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  1. The Alt Lite is full of trannies, weirdos, and degenerates. So glad they disavowed the Alt Right on their own.

  2. Milo sure does spend a lot of time in drag. When is he going to make a Bruce Jenner-like announcement that he is a “woman born in a man’s body”?

  3. The one thing the current crop of 14th Century muzzies get right is about queers and trannies. Tall buildings + gravity.

  4. The South needs to restore all its anti-homo legislation and test Trump and his “conservative” judicial appointments…The fags need to be vomited out of the land before the whole population gets vomited out…this should be priority number 1 even before the wall…get right with God…

  5. My gawd……let the Korans take charge just long enough to wipe this lot out, along with all Jews, fembats and trannies. Once they’ve done their job, boot them out of the nation, along with all non-whites and there you are…the West is ours again.
    Watching these things even speak is revolting.

  6. Respectable Conservative: “I want to turn all White countries and only White countries brown, with the condition it must be done legally.”

    Liberal: “I want to turn all White countries and only White countries brown – unconditionally. No one is illegal.”

    The only thing Liberals and Respectable Conservatives differ on, is whether White Genocide should be done with a ceremony or not. Conservatives really love their ceremonies.

  7. alt-lite-right-whatever has been converged by Jews and faggots. Milo is a Jewish faggot.

    if it cannot Name the Jew, it is the enemy.

    hardRight: names the Jew, and has no enemies to the Right.

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