefore useless in the fight against international jewry and Mohammedanism.

  3. Jack, I enjoyed getting this report and hearing about your Aunt Sonja.

    I would like to thank the Nation of Poland, at this time, for having had the courage to resist in such a brusque and visible way as these other countries have felt it possible to contemplate banding together in this way.

    The Poles were deeply frustrated and humiliated by being subject to the twin tyrannies of Nazi Germany, and then, Soviet Russia; and, this time, they were not, are not, going to let it happen.

    My hopes are that Northwestern Europe, sick beyond measure with the Judeo-Bolshevist virus, will become increasingly estranged from Central and Eastern Europe, until they take stock of themselves and withdraw from the brain fever.

  4. Aren’t those nations basically the old Austro-Hungarian empire? They should free themselves from the sodom death-cult EUSSR and create a Germany 1930’s NS economic system and save Western civilization.

  5. This is wonderful news, & I’m particularly happy to see that Croatia is one of the countries involved.

  6. john- the “elites” of the UK are not spineless. They are ruthless, relentless, merciless JEWS. They are using the Dune Coons AGAINST the White population. It’s 110% deliberate. Kid yourself not.

  7. The Muslim hordes had always been stopped at the gates of Vienna. Pray God these nations don’t lose their nerve and capitulate to EU blackmail which is sure to come.

  8. Western Europe, UK and Ireland have always been useless eaters, they never lifted a finger, historically, to thwart the Muzzies or the Americunts. Only Central and Eastern Europe have saved the West, time and again – but sadly their defeat after WWII enabled the American Disease to spread like a cancer through Central Europe.

  9. @Junius Daniel: Poland did not exist as an independent nation from 1795 to 1918, because it was divided up between Russia and Prussia. Would that it had remained so!

  10. ‘There were “NO tyrannies of Nazi Germany”. Tsk tsk – the DNA imperatives always surface, don’t they?’


    I’m sorry, Miss Denise, but, that is the report of the vast majority of completely non-Jewish Poles, Dutch, Danish, French, Czechs, Flemish, and even some Germans I have known, from the era.

    Not all, mind you, as I have had a few Germans friends who dissented from that view, though, that was not how most, in Europe felt.

    As to my blood, most Southerners feel this way about all governments that are of a totalitarian stripe – so, if it is my Jewish DNA, then, too, it is also my Gentile DNA.

    My Anglo-Saxe Freewill Baptist Granny (descended of Richardson and Moxley clans) was ashamed of her German blood, because of this, to the day she died.

    Have a nice afternoon!

  11. @Spahn…

    ‘@Junius Daniel: Poland did not exist as an independent nation from 1795 to 1918, because it was divided up between Russia and Prussia. Would that it had remained so!’

    Sir, I thank you for your view, though, I don’t share it. I have been blesst by some very good Polish friends, and I admire their culture.

    Good thing it is there, too, as, unlike Germans and Russians, they have never once bought into the Judeo-Bolshevist bug.

  12. “Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia — have created a grouping called the Central European Defense Cooperation and want to be a role model for the entire European Union.”

    Austro-Hungarian Empire in all but name.

  13. @Denise

    “””….Well done Slavs! PURGE THE JEW!!! Every last one!….””

    We do. You can check Yourself jewish population drop all over East Europe from Estonia down south to the Macedonia. But You must understand HOW to do it.

    Most important is getting rid from white liberal. Only after that friendly territory becomes hostile territory and the parasites will leave.

    You will never get rid from jewniggermuslim until there is a “white ally ” defending them. It`s like a Gulf War. First take down radars and rockets, then You have air supremacy. With jewsniggersmuslims is the same story. Remove white liberal and the jewsniggersmuslims will be as much blind and helpless as Iraq air force in the Gulf War and they will run away themself.

    White liberals first and the rest of the folk will run away themself. We do it and it works.

  14. I cannot have an opinion about all Slavs, but Poles definitely haven’t “purged the Jews”, as Jews are to be found on all of Poland’s top positions, even within the Catholic church (archbishop Gadecki aka Hartman, to mention one, the leader of the party that is now in power, PiS, to mention another. His secretary has declared that the family name was changed – from Kalkstein to Kaczynski – because Mr Kaczynskis parents wanted to protect the family from Polish hatred for Germans. All of Poland’s presidents were married to a Jewish, so were even the leaders of the communist party. The present President Andrzej Duda is married to one, of course. The father of Poland’s present First Lady, Agata Kornhauser Duda, has distinguished himself by creating poetry where he depicted Polish boors as antisemites who took a great pleasure in killing Jews.

    Born and bred in Poland, where ethnic Poles nowadays thanks to the Internet finally are able to “spread anti-semitic propaganda”, I simply no longer cannot swallow the lie about the German aristocrate background of the Kalksteins, neither can I join the prevailing delusion that all the cryptos who pose as greater patriots than the truly ethnic Poles would set the interests of the Polish nation first. I’m now old enough to comprehend that one’s loyalty doesn’t change just because your parents changed the family name, for tactical reasons. Officially, Poland has close to no Jews (4000-5000 at most), as those who were not gassed had to flee the Polish anti-semitism. Strange enough, the main number of Jewish organisations in Poland is bigger. Not to mention that the ban on ritual slaughter was lifted by the “nationalconservative” powers. What confuses most people, even in Poland, is that the pretenders that have equipped themselves in far too big Polish shoes actually are against immigration from MENA. Has this anti-Muslim rhetoric much to do with a true concern over Poland’s well-being? No, but they might have concerns with regard to Poland’s well-being as their colony.

    Finally, as I have a (((crypto))) who recently “came out of the closet” as my sister- in law, I can assure you that I do not judge the Jews by their appearance or other strictly personal traits, only by where their loyalty is. Alas, exceptions from the ethnocentric kind are rare. It has for a long time been impossible to figure out who is who in Poland, as the Holocaust could not have become the true “gospel” if people knew that most of the Jews actually have survived. My own father has lost a brother in Katyn and a cousin of his persihed somewhere in Siberia, but we do not harp on it our family, as we now know that nothing was as we have been duped into believing.

  15. Crypto jew is great danger but without white liberal they are pretty impotent. Spark always need gunpowder barrel and when there is no gunpowder barrel known also white liberal, there will be just spark and nothing more.

    Actually it`s good to have some crypto jews, it`keep people aware. It works like vaccine. In my country sometimes some jew comes out and all net comments name THE JEW. So that younger folk will be aware, that THE JEW is not monster from the past like draggons but they are still on planet Earth.

    But it still comes down to white liberal. I don`t have PhD in the physic so I don`t know from where spark may come in my house. But I can see yuugge gunpowder barrel in the living room and after I roll it out from my house, I don`t need to worry about sparks anymore.

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