Our TV Addicted People

I’ve spent a lot of time here opposing the cult of race denying Libertarian Constitutionalists – specifically the never ending Ron Paul and Rand Paul Presidential crusades that never win anything. These Libertarian Constitutionalist crusades are a huge waste of time and $ money because:

A) They never win anything
B) The whole thing is a John Lennon “Imagine” type fantasy world where there are no racial and tribal power contests and everyone is supposed to be able to do their own thing in an imaginary world that can never exist.

We in the Alt Right, Southern Nationalists, Identitarian movements are dealing with reality – often with rather rough, brutal realities like something out of the “Walking Dead” or worse Baltimore or Somalia.

One depressing reality is that most of our people are not that bright and not very fit – they still get all their news, information and entertainment from “American” (yeah right) television. I commissioned this cartoon from Farstar:

We should study the propaganda techniques of “the powers that be” who control television. How do they influence our people through television? Most of the time they supply celebrity worshipping and vicious personal smears against us. They put out the line that regular people can be like and with these rich, loved celebrities if they embrace anti White, anti Southern social justice warrior causes. The powers that be will also offer some fake cuckservative alternative to the PC Leftist lies – someone like George Will, or some Jewish Neo Conservative like Charles Krauthammer. These types will wave the flag and shout that “We need a strong military” to defeat terrorism or take down some leader who is anointed “The Next Hitler”. The propaganda is very short, simple – good guy, bad guy – and this basically works because most of our regular people can not grasp complex things – it’s a football game with Blacks smashing each other and half naked White gals on the sideline.

Ted Turner turned over his TV empire to Gerald Levin’s Time Warner Communication. Rupert Murdoch’s Jewish Children are apparently turning Fox News in to another CNN – so we’re basically shut out of “American” television.

So what do we do?

I recommend taking our people as they are and working for practical victories or just improvement. Our people will block vote in Presidential elections or in the South in most state and local elections – except for things like County Board chairmen – offices that regular people can’t understand.

Let’s try to get our people to watch less television.

Or get them to watch better television – substitute rugby and ice hockey for SEC and NFL football. College baseball and major league baseball are good sports and increasingly White sports.

I love the American South. But, I sort of notice that too many Southerners are overweight or yeah, kind of fat. I also notice that Southern towns and cities don’t have good mass transit – MARTA ridership is > 70% Black AA. White Southerners drive everywhere – lots of Southern towns don’t even have sidewalks. I had to walk in the automobile street at James Edwards event outside of Memphis.

Let’s try to get our people to walk more – doing realistic sports like tennis, ultimate frisbee or soccer.

Our propaganda, which isn’t going to be scripted TV needs be short and simple – appeal to the common working man. We need to frame our message in

“Good guys vs Bad guys”. That’s why I like to make alien, racially ugly Islamic terrorists the #1 propaganda enemy – our people can see how ugly, alien and bad these Islamic terrorists look. The Jewish, Zionist, Neo Conservative enemies are much harder to explain to regular Southerners, regular White folks. So, most of the time it’s best to avoid this subject or use covers like “Liberals”, “Hollywood and New York interests”.

So, let’s be optimistic, but realistic. Yeah, too many of “our people” are out of shape and watch too much bad television. We can do better.


  1. From what I’ve seen Americans are watching less TV (except for streaming services like Netflix and Amazon) and spending more time playing online video games or texting on their smartphones. I myself haven’t watched more than a few hours of the jewtube over the past several years. It’s just plain un-watchable. Similarly, radio stations are losing their audiences – and rightfully so.

    Hopefully, the jew / shitlib run social media sites will also lose their popularity, as the public gets tired of all their restrictions, data mining and censorship. I’d love to see the day King Kike is no longer able to wield any influence over the goyim. Perhaps that day is not far off.

  2. Why do you guys bash Ron Paul when you don’t even have a political party on the ballot. You got desperate and latched onto jew loving Donald Trump. Trump now rejects and laughs at you, now that he got it. He played you like a fiddle and you still don’t have the balls to admit it.

  3. I want to at least turn you guys onto this. The Constitution Party is mostly older whites. They discuss the JQ to a limited extent. Here is a video of Chuck Baldwin defending southern rights. It came out a month ago. This party promises so much more than Trump and the jew owned two party system.

  4. Ps_mike asks:

    “Why do you guys bash Ron Paul”

    I respond :

    Because he promotes a race denying cult – it s a cult that doesn t defend our right to even exist He s indifferent to our people being replaced.

    Also whenever the worst Paki Algerian Islamists rape our girls or slaughter our people he takes their side or denies we re even in conflict .

    Plus he s boring and doesn t have a set of balls .

    Plus this Libertarian cult always loses in Presidential politics.

    I agree President Trump is going back on key foreign policy issues. But his campaign issues were good and he won.

    What s wrong with winning?

    It s like better than losing.

  5. I am aware of and agree with you guys on Paul’s limitations. But you didn’t win with Trump. He spoke the words you wanted to hear. He doesn’t even like you guys. He is an honorary jew. You have to latch onto mainstream candidates because you cannot produce your own. You will be played over and over again until you truly have a political party in YOUR control. At least Paul would have ended jew dominated finance and their pathetic wars. He was soft on terrorism because he accurately points out that we are the ones meddling in others’ affairs. But yes, he is boring and his career is over. I’ve never liked Rand, and I moved on from libertarianism to the alt right specifically over the JQ and open borders some years ago. With jews you lose, and you guys apparently like jews in your nationalist movement. It’s gotten so ridiculous that I now consider anti semitism and WN two different movements. I’m an anti semite and I don’t waver.

  6. Ps_mike writes:

    “At least Paul would have ended jew dominated finance and their pathetic wars.”

    I respond:

    And there is some homeless guy on my street who also has sensible views on unnecessary wars and sound money. But he s a homeless guy not any type of contender to be elected President if the United States

    Ron Paul is the same

    Not a contender to be elected President of the United States

    You look like an idiot wasting all your time and $ money on Libertarians – it s sure fired losing every time.

    Why do you embrace losing?

    What s wrong with playing to win?

  7. @Jack Ryan. You are not very intelligent and now you are turning to slander. What I do not embrace is your stupid thoughts on Ron Paul. He is irrelevant now and many current WN are former libertarians, as you seem incapable of understanding. So real good job of building up comraderie here by insulting others for no good reason based upon their past libertarian past.

    It’s June now. Jew Trump just shot down a Syrian plane, and he’s your guy. You can’t fix stupid.

  8. ps_mike

    “@Jack Ryan. You are not very intelligent”

    I respond:

    I m a member of MENSA – the high IQ society . I have a BA from Vanderbilt and an MBA from Stern New York University .

    I ve won every election I ve put my time and effort in.

    I play to win.

    Libertarian Constitutionalist are total losers

    Why do you embrace losing?

    How about supporting some real men with sets of balls ?


  9. the ballot box, like the TeeVee…is just another Jewbox. Each and every vote validates the (((system))). Once the JewPonziconomy collapses, the hardRight will win through organized violence. There is no other way. Prepare accordingly.

  10. TV has done more to corrupt America than just about anything else. Instilling false memories, promoting inaction and the cult of the spectator. I turned it off about 25 years ago.

  11. ps_mike
    June 20, 2017 at 9:48 pm

    “Why do you guys bash Ron Paul when you don’t even have a political party on the ballot. You got desperate and latched onto jew loving Donald Trump. Trump now rejects and laughs at you, now that he got it. He played you like a fiddle and you still don’t have the balls to admit it.”

    Ron Paul is a White anti-White and Trump is a White anti-White as well.

    With White anti-Whites you lose.

  12. If someone is a TV watcher, brace yourself for the stupid, ignorant opinions that will spill out of their mouth.

    TV is for the stupid people.

  13. Here in Aus, you’ve got the leftard ABC (atheist bias commies), funded by the taxpayer, plus a handful of commercial stations with shows like bold and the beautiful and masterchef plus a host of other ‘reality’ crap. Most TV is no longer watchable. With the ABC, your tax dollars are hard st work paying people to just constantly slag off our culture, race and history.
    These days, you can get better informed off a youtube clip.
    My TV now is mostly used for my old DVD collection – when I’m in the mood or to play some music through its speakers.
    I gave up on TV shows and news years ago.

  14. “. . .many current WN are former libertarians. . .”

    America was founded on WN AND liberty. The Naturalization Act of 1790 says the country is open to FREE WHITE PERSONS.

    The late Ralph Raico [libertarian] held a conference on open borders in 1998. The only one favoring open borders was (((Walter Block))). Open borders was inserted into libertarianism by (((thy usual susspects))). Most movements have been infiltrated by (((them))).

    Libertarianism means society should be voluntary, to the greatest extent possible. It is possible to form contractual gated communities based on racial exclusion. Even if government must be used, the trashy folks must be kept out one way or another.

    There is nothing in libertarian theory that says “open borders.” Liberty means free will and more free will, voluntary and more voluntary. This of course includes the right to free association- to fence off areas and keep non-Whites out.

    Linder is libertarian, as was the late John Birdman Bryant. Libertarian Hoppe [German] is pro European White.

    If one describes oneself as “former libertarian” it means that one no longer values one’s own free will. . .

    Open Borders: A Libertarian Reappraisal | Lew Rockwell https://tinyurl.com/y843ourv

    Libertarian Realist – Race Realism & Western Origins of Liberty – Hour https://tinyurl.com/ybrx8cne

    Libertarians often tends to place theory before facts- a grave error. Theory must bend to facts, not the other way around.

  15. I’ve never bothered to install pay TV. Why would I do it when I don’t watch the channels I’ve got?
    The commercial channels are just things like ‘Australias got talent’ with some Sudanese refugee singing a crappy love song, and is constantly interrupted by ads anyway, so you’ll flick over to the taxpayer funded ABC to be bombarded with leftard propaganda, forever promoting refugees, Aborigines, renewable energy and faggotry.
    The pay channels may well be better, but as I’m not a TV watcher generally, I can’t justify the financial outlay.
    Just get off your couch, get fit and get informed.

  16. @Jack Ryan.

    You sound like an idiot paraphrasing Trump. “Libertarian Constitutionalists don’t win anything.”

    “I recommend taking our people as they are and working for practical victories or just improvement. Our people will block vote in Presidential elections or in the South in most state and local elections”

    Yeah, so you will essentially vote for some republican. The republican party is jew owned, bud. So you will steer your people to vote for jewish control of America in elections. Oh my gosh, that sure sounds like winning to me.lol

    I’ve actually looked at the “third parties”. WN first had the American Freedom Party which I actually joined in 2015 when I discovered it. They ended up running Bob Whitaker, who never made it onto a ballot anywhere. They end up endorsing Trump. Great, create a new political party just so you can endorse the one you wanted to replace. Ok. Instead of joining and building the AFP, the two Matts, Heimbach and Parrot, decide to start the Tradworker Party. Never gained any ballot access whatsoever. They end up endorsing Trump. So again, you form another political party only to vote for the party you wanted to replace. Fuckin A’ brother, that’s just too much winning!

    Again, you didn’t “win” with Trump. Trump used you. He won the election because Hillary was that awful. So you voted along with the cuck boomers, proud boys, general republicans, and people who are rightfully afraid of Hillary Clinton.

    But the Jews won. Because they own both parties. Goldman Sachs and the jews are now in even greater control of our economy than before…and we are still gradually moving toward WW 3, because Assad must be removed to build that natural gas pipeline. These are things that would have happened had Hillary won.

    Go ahead and keep getting duped. Make yourself popular by disparaging supporters who have actually acquired much wisdom from the Ron Paul days that ENDED in 2012 and who want to build something new. Perhaps the most important lesson I learned is that change will not happen unless our two party system is upended.

  17. By mentioning antichrist ass John Lennon at the start of your article, you already have entered into a ‘Deep State’ propaganda realm, the likes of which not even many Alt-Rightists care to investigate.
    The rabbit hole is so deep, and on so many different levels, and on so many different subjects, one doesn’t even know where to start. How about here?


    “Imagine he’s still living,
    It’s easy if you try.
    Imagine deep state psy-ops
    talmudic scams and lies.

    Imagine all the people,
    living inside a Turner show?


  18. Jay-zus was recruited by the CIA while he was still an undergrad student at Yale. Bill Buckley was his “handler”.

  19. @PS-MIKE

    Libertarianism was a FAILURE everywhere it was tried. The US Republic thrived in the first ten years 1790-1800 largely because of the influence of Alexander Hamilton. Then the Illuminati member Thomas Jefferson institutes extreme Libertarianism. Our US Army is all but disbanded as is our Navy. We are left with local ill-trained militias. Jefferson gave us opern borders and if that wasnt enough Jefferson and his lackey James Madison then see fit to engage us on a war on behalf of the godless French with Great Britain, but our Libertarian system left us one of the weakest nations on earth. We couldn’t win to save our skins during the War of 1812, except for the Southern Army under Andy Jackson, we were toast. Finally after DC was burned and our government on the run, we reached out to Britain and agreed to some basic compensation and status antebellum for the war.

    The extreme Libertarianism of Thomas Jefferson continued to be the religion of the Democratic Party until Lincoln. While they did a few good things such as rid us of the Rothschilds in 1835, the US had no infrastructure that wasn’t built with foreign money. Thus the Rothschilds used our budding canal and railroad industry to bypass our lack of an international bank and corrupt Capitalism.

    The incident of Bleeding Kansas that began in 1854 shows the stupidity of Libertarianism. The US Army should have iMMEDIATELY been dispatched to stop the Yankee militias, but there was no army to speak of, just the fort skeleton crew at Fort Leavenworth. Three years later at the Dred Scott Case, there was no way for the Supreme Court to enforce it as under the 1787 Constitution Supreme Court Decisions didn’t apply to the states, thus states could choose to confirm or deny an opinion. Thus certain states continued to defy the Fugutive Slave Act of 1850. Had we had a standing army, we could have forced them to do so.

    The WAR FOR SOUTHERN INDEPENDENCE Failed because of Libertarianism. Jeff Davis had little power to tell the states what to do, thus Cyrus Vance and Joe Brown of Georgia could keep thousands of dollars worth of guns, ammo and uniforms/shoes to themselves for their own private armies while Lee’s men were barefoot and starved. Had Davis ruled as a dictator and each state been FORCED to do as he said for the duration of the war, the South wins.


  20. @billyrayjenkins,

    I read your first sentence, “Libertarianism was a FAILURE everywhere it was tried”. Then I stopped, because I think it’s best to treat you like an asshole, as you and others here have done to me. You and other assholes here don’t know how to argue points of logic in the context they are made. I am not debating libertarianism. I am debating you disparagement of what Ron Paul accomplished. He worked his ass off to end the fed and end foreign wars, and he made it pretty damn close by being his own man. You’ll NEVER get that with Trump, because it’s not even offered. So disparage Trump instead of Ron Paul, and have the guts to admit that you failed to see through his jewish lies. And learn how to read a post. A FORMER libertarian means that one no longer supports it, so why insult me and debate me as if I still do.

  21. @PS Mike

    ” You got desperate and latched onto jew loving Donald Trump. Trump now rejects and laughs at you, now that he got it. He played you like a fiddle and you still don’t have the balls to admit it.”

    For many people who voted for Trump, he served the purpose of defeating Hillary Clinton, and has served his purpose. Trump was used by many voters who understood that he was the only candidate who stood a realistic chance of beating Clinton. We also laugh at how ridiculous he is, as we search for an actual nationalist and populist to vote for. He was worth the risk, as there was nothing to lose if he won.

  22. @ps_mike: Billy Ray Jenkins, along with “Musonius Rufus” of Rebel Yell podcast fame, is a living American icon / legend. I love reading his informative, well-reasoned and well-written comments here. I daresay you would profit from reading them as well.

  23. @ps_mike

    I was merely explaining my reason that I never really supported RON PAUL although I did support his attacks on the FED, UN, ETC. I didn’t like his governmental philosophy

    I am not a Trump Supporter, I AM A NATIONAL SOCIALIST

  24. @Billy Ray….

    As you have roundly excoriated Libertarianism, and those who propound it, – employing, as per usual, your wonderful use of historical perspective and analysis, I have a question for you…

    If you are proposing Nationals Socialism, then you would behoove you to make the case why others ought support it, as, outside of social media, I know of known who do.

    Hence, just as you did with Libertarianism, I wish for you to show where National Socialism has been tried, and where it has, for more than a several year period, producet something that would be attractive to a Southerner, such as myself, or, really, any kind of Southron.

    As things stand, I am lacking this information.

    Thank you

  25. ‘Typo…

    ‘I know of none who do… (support National Socialism – outside of social media.)

  26. Ps_mike wrote:

    “He made it pretty damn close by being ….”

    I reply:

    He made it close close to what ? Close to zero percent?

    Ron Paul and now Rand Paul have been running for President every single year since 1988. Neither has ever one a single state primary .

    These Libertarian loons can t communicate with regular White people.

    Rom Paul took the 10th anniversary of the 9/11/01 Islamist slaughter of our people to argue we deserved it for stationing US military forces near Saudi holy cities. The New York City White crowd wanted to kill him.

    Life isn t complicated – it s really not.

    On St Patrick s Day march with the Irish

    On Columbus Day march with the Italians .

    On Lanor Day march with White iyrade union workers.

    On 9-11 honor the 300 Spartan White New York City Fireman matters on 9-11-01.

    Don t take the side of Soros and BlackliesMatter mobs threaten ending to murder White police officers .

    This seems rather basic to me but Libertarian loons can t seem to do basic things -they live in an alternative reality world .

    They belong in insane asylums
    Be gone! Don t try to spread your cult here.

  27. @General Junius Daniel: Spain, Argentina, Portugal, Brazil, Bolivia and Greece all had military dictatorships in the post WWII period that were something of a fascist/NS nature, as did Egypt under Nasser and Iraq under Saddam. And those countries did pretty well under such regimes. That’s why ZOG had to destroy them. They were too independent from Washington, Wall Street and the City of London, you see.

  28. Thank you, Spahn.

    In all these countries I have only one friend, and she is from Spain. She hates Franco, and her family, leftists, fought against him.

    She and I agree on classical music and painting, but, not at all on politicks or society, so, in effect, I really have no way of knowing what it was to live in these countries, under those leaderships.

    I’m sure that what you say about the unholy Trinity of Washington Rothschild, and London, would have attempted to strangulate them, however, if they dared to try to live outside the ‘sphere’.

    That much is consistent everywhere one peers.

    All the best to you!


    The South is a complex society that does not have a monodimensional system, but, is, in effect, a hybrid blend that evolved to a clear definition by A.D. 1750.

    We are, and have been for well over 3 centuries, an oligarchal, plantation caste society that is constructed around a core of Christianity, race, English heritage, and which is evincet with a heavy emphasis on property rights and a definition of community that is semi-statick, small town oriented, and or anti-centrist.

    Southerners are all at once practical, yet supersticious, welcoming yet suspicious, economick oriented yet wary of a monied emphasis.

    Southerners are not psychically disposed to either ‘democracy’, as advocated by today’s culture, nor to totalitarian systems, such as Judeo-Bolshevism or National Socialism.

    We struggle to fit into this country, because, in effect, we are our own peculiar country – as Miss Emily Rogers has recently stated, ‘a country within a country,’ yet, this derives from what I can only regard as a Southern trait – A greater comfort to manage and fill out another man’s structure, rather than create our own.

    We are, as a whole, rather sceptical of innovation, change, and any sort of endeavour which smacks of ‘getting above our station’.

    We like clear lines – this is your world, that is mine, this is right, that is wrong, Jesus Chryst rules over all.

  30. Ron Paul did a good job of bringing many issues out to the front against the lame stream media. It is true we go to foreign wars that bring us nothing but death and retaliation. I would guess 9/11 was facilitated since I find it hard to believe a bunch of Saudi Arabian camel jock learned to fly a plane into a building themselves and fooled no less than almost two dozen US intelligence agencies and another dozen foreign ones. It’s the most incredible story of the 21st century.

    You need give RP credit for wanting to abolish the anchor baby provision which even he said was a bad supreme court decision from decades ago. He also pointed out the monetary system is causing a lot of problems but most people are too stupid to read and investigate themselves.

    I do acknowledge way too many libertarians have some blind spots on race and culture. There is a reason why Mexico is Mexico and Africa is Africa along with the rest of those failed societies.

  31. Someone writes:

    “I do acknowledge way too many libertarians have some blind spots on race and culture. ”

    I respond:

    That’s the understatement of the new century!

    The Wall Street Journal used to editorialize every July 4th for complete open borders immigration to the United States “Thou Shalt have open borders” invited the entire population of the entire world including all of Pakistan, Somalia, Haiti and the Congo to move to the United States, maybe all move to Manhattan USA.

    Rand Paul was given the right to make the GOP response to President Obama’s last State of the Union speech. Rand Paul stated that our country must change it’s position on immigration and welcome every single person in the entire world who wants to move to the United States provided these hundreds of millions, billions choose to work some job, any job. Rand Paul did not make any distinction to rejecting anyone infected with the Ebola plague.

    OK, so yeah – too many Libertarians are blind about race and culture.

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