‘Jews of Color’ Denounce White-Presenting Jews for Saying Jews aren’t White

Baruch Hashem: Portrait of African American Jews

In-fighting amongst Jewish ethnic groups has broken out in the pages of Jewish publications such as Haaretz, The Times of Israel, Forward, The Washington Post, etc. over the question of whether White-presenting Jews should be considered White or “people of color” and what this means for marginalized Jews of color.

The controversy began when the movie Wonder Woman was attacked by Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) for not featuring enough non-Whites. Kadeen Griffiths wrote for Bustle that the movie was strong on feminism but weak on race:

[A]s a black woman and a longtime fan of superhero movies, the actual content of Wonder Woman depressed me. …For black feminists, it’s exactly like every other superhero movie, just with a white female lead.

…By my count, there were four lines spoken by black women in the entire two-and-a-half-hour runtime of Wonder Woman — and one of those lines was just the repetition of “Diana!” by her black caretaker. In fact, all of those lines were spoken by black Amazons who were, of course, subservient to Diana and her all-white ruling family. (And of course Diana’s black sister Nubia, who in the comics was kidnapped and raised by Ares to later oppose her, was not put in the movie.) Once Diana leaves Themyscira, the very appearance of black women drops down to none. It was such a radical change that I found myself combing through the background of scenes as she walked through the streets of London with Steve Trevor, desperate to catch sight of even one black face, if not at least one black woman’s face.

Gritffiths went on the complain that the movie “failed the LGBTQ feminists as well” because Diana was not depicted as as lesbian.

In response to SJWs Matthew Mueller fired back for ComicBook:

It might come as a shock, but there are people of color in the film, and one of them is in the lead role.

Yep, with a quick google search, it turns out that Gal Gadot is not actually Caucasian, but is in fact Israeli.

…Gadot was born in Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel, and served in the Israeli Defense Force for two years before winning Miss Israel in 2004. Yes, she won Miss Israel, but she isn’t a person of color? You get why that doesn’t make sense, right?

Simply put: LOOKING White, doesn’t mean you ARE white. As noted in this great column from The Times of Isreal, “conceptualizing Jews as either “white” or “just a religion”, as many of our detractors are wont to do, helps to perpetuate a culture of antisemitism on the anti-racist left.”

Hmmm… “antisemitism on the anti-racist left.” Interesting.

Also interesting is Mueller’s insistence that White-presenting Jews are neither White nor just a religious group. They are a non-White racial group according Mueller.

But the controversy did not end there. Anti-White SJWs at the Forward were having none of Mueller’s argument. They attacked him for dismissing the complaints of Black feminists and for writing about race without including obligatory denunciations of race as a biological reality.

Mueller’s article was rightfully met with outrage from advocates for diverse representation who saw the argument for what it was: an attempt to derail a conversation about black women’s representation.

However, in the Jewish community, the controversy over Mueller’s article reignited a conversation about Jewish racialization and whiteness. As Jewish people of color working for racial justice and liberation in the United States, Israel and Palestine, watching this conversation tiptoe around questions of white supremacy while centering on the perspectives of white Ashkenazi Jews has moved us to intervene with our own perspectives.

The discourse has been suspect, often conflating race, ethnicity, nationality and genetics. Besides Mueller’s nonsensical claim that Israeli is a race rather than a nationality (which obscures the oppression of racial minorities in Israel), his uncritical use of the term “Caucasian,” a pseudo-scientific term popularized by 18th-century race scientists, sets us up for a conversation dependent on the logics of disproved race science rather than contemporary realities of politics, power and privilege.

They went on to accuse Jews who insist that Gal Gadot is non-White of “parroting the same racial pseudoscience that Nazi Germany used to differentiate Jews from ‘Aryans’.” The SJW Jews noted that “Claims of a genetic basis for race are especially harmful in the context of Israel’s deeply entrenched Ashkenazi-supremacist racial hierarchy.” And they asked uncomfortable questions such as “Were European Jews not white when they joined their fellow white-skinned Americans as willing participants in chattel slavery — owning slaves in the American Jewish hub of Charleston, South Carolina, at the same rates as their Christian neighbors?”

The infighting highlights real ethnic and ideological divisions within the Jewish community around the world. It will be interesting to see how the fuss plays out. Clearly though, White-presenting Jews need to do more to welcome Jews of color, make them feel included and consider their historical grievances as a marginalized group within the broader Jewish community. Jews of color will not be silenced. And many would argue that is time for a true diversity of Jewish identity to be fully embraced and for the old Ashkenazi-supremacist racial power structure in Israel to be dismantled.

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  1. The jews do NOT consider themselves to be White, except when they engage in that “My Dear Fellow White People” shit. Truth be told, jews are actually gargoyles, demons and vampires in quasi-human form.

  2. “The infighting highlights real ethnic and ideological divisions within the Jewish community around the world.”

    That’s what they want you to think, Michael. It’s all theater.

  3. This is hilarious from my perspective as a white man. Eventually, the fact that Israel has never had a non-Ashkenazi prime minister will become well known.

    It remains to be seen if that is a positive for whites.

  4. ‘The Forward’ is America’s oldest and largest Jewish publication
    JEWS NOT WHITE: http://forward.com/scribe/359203/are-jews-white-right-now/

    Jewish Children Gather to Sing “I’m Not White, I’m Jewish”
    “Only Jewish op-ed columnists writing about white privilege are white. The rest of Jews are Jewish.”


    And the Times of Israel said Jews Aren’t White, Wonder Woman is a “Person of Color” since she is a jewess.

    They have done a job on whites, we used to have the South, but even they have been changed. ENEMY #1 Television

    “Indeed, as an American woman pointed out, if the racial proportions in the United States were reversed, so that the whites formed only ten percent of an otherwise completely coloured nation, no one would expect white parents to insist on the right of their children to attend coloured schools. No, certainly they would not; because for one thing there would not be any white people left at all. They would be massacred to the last man, woman and child.”
    White Man Think Again! by Anthony Jacob, Johannesburg January 1, 1965

  5. @ spahnranch1969

    They are shapeshifters, indeed, but in their own minds they believe themselves to be white at the same time as not. Judaism is a form of group personality disorder. I think they’re narcissistic personality with schizoid features, which happens in the hardest core narcissists.

  6. The Jews anti-White,”we’re not White” is beginning to backfire. Several Jews have had problems lately with me saying they aren’t white. After years of saying they aren’t I’m holding them to it.

    What they are is a tribe of psychopaths. There’s now some genetic evidence to prove this.


    “…Low-activity MAOA genes (2R and 3R) are associated with impulsive aggression and psychopathy….”

    “…The population, which has the highest frequency of the combination of the “worrier gene” (low-activity COMT (Met)) and the “warrior gene” (low-activity MAOA), as far as I could ascertain, is the Ashkenazi Jewish population…”

    “…The Hoaxin’ have on average a much higher incidence of both the genes which predispose to paranoia and the genes which predispose to psychopathy and aggression…”

    Even if it’s wrong if you assume the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths you will never be surprised and Jew’s behavior will make sense.

  7. Jews with white skin may as well be White to their pets, who will treat them as such in a race war. South African Jews fear their black pets. It is well for Whites to know who the Jews among them are, so they can be excluded from protection when the time comes.

  8. We have discussed arguing in bad faith. Here Kit Hitchens presents as a white Brit (even though he’s aware of his Jewish mother) and discusses the Shoah with a natty white…as if he didn’t have a dog in the fight. It lays bare how dishonest seemingly principled commenters can be.


  9. @ Onceler

    You are referring to the Archons? I think Icke, Weidner, Sanchez, Lash et al. are definitely onto something about our (((control mechanism))). Judaism, the current name for it, is the master control program of all humanity.

  10. @ Snowhitey

    I don’t know what Archons is, and have only heard of Icke but not of the others. Will have to look them up.

  11. “Yep, with a quick google search, it turns out that Gal Gadot is not actually Caucasian, but is in fact Israeli.”

    LOL! Um, Semites, even Israeli ones, ARE Caucasian. But just because you are Caucasian DOESN’T make you White. White is just a euphemism for European. Ethnic Jews are not a European ethnicity so they can’t be White.

    “Were European Jews not white when they joined their fellow white-skinned Americans as willing participants in chattel slavery”

    Not any more than the Black Africans who willingly participated in chattel slavery.

  12. @ Old Hickory: Gadot is not a “semite”. She is an ashkenazic Jew whose genetic roots are in southwestern Asia…that is, Khazaria. 90% of world Jewry are Ashkenaz. Sephardic (north african) and Mizrahic (middle eastern) Jews (and Arabs) are semites. The fake-white Ashkenaz who rule Palestine use the darker-skinned semitic Jews as cannon fodder against the Palestinians and other Arabs.


  13. The Khazarian hypothesis IS NOT THE ENTIRE STORY. The Jews of Europe originated in Palestine, they were brought by Rome to Italy and Spain, spread north into the Rhineland in Roman Times, were largely decimated, then returned to the Rhineland during the era of Charlemagne. The Jews were largely expelled from the Rhineland and most of Western Europe, excluding the South of France, by 1400, and traveled to Poland and Russia, which was then being ruled by the Mongol Golden Horde. There they intermixed with the Khazarian Jews. The Yiddish Language is a Germanic Language.

    The Sephardi Jews were the basis of International Finance in Europe, they were the first controllers of the Dutch financial houses and the Bank of England, Ashkenazic Jews began arriving in Holland in the mid-1600’s as merchants. The Ashkenazics arrived in England from Germany, after the House of Hanover took the throne in 1715 and through intermarriage over time displaced the Sephardis who faded from prominence and into obscurity.

    DNA Tests prove that the Sephardi Mizrahi and Ashkenazi are basically the same except for a few different things. Khazaria had a Semitic presence long before they converted, Jews lived in Southern Russia Georgia Armenia from the time of Nebuchanezzar II

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