Farstar – Migrants Doing the Jobs…..

The very talented graphic artist Farstar has created a rather disturbing comic envisioning a day where 3rd world migrants might not always be the Left’s obedient pets. We did have an incident this week where an illegal alien from El Salvador took exception to a group of Muslim teens and decided to beat one of the Muslim girls to death with a baseball bat. The fake news, lying press tried to reassure the public that this wasn’t any kind of “hate crime” (only Whites can do hate crimes) so this must be some type of road rage.

So far the anti White Left elite in the USA, UK, Western Europe has mostly managed to contain 3rd world migrant crime, terror, rape, murder and mayhem – the victims have been regular White Americans, White Brits/Europeans – not the Lib Left “good White” elites. 3rd World migrants, undocumented or just Muslims still vote reliably Lib Left Socialist, Democrat. But, when you look at the recent Muslim terrorist attacks in the UK, France – the targets were popular music concerts, not anything Conservative or Right Wing.

Occasionally some anti White, Whites like Amy Biehl gets a taste of their own medicine – the Boston Marathon gets bombed in chic PC Cambridge Mass. But, most of the time the 3rd world migrant invaders are kept in places far away from where the Left elite hangs out. The Mark Zuckerbergs, the libs in Malibu CA and Aspen CO do not believe in national border walls, but they do believe in gated, private communities, doorman guarded Co-Ops. We have to tear down the Left’s private security walls.

It’s really our duty to force the anti White, Left elites to personally experience the joys of multi culturalism. And it’s more than OK to incite Islamists to take offense to some insult at Harvard Law School or an offensive Hollywood movie. The anti White Left is always inciting Blacks to hate White people, inciting Blacks to riot over some alleged police brutality or some “White Hispanic” killing Saint Trayvon Martin etc. We can wave red capes in front of migrant bulls.

After the next horrific Islamist terrorist attack in some Lib Left elite place – let’s spread this meme:

“Hey Libs – have you had enough D-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y yet?”


  1. Unfortunately, many of these fantasies about “migrants doing the works white men don’t want to do anymore” are based on the idea of historical justice. Or maybe on *a* (arguably disturbed) idea of historical justice, but an idea of justice nonetheless.

    Sometimes, right-wingers accidentally end up making Muslims and Blacks look super cool; like these men who can neither be broken nor bent, but are like a force of nature that is completely immune to all Western propaganda, and who will just destroy feminism and liberalism and shitlibs and whatnot.

    But personally, I don’t really buy into that. It’s silly to believe that Islam is immune to Western propaganda and subversion. There are even studies showing that feminist propaganda is already working and that Islamic women are getting more and more obsessed with that Satanic idea of “gender equality.” So far they are kept somewhat in check by their men, but how long will they succeed? Especially with all these wars to create a world with no borders and a one-world-religion etc.? What happened to Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism; to white men, to black men in the West and to Jewish men, might as well happen to Islam. And non-white people in the US are even more likely to identify as LGBTP, I think young Hispanics are probably the most liberal generation on the whole planet.

    I suppose that the near future will bring more of a civil-war-esque ghettoization, but I don’t buy into this idea of non-white men rolling back feminism and liberalism and sodomy.

    (Besides, who even says that women would actually dislike being Muslims? Or that the Muslim women of today actually dislike being Muslims? Women are usually the conservative part in every social setting; they are usually the ones who support the powers that be. If these powers that be (in the West) would eventually support wearing the Hijab and praying five times a day – women might fall for it and support it as fiercely as they support gay marriage and the destruction of the nation state with its borders right now. And polygamy -harem for the alpha male, betas who have to blow themselves up in order to get some virgins- is pretty much compatible with female hypergamy. And hijab is already sold sometimes as a feminist tool to prevent men’s “objectifying gaze” and from them “stare raping” you, etc.)

  2. Farstar’s point is that the 3rd world, Black, Islamic mobs can not be contained to just hate, attack and kill White Right Wing, Conservative people. Though these migrants still vote overwhelmingly Left, Socialist, Dem in Presidential elections, in their daily lives their resentments are increasingly to all White people including Liberals, Jews, Gays, women – it’s the Amy Biehl thing – where the Michale Moores, and Tim Wises plead that:

    “Hey you got it all wrong – I’m on your side. I’m one of the good Whites”.

  3. Jews and shitlibs pretend to love the coloreds, messicans and allah-apes but they always live, work, go to school and vacation in areas where their pets can’t pay them any unwanted surprise visits.

  4. @Smultronstallet- “women are usually the most conservative part in every social setting”? What planet do you live on?! The liberalization of the US can be directly traced to women gaining the right to vote.

  5. @herrwolf

    I didn’t mean “conservative” as in “holding to traditional Christian values” but as in “commitment to the currently dominant values with opposition to change or innovation.”

  6. PS: And the current values the current ruling class is pushing are open-borders, feminism, secularism, sodomy, etc.

    In that sense, you are “alt” when you’re opposing these currently dominant values of the current ruling class. If that makes it clear.

  7. Smultronstallet, you make the mistake to call them “men” and “women”. Female hypergamy? Rooshism is hardly any better for the mind than Social Justice is. Should know, I often read Return of Kings articles a few years ago (yeah, criiiiinge).

    Let us help push the moslem females toward the idea not of equality but toward 3rd wave ideas of militant female supremacy. We should help bring about the creation of middle-eastern and latino versions of Megalia (South Korea) to ruine their s***! -D

  8. the Jews, both Zionist and Tikkun Olas, are more than willing to sacrifice millions of shabbatz goyim – and other Jews – in order to liquidate White Western Civilization. That’s why they’re pushing for war between Russian and ‘Murka.

  9. Let’s see. . . At the Pulse Nightclub Massacre, a muslim killed queers. After the Proposition 8 vote in California in 2008, queers attacked blacks. In the recent Virginia murder, an illegal latino killed a muslim. The Left is one big game of “Rock-Paper-Scissors.”

  10. No normal White person wants to be surrounded by 3rd worlders. White anti-Whites are traitorous hypocrites about it.

  11. Ahh yes, isn’t dieversity and faulty culturalism just wonderful? What could possibly go wrong? Coming together as one, kumbuya and being all inclusive in a big meeting pot where everyone is equal and contributing in peace and harmony……as long as it’s only in white nations- which by the way, won’t be white by mid-century. ‘Melting pot’ is code for melting away the white race wherever they are.

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