Poll: White Southern Men Most Armed

A recent Pew Reasearch poll is being touted by Politico because it reveals that a slight majority (52%) of people living in the United States now support stricter gun laws, with 34% supporting much stricter gun laws. Unsurprisingly, non-gun owners favor tighter gun restrictions (62%) than gun owners (29%). Also unsurprisingly, a large majority of Republicans (76%) believe guns rights are more important than gun restrictions, while just 22% of Democrats agree with them.

If we look more closely at the numbers we find that 3 in 10 adults are armed. But the numbers vary greatly by sex, race and region. Pew reports that 39% of men are armed as compared to 22% of women. And 36% of Whites are armed, as compared to 24% of Blacks and just 15% of Hispanics. In the South 36% of people own a gun, followed by the Midwest at 32%, the West at 31% and the Northeast at just 16%. This means that Southerners are more than twice as likely to be armed as Northerners. Finally, 46% of rural people are armed, as opposed to 28% of suburbanites and just 19% of urbanites. The moral of this story? It should be relatively easy to crush the urbanite.

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  1. The sad part is most Southern kids today don’t really understand why Southerners love guns so much. That is because Dixie was a rough unforgiving land and the backcountry was almost completely godless up until about 1830 when the Baptists and others civilized the backcountry. During the 1600’s and 1700’s folks needed guns to defend themselves against renegade whites and Negro slaves in the settled country and wild animals and savage indians escaped slaves and even savage whites in the backcountry. This pattern continued on up until the era of Andrew Jackson.

    After most of the savage Indians had either died off or been deported to Oklahoma, and the Baptist Church had civilized good stretches of the countryside, the danger from wild animals such as poisonous snakes, bears, cougars, wolves and others remained, plus the need to kill animals for food. As the South had very warm weather, meat spoiled and thus constant hunting was up until the era of canning jars, necessary. As the Southern white population was sparse, you could travel in some regions over 20 miles from one settlement to another and you had to be armed. Appalachia and the Ozarks remained this way up till the 1940’s. Thus guns had to be carried to travel. Guns had to also be carried in the heavily black areas such as Eastern VA/NC, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and East Texas to keep down the possibility of a Negro revolt. The End of Slavery just made the situation worse.

    Today the situation remains the same. Dixie is full of savage Blacks and in Texas Mexicans, poisonous snakes, and dangerous animals. Keeping a pistol on your hip when you go fishing or when you go traveling isn’t being a redneck, its being prepared. In the North, you don’t have rattlesnakes, copperheads, cottonmouths, alligators, crocodiles and other animals to contend with, in the South you do. Therefore it doesn’t hurt to be armed. Not to mention the two legged animals, now 50% of Miss and SC’s population. God Help Mississippi and God Help South Carolina

  2. Blacks: 24% own guns hahahahahaha

    Pollster: “Hello do you mind taking a survey”?
    Tyrone: “how much I get”?
    Pollster: “I’m sorry?”
    Tyrone: “how much I get paid? I get cash money”
    Pollster: “oh I see. No this is a telephone survey. Do you mind a few minutes of your time?
    Tyrone: “hole up. You tryin get money? You got da wrong number.”
    Pollster: “no no I just want to ask some anonymous questions for a survey”
    Tyrone: “aight if you ain’t playin”
    Pollster: “are you black, white, Hispanic, or other”?
    Tyrone: “nigga what I sound like?”
    Pollster: “ok then black. Do you own any firearms”?

    Hello? Hello?

  3. I live in the liberal, urban hipster Northeast, but a gun range just opened up in our neighborhood and they are doing great business. I have always liked guns and supported gun rights but never owned one. However, in light of recent domestic terrorist events involving Baboon Lives Matter, antifa and Mohammedans I think it’s time for me to get that nickel-plated 1911 Colt .45 semiauto I always wanted.

  4. Good article. Guns are very common where I live in Greater Appalachia. Most people are white, and armed. Not much crime.
    To spahnranch1969’s above comment, the 1911 in 45 is a very good choice, but stainless steel is more common than nickel, and more practical. Stainless does not chip, or wear away as nickel, hard chrome, and bluing can (and eventually will, given time and hard use), and stainless is also very rust resistant.

  5. You’re not going to like this… but here goes.

    From 1970 to 2000, I lived in this state. Owned
    guns, like my M60 and M2HB and even organized
    machine gun shoots. The governor visited every
    gun show and was rated A+ by the NRA… always
    stopped at the tables to chat. All of my friends
    carried concealed, in their cars, at the store, etc,
    without any permits. This state was always the
    safest state in the nation or tied with Wyoming
    for the title. We were almost surrounded by
    crime-ridden states with maximum gun control.

    What state?
    The governor was Dr Howard Dean, MD., cardiologist.
    The state was the Green Mountain State… Vermont.

  6. Guess which tribe of subversive alien parasites Dr. Dean married into? And guess which “religion” his mischlinge were raised with? Eh?

  7. In Britain, the police aren’t generally armed up, yet the korans and fuzzies likely are. Its akin to fighting a fire with less than a water pistol.
    Last century, this may have been ok, but with the rising shitskin demographic, this policy will need to change pronto.

  8. Living in Greater Appalachia, Pennsylvania, upwards of 10% of the entire state population is out in the woods for deer season.
    35% overall gun ownership, which is meh, but nearly 900,000 CCW holders, more than Texas, and second only to (oddly enough) Florida in CCW.

    If only Philadelphia would secede to New Jersey…

  9. @billyrayjenkins

    Every time I’ve gone fishing, I’ve had to keep a water moccasin out of the boat. I used an oar. One time, friends and I passed a water moccasin in the middle of Lake Texoma. It was a mile from either the Oklahom or Texas sides. There are also supposed to be alligators in Hagerman Wildlife Refuge off of Texoma, and some on the river down as far a Shreveport. Some people load their pistols with ratshot, to deal with snakes. I used to hunt rattlesnakes at the Gainesville Rattlesnake Round up. Sometimes, we get scorpions in the bathtub. But the big, redhead centipedes are the worst. They’re vicious and aggressive. Then there’s panthers, coyotes, wild hogs, snakes and yellow jackets.

  10. @Michael Cushman…

    We are extremely armed, Sir. Just in my small town of 3,000, I would wager a guess that we have at least 10,000 guns.

    Of course, most think that having them is primarily for Negroes and hunting, whereas as I consider maintaining guns as a necessary subtle threat to the Yankee Government and The Jewish World Order. We’re not averse to using them for skeet and they well know it.

    Southern States continue to bulk up on the 2nd Amendment. Perhaps about two years back, your home state, Southern Carolina, passt a pre-nullification law that says, ‘any future gun control law, passt by The New England Yankee Government is automatically null and void in South Carolina’.

    I loved that.

    And, if memory serves, in the last several years, North Carolina passed a law allowing guns to be taken into all public places, another law allowing guns to be openly carried anywhere, with no special permit, and we made concealed guns less difficult to do.

    As to your comment on ‘crushing the urbanite’, Mr. Cushman, I remind my liberal city friends, in my state :

    ‘if y’all don’t stop thumbin’ y’all’s nose at us, and supportin’ candidates and policies that eat us up, y’all are goin’ to find y’all’s selves in a war with us, and seein’ how we raise all the food and have most all the guns, (and we are most expert at shooting them) I wouldn’t be all that high on y’all’s chances in that scenario.’

    Our attitude is perfectly summed up by this sign…


  11. @James Owen…

    ‘Every time I’ve gone fishing, I’ve had to keep a water moccasin out of the boat. I used an oar. ‘


    I reckon you’d like it better fishin’ up here, as we only occasionally have to knock Cottonmouths out of our boats.

    To be clear, we have as many Cottonmouths, per square foot, as any place in the world, though, ours seem to be less social than y’all’s!

  12. James

    Texas just had its first recorded alligator fatality last year. I remember a few years ago all the way out in Big Bend this kid i think killed one out there. In olden times their range was much wider than today, according to some alligators were once found in the Mississippi River almost to Saint Louis, the hunters in the 1800’s took care of that. I know there were alligators in Southern Virginia at one time as well, though today they’re quite rare.

    Unfortunately today we have hunting laws. For animals like this it should be open season.

    As for the other wild animals I wasn’t aware wildcats or panthers were still living in Texas much, I know occasionally as late as the 1920s Jaguars would sometimes be sighted and killed. Even when my grandfather was young in the 1930’s long after most of the animals had been hunted to extinction levels there were still places in the Smokey Mountains where there were bears and stuff. Today black bears have proliferated to the extent they are literally popping up everywhere

  13. @spahn

    Overheard at dinner once: someone hit a coon once with their car, and was lamenting the damage; but consoled themselves that while the coonskin was essentially worthless: the Air Jordans fetched a pretty penny on Craigslist.

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