Baked Alaska’s Bodyguard Stabbed Multiple Times In Santa Monica

I heard about this last night on Twitter:

“A man who works as a bodyguard for a nationally known figure popular among the alt-right was stabbed multiple times in Santa Monica on Saturday night following a dispute in a parking lot, police said.

Two men have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a brawl broke out in a parking structure near Colorado Avenue and 2nd Street shortly after 11 p.m. on Saturday, according to Lt. Saul Rodriguez, a Santa Monica police spokesman.

The victim was identified by friends as Antonio Foreman, a known member of the Oath Keepers who has worked as a bodyguard for popular alt-right figures such as Tim Gionet, an Internet personality better known by his Twitter handle of @BakedAlaska. …”

Tony Foreman was with Baked Alaska in New Orleans.

By all accounts, he stood with us on the front lines that day. I’ve asked our people who were there and their feedback about him was universally positive. I also chatted with Foreman after the event and he was cool. We’ve had other people in the Alt-Right who have interacted with Baked Alaska and Tony Foreman on the West Coast and their impressions were positive as well.

Tony Foreman is a Patriot who is a member of the Oath Keepers. We’ve had some heated words lately with Patriot groups, but Foreman is respected by all sides.

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  1. Who was the dirty, greasy messican responsible for attacking this guy? I’m guessing it’s a beaner, because the spic cops aren’t charging him with a hate crime and aren’t releasing the suspect’s name or photo.

  2. “A brawl erupted” and “following a dispute/altercation” is often a media narrative descriptor that seeks to obfuscate direct violence against white people or the political right. The LA Times is perhaps the most notorious paper for this sort of word-use chicanery. See, e.g. the coverage of the Trump visits and attacks by antifa against the political right when compared against the actual video footage. The intended purpose of this charade is so there is no way to identify the instigator of the violence and to blur the line between offender and victim.

  3. Post Script. Gatewaypundit is reporting a racial element of this attack where the Armenian gangster said, “you’re getting the shank, white boy!” before proceeding to slash him all over his chest, arms and face with a knife. This is what the LA Times refers to as an “altercation” or a “dispute” or a “brawl.” Could you imagine if the perpetrator would have said, “You’re getting the shank, Jew!”. Or “Your getting the skank, N******! Do you think this would be labeled as a “altercation” or a “dispute”?

  4. Not true about baked alaska. He denounces those who believe in jewish political power. Someone with his profile who slurs us as nazi’s creates a dangerous environment for us. I’ve noticed all of the high profile people in this movement don’t have the heart to go after the parasite jews. You pay it lip service like politicians. Here is your proof. These guys don’t wan’t to have anything to do with anti semitism.

  5. Baked Alaska agrees that real Trump supporters “don’t allow anti semitic behavior.”

    Oh, and I saw baked alaska chumming with captain america at nola. I’ll post it if I find it.

    You really got this post completely wrong.

  6. Yes, really, Lulz. After that argument baked alaska caved in and APOLOGIZED. He said he was wrong and has now found his way. Watch the more recent video I posted above.

  7. I suspect that “Baked Alaska” fellow is a dope-fiend. “Baked” is slang for “getting high” on MARIHUANA cigarettes. That would explain why he acts so flaky. I do not like him, Sam-I-am.

  8. Two armenian gang members stabbed him. They where two antifas that recognized him by the stickers in his car.
    Baked Alaska has already speak about his past as drug user. He is now clean. He was also a leftist. And was “awaked” and made the trip to the Alt Right side thanks Trump apperance. That`s why he has so many followers: they where following a man that made the process slowly and turning them themselves too in alt right / alt light followers.

  9. Baked Alaska is Jewish

    He may not be a practicing jew but he sure as hell ethnically one..

    Most of the “e-celebs” representing the right are jewish, so no you will not find any
    criticism of jews for that reason… they’ll talk about Soros but NEVER mention he’s jewish.

    Alaska is pretending he’s not, that’s why he’s got the beard and dark shades
    he’s posing as a gentile and the beard and glasses are to hide his semite features.

  10. I have never heard of an Armenian street gang before. Something is fishy. Could the anti-racist crowd be afraid of falsely accusing the usual suspects??

  11. Very good point, Mr. 19th century Victorian British poet. Armenians are like the jews, they are a very wealthy and clannish tribe of Orientals. Therefore the idea of an “Armenian” street gang is absurd rubbish.

  12. I stand with Spahn. I pray this Foreman guy heals, and heals quickly- but it’s getting real now. It’s been real for a long time. They are trying to kill us now. If we are attacked, remember that if we kill THEM it’s SELF DEFENSE.

    I will stay off their turf. They can come to mine.

  13. The really interesting thing about this story is the Steve Sailer “Flight from White” angle — Armenians, who are at least Caucasian, set out to beat up this, in their own words, “white boy.” So, why would Armenians not think of themselves as white or think of themselves as other-than-white? Answer: Because of how profitable it is these days to be something other than white. Armenians are probably also fishing for affirmative action beneficiary status.

  14. Wait, people aren’t talking about the redheaded guy being Baked Alaska, right?

    Because I’m referring to the guy with that name on Twitter.

  15. I think Baked Alaska is really Baked Hamantasch. Take a good look at him. Those Khazar features never lie. I bet his Hebrew name is Shakran.

    We need more Azzmadors.

  16. This whole incident is a warning for folks like
    me who are old and out of shape – stay out
    of cities where you can become an easy target.
    Moral support is about all I can offer any more.
    ’68 TET happened at a younger time in my
    life when I was a lot stronger… and dumber.

  17. Armenians are NOT like ‘Jews’ – in that, Armenia has been a Christian Country since 325AD- longer than any other nation that claims to be Christian. Their alphabet was created by one of their saints, and their persecution for being Christian goes back to the Persians, even before Iran became Moslem.

    Yes, there are some pseudo-Armenians (like the Kards) who have become consumerist idolators, but the vast majority of Armenians I have ever encountered are a gentle, peaceful people, whose culture is suffused with the spirit of Christ. What we probably have here, are corrupted by American anti-culture IDIOTS, who thought ‘gang culture’ and [C]rap music are ‘cool’ and are members of the atomized Western, Judaized culture we ALL are fighting. FWIW.

  18. Trump does nothing for a loyal supporter even when he gets nearly killed for him. Defunding “Antifa” ain’t going to happen any time soon.

  19. FR. JOHN

    Christianity may have dulled some of their worse characteristics but Flavius Josephus was clear, Amenoids are a Semitic People, the children of HUL son of ARAM son of SHEM. The Armenian homeland once overlapped with the Hittite Homeland in Northeaset Turkey, because of wars, they were pushed up into the Caucasuses. Racially they are exactly the same as Jews and Arabs, same skull, same bone structure same everything. Their behavior of being traders and moneylenders is the same as well.

    The Armenian Genocide was merely Family Business, Jews wanting to swindle their cousins who had been swindling the Whites and others in Asia Minor for 3000 years.


  20. countenance
    JUNE 21, 2017 AT 12:07 AM
    The really interesting thing about this story is the Steve Sailer “Flight from White” angle — Armenians, who are at least Caucasian, set out to beat up this, in their own words, “white boy.” So, why would Armenians not think of themselves as white or think of themselves as other-than-white? Answer: Because of how profitable it is these days to be something other than white. Armenians are probably also fishing for affirmative action beneficiary status.



    Hue Red // November 23, 2011 at 4:05 pm // Reply
    Armenians are Semites. I’ve always known this. Armenians wish to think themselves as ‘white’ and be associated with Europe instead of their Middle Eastern cousins. But they know in there heart that they are not white. Eurasian, Middle Eastern, Oriental , or Semitic, its all the same.
    Armenians must learn that we will never be liked by anyone. We must help each other and not look to help other Nations. We must stop being used for political gain, only to be discarded once once their purpose was met. We must unite and only do for our self’s.
    I want to know if his books are in English because I want to read them. Or if someone from Armenian Weekly can tell or send this message Vartan Matiossian on my behalf to get in touch with him.
    Thank you

  22. @Sphan

    Actually she’s only half her mother was a white woman from Arkansas named Jackie Jean Crouch her stage name was Georgia Holt who was a parttime country singer and model in the 1940’s. She moved to California in the 1940’s and married Cher’s Armenoid truck driver father and divorced him after 10 months of marriage. Cher’s mom was married SIX times.

    Yet if you look at Cher you can see the SEMITIC Traits are way dominant. ESPECIALLY IN HER EARLY PHOTOS

  23. spahnranch1969

    “Baked Ashkenazi’s last name is Gionet = Zionet = Zionist

    Baked Ashkenazi. Good one, spahn.

    He’s as French as Peter Sutherland is Irish.

  24. Either the bodyguard got stabbed as a message to Jewboy or it is totally unrelated to the Alt-Right.

    The Armenian genocide was a (((Young Turks))) operation. Gotta wonder why Cenk took on such a name. Or, is it (((Cenk)))?

  25. Turks, Arabs, Armenians and jews are often difficult to distinguish from each other because there is so much genetic overlap.

  26. Great. Baked Ashkenazi is Confirmed Hebe. My Hitler Alarm went off when I saw it’s pics – but I get yelled at for calling Jude. I must always trust my Hitler Alarm.

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