Democrats Won’t Moderate Message – Even to Win

Rich Lowery makes an interesting observation in a recent article that liberals push back strongly against any proposal to deviate from “Democratic orthodoxy on race, guns and immigration” even when running in conservative-leaning areas. He points out that their nominee in the recent Georgia special election for Congress was an “orthodox liberal who conceded nothing on cultural issues, even though he was running in a Republican district in the South.” Lowery, a leading neo-conservative, would be loath to admit it but nominating a young Jewish Left-wing activist with a foreign-sounding name didn’t help the Democratic cause either. It was bad enough that Jon Ossoff was extremely liberal, but he was also alien to most Georgians.

Lowery doesn’t explain why Democrats are unwilling to compromise on hot button issues but I will put forth three reasons here. Firstly, Democrats are used to the idea that they have already won demographically. Non-Whites babies already outnumber White babies, meaning that the future belongs to the Democrats. Even if all further immigration was halted immediately the anti-White Left would win in this system because they won the demographic war. Only revolutionary change could prevent this. Democrats are used to reading in their magazines how in the near future everyone will be a brown deracinated consumer. And so they have every reason to be optimistic. The nomination of an unpopular elderly woman for president who campaigned on a feminist slogan of “I’m with her” is another indication of their confidence in the future. In their mind the war is won and they ought to be able to nominate anyone they please and push their unmoderated ideological agenda and still defeat the “old White men” in the GOP.

Secondly, the anti-White Left won the cultural war long ago. They control the educational system 100% and own almost the entirety of the media. Their values are re-enforced at church, school, on TV, at the movies and by the human resource department on the job. They are the establishment and are not used to having to endure any opposition (which they term “hate speech”) to their agenda.

Thirdly, the Left has long framed its causes in moral terms. Disarming the public, replacing White people, blending all the races together, raising your baby boy to be a tranny, banning “hate speech,” etc. – these are moral causes for the Left, not simply policy preferences, and as such they are unwilling to compromise upon them.

What they don’t count on is that there are still significant areas and numbers of people who do not accept their unmoderated Progressive message. And every time these people demonstrate a show of force it sends the Left into a tailspin which is hysterical to witness. Laughably, Progressives are actually blaming their loss in Georgia on “the party’s insistence on running moderate candidates who try to appeal too much to Republicans who dislike Trump.” Hopefully, they continue to think along these lines.

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  1. One thing I have learned when it comes to (geo)politics is that nothing is inevitable.
    I grew up being told that USSR dominance of the world was a fait accompli.
    Then, that the EU was invincible and the euro would be adopted by Europe and the world.
    Then, that Hillary Clinton would breeze the 2016 elections…

  2. The anti-White left know they don’t have to moderate, because they can always count on Respectable Conservatives to cave in, virtue signal against Pro Whites, and side with the PC bully. Political Correctness means siding with the bully.

  3. I’m a Christian, and I’m totally opposed to atheists, but I still believe that Richard Dawkins had an interesting idea when he described memes (e.g. ideas, religious beliefs, cultural norms, etc.) as cultural analogues to genes – both replicating, mutating and responding to selective pressures.

    Some “memes” have an advantage to replicate, others have a disadvantage to replicate. I don’t know his exact wording anymore but he says something along the lines of “turned up speakers.” Teachers, college professors, journalists, “activists” and artists are essentially the “meme replicators” of the ruling class; the latter handing the former “turned up speakers” so they replicate those (and only those!) memes the ruling class likes.

    Likewise, most politicians are the disposable “meme-replicators” of the ruling class. They are, of course, supposed to win, but that’s only secondary! Their main role is to replicate these “memes.” It’s the same with the media. Here and there there might be a movie that flops, a paper that has to go out of a business and some ratings that go down. But they don’t care. They primary function is to spout of propaganda (including open borders propaganda).

  4. Anyone who thinks this Tim Ryan clown from Youngstown, Ohio would be any better than Pelosi as Democrat leader is out of their mind. Ryan is the Irish Roman Catholic dude who stabbed the late based Italian Roman Catholic Jimbo Traficant in the back, and twisted the knife.

  5. Yes, meme replication is what reinforces or changes the paradigm. The anti-White left has had a monopoly on memes for many years. The internet changed that. We have our own memes to replicate and the means to do so. The late Bob Whitaker constructed the best, most effective memes of all. Use them!

  6. What makes me suspicious of Trump is so far his unwllingness to challenge with the cultural-trotskist hold on education.

    The political objective is to destroy it utterly.

  7. The basic white normie senses that he/she is being placed in a low caste or a slave position.

    If the alt-right cannot take advantage of that then it is hopeless.

  8. Good little piece guys. i just shared it on my Google profile. One thing that I would add. The Left has been so successful in part becasue they are so fanatically devoted to their (massively flawed) ideology. If the Right were likewise ideologically, we might be making more progress.

  9. One advantage we do enjoy is the Left’s blind arrogance. It prevents them from seeing and correcting their weaknesses, and it prevents them from seeing our strengths. This is a source of hope for me. If the Bible is right, and I believe it is, their pride will ensure their downfall.

  10. I honestly disagree.

    Hysteria is sign of collapse not sign of self-confidence. In the very end of the USSR, our liberals too only screamed and demanded to go back to pure communism. At the very end they lost self control and brought tanks to the streets and really believed that Soviet Nation reises to defend Lenin legacy.

    I think that the total collapse of libralism is near. Finally they do something terrible like they tried in the USSR and that will be end.

  11. Look at the “leaders” of the Left – Pelosi, Clinton, Biden, Schumer…they are in their 70s and come from the usual commie-infested urban cesspits, like Chimpcongo, DC, NYC, LA and SF. That to me is not a long-term winning strategy, it is a sign of decay and fossilization.

  12. @Spahnranch1969,

    It will be difficult for them to find leaders among their low IQ ethnic voting blocs. I imagine Jews will continue to lead to a large degree but increasingly non-Whites want their own to be in leadership roles and they will see Jews like Bernie Sanders as priviledged hetero White men unfit to lead their Progressive party.

  13. This is truly great news. I hope The Democrat Party goes to Bernie’s people.

    That’s what it is : the anti-White Gentile Scalawag party of the Jewish world Order.

    And, as such, I want them to openly and more fully embrace their ‘vibrancy’.

    Nothing will accelerate the rise in consciousness of Southern Whites – nothing!

  14. @Spahn…

    ‘Just looking at Ossoff’s ugly, annoying jew face TRIGGERS me.’


    He triggers me, too, not because of his face, but, because he represents the arrogance of the Jewish System.

    That actually thought that they could bring in one of their guy, put a heapload of money behind him, have him campaign like a moderate White Southern Democrat from 1971, and that the peoples of those 3 counties would buy it.

    Well, my dear Georgians did not buy it, and no bigger bird has been flippt at the New World Order, since the election of Trump, than this.

  15. One of the biggest LIES around is that the USA has two different party’s, the Dems and Repubs, but that is laughable.

    Both lavish money on the Pentagon, even though that outfit has stolen, oops ‘lost’ at least 9 trillion in the last twenty years, and neither utters a word about investigating that stolen loot.

    Both lavish money and weapons on Israel and both sound like a flock of parrots whenever Israel goes on a bombing rampage against Gaza, “Squawk, Israel has a right to defend itself, Squawk.”

    Neither pay any attention to Wall Street’s plundering, until the con artists steals so much money that the economy collapses and then they’re all tears, promising to do a better job of oversight, until it happens again.

    The Dems stuck it to Americans, but good, when they passed that horrendous ObamaCare, a BAD medical insurance option which the Repubs want to make worse.

    And both vote for these endless, illegal wars, which benefit no one except Wall Street and Israel, so let’s dispense with the outdated notion of two party’s.

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