Are Assad and the Russians About to Gas 6 Million Children?

The fake news, overwhelmingly Jewish/Zionist “American” (yeah right) mass media are doubling down that Syria’s Assad is the latest Hitler, conspiring to “gas” (6?) Millions of innocent children unless President Trump orders an attack. The Neo Conservatives/Zionists (haven’t really heard from the Christian Zionists) and the deep state military industrialists want the Cold War with Russia restarted in full.

Gerald Levin/Jeff Zucker/AIPAC’s Wolf Blitzer have the inside White House Scoop:

White House: Syria could be preparing another chemical weapons attack

I’m reposting this best ever Farstar comic (my idea) that American sheep/cattle/goyim tend to act like parrots and simply repeat the lies they hear on TV.

It seems like just yesterday, but it was 25 years ago that I was doing patriotic, America First activism against the first Neo Conservative/Bush I war in Iraq. I was in Nashville TN where I went to college at Vanderbilt University. I took out full page adverts in the Nashville Tennessean and Chattanooga Times, went on local talk radio and local cable and presented Pat Buchanan, Charles Lindberg, George Washington “America First” strong arguments against this war. I did name the Israeli lobby, but also listed some other prominent supporters of this foolish war – the Saudi Arabian Sunni Wahhabist, the Emir of Kuwait and I strongly insulted all the Lib propaganda that we were finally going to “unite all nations” under the United Nations and create “a New World Order”.

I was treated very fairly by the local Tennessee media which included some local Jewish media leaders like Teddy Bart (Bartkowsky). No one including some Tennessee National Guard general could counter my arguments, but they and most Southern Red State folks just couldn’t get over the idea that the only folks protesting American military actions are the hated Lib Leftist, Jane Fonda, hippies etc and…

“This time by god, we were going to kick ass and win the war, not like Viet Nam.”

Plus, the “powers that be” managed to get some dumb ass country music singers like Hank Williams Jr and Toby Keith to crank out war mongering propaganda that Saddam Hussein was Hitler and we needed to kick his ass. There was a small group of Tennessee Populist Party activist and John Birch Society members contacting me who said they appreciated my activism. But, the results of my one man effort to educate all of Tennessee about “The Truth” of these Neo Con job wars pretty much came to nil.

Can our folks in Tennessee and throughout the South let us/me know – how’s the CNN/Neo Conservative/Zionist war propaganda against Syria and the Russians going over with Southerners now?

My feeling is that it’s still pretty effective; my calls to Tennessee US Senators Corker and Lamar Alexander staff members gave me the feeling TN locals are desperately trying to counter the idea that President Trump and Republicans really are working with the Russians and everybody wants to go back to the beloved Reagan 1980s when we were fighting the Russians.

Are our Southern folks still parroting this nonsense?


  1. When you can operate a multitude of simultaneously running con jobs with the undying support of their actual victims, why not keep the entertaining flowing with more ridiculously outlandish stories for the gullible goy? Although I think it often gets far less attention than the fabled Holohoax, the central banking system actually trumps it a gazillion fold. The former only occurred because of the absolute power granted by the latter.

    Forget everything else, we need to target their counterfeit business, the Queen of their entire operation.

  2. Here we go again picking up where Bushes left off rasing cities to the ground. From Chinese point of view neo con regimes schizophrenia.

    Ballot box back in the warehouse and A first A last.

  3. I’m in Tennessee and I’m not. The biggest problem is in Southern Culture men are expected to be Men and Men fight wars. Every generation needs their war to fight in. We will never change that in our culture. We must give our youth a war to fight other than for the empire. We must concentrate on making the point to our Southern Youth that we have a war to fight and it is against the corrupt federal government. It must be made manly, in your face, dressed in camo and most importantly with the promise that one day they will have to spill blood in this war.

  4. SF asks:

    “Before I go off on a tirade denouncing this horrendous gassing, whose children?:

    I respond.

    The war mongering, “don’t let them gass the children” propaganda lie has made regular Syrian Arab children the intended targets. It was considered a little to ethno centric to pretend that the Syrian/Russians were about to gas 6 million Israeli jewish children. This way it looks like the “Americans” and “the World community” are trying to protect Syrian children, just as the open borders lying loons pretend that all the million plus Black, Muslim migrants that invaded Europe last/this year were Syrian war refugees.

    The propaganda poster boy for “we have to let in to Europe every last single Black/Muslim male of military age in was that Syrian boy who ~ 5 years old who drowned off the coast of Turkey. The father had a decent job in Muslim Turkey, but was trying for bigger benefits in Germany. Anyway the fake news, lugenpresse, Doctors without borders recognized that a dead 5 year drown face down is a damn good propaganda image.

  5. The sheenies are going to start in with that Russian/ Syrian /poison gas / chemical weapon stuff again? They really are a tribe of inbred, borderline morons. I hope all their genetic and mental deformities wind up destroying them, and soon.

  6. The war in Syria is almost over. Israel will not allow and does not want a victorious and battle hardened alliance of Syria, Russia, Hezbollah and Iran right on its border. Look for something big to happen ahead of the 4th of July holiday and the first meetup of Trump and Putin at the G-20 summit on July 7-8.

  7. Thank God you guys went hard against Rand Paul in the primaries. What would we do without the blessed ZOG emperor and his adorable son-in-law at the helm? BBBut the Mexicans, the mooslims… LOL y’all are cucks

  8. Rand Paul wasn t going anywhere except licking Al Sharpton s boots or promoting BlackLiesMatter , advocating for complete open borders immigration for the entire 3rd World.

    Plus he just lost – American voters detest Libertarian loons in Presidential politics.

    How did Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson do?

    ~ 0%

    Trump won.

    We got a heterosexual White guy put on the Supreme Court .

    Jeff Sessions has replaced Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder as Attorney General.

    So far mostly just cuck talk from Trump admin on Russia and Syria.

    The alternative was Hillary.

    Do you think Hillary would oppose Neo Conservatives/Zionists?

    How did she do in Iraq? Libya?

    Stop trying to sneak the Ron and Rand Paul Libertarian cult back up here.

    Sen Rand Paul is actually doing mostly OK opposing new Neo Conservative wars against Syria and Russia

    Life isn t so bad.

  9. I m betting that the R&R Paul Libertarian Constitutionalist cult will try for another Presidential crusade spreading the one TRUTH!

    It might very well be Ron Paul again – one last time!

    The last time he supposedly failed because he was perceived as being too young and inexperienced!

    Now he s almost 90 years young!

  10. @ Jack Ryan. Two responses? You must be pretty confident in your position. Everybody now knows that Drumpf is just another neocon and that the immigration problem is only getting worse. All of the campaign rhetoric was dishonest, including your slurs against Rand Paul who is a good man and loyal to America unlike Sessions and the rest of your ziocucks. You’ll find that the libertarian solution to the immigration problem will clear it up overnight. You won’t distract us from the true culprits by blabbering about Mexicans.

    The altright cucked hard for Kushner/Chabad and now you look like total fools, so don’t even think about insulting the champion of the Constitution. Now eat your humble pie like a good boy. Ron Paul might be old now, but we ain’t licked yet. Watch out for Thomas Massie, cucks, you heard it here first.

  11. Reckognings. When I went to college in Tennessee in the late 1980s, there was a lot of pride that Tennesseans had gone down to Texas to fight in the Mexican wars.

    “T for Texas, T for Tennessee”.

    Why can’t Tennessee folks in the “volunteer state” volunteer now to go down to fight the Mexican in and over Texas?

    Folks have to be really tired of these Neo Con ZOG wars or propaganda about fighting the Russians.

  12. “Plus, the “powers that be” managed to get some dumb ass country music singers like Hank Williams Jr and Toby Keith to crank out war mongering propaganda that Saddam Hussein was Hitler and we needed to kick his ass”

    Just a clarification. Toby Keith didn’t hit the big time until a couple of years after the first Gulf War. And he’s been opposed to the Iraq War II since the beginning.

  13. The TV is doing a job on whites.

    It is difficult to exaggerate the role played by television in shaping the mindset and outlook of the American people. Dr. George Gerbner, former Dean of the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Pennsylvania, put it this way: “Television, more than any single institution, molds American behavioral norms and values. And the more TV we watch, the more we tend to believe in the world according to TV, even though much of what we see is misleading.”

    Whites watch the Glass Toilet and are actually hypnotized in that manner.

    “The Jews tried to kill the principles of all religions with the same mentality in which they betrayed Jesus Christ and the same way they tried to betray and kill the Prophet Muhammad.”
    Bashar al-Assad The Economist May 10, 2001

    Assad is a GOOD WHITE MAN…

  14. Old Hickory.

    I seem to recall some syrupy Toby Keith song “American Soldier” celebrating the brave American soldier fighting for Democracy and Freedom in Iraq.

    This one seemed to be paint by the numbers Bush/Neo Conservative nonsense.

  15. Old Hickory.

    I will admit that I made a slight error that Toby Keith didn’t start doing pro Neo Con, pro Zionist “let’s be obedient slaves for these endless ZOG wars” in 1993, he waited 10 years to crank out this “obedient military slave” music propaganda in 2003. But I was right that this Toby Keith “just shut up and do your duty, do these wars” propaganda song was as bad as it gets. Check out he lyrics to “American Soldier”:

    “I’m just trying to be a father,
    Raise a daughter and a son,
    Be a lover to their mother,
    Everything to everyone.
    Up and at ’em bright and early,
    I’m all business in my suit,
    Yeah, I’m dressed up for success,
    From my head down to my boots.
    I don’t do it for money
    There’s bills that I can’t pay.
    I don’t do it for the glory,
    I just do it anyway.
    Providing for our future’s my responsibility,
    Yeah I’m real good under pressure,
    Being all that I can be.
    And I can’t call in sick on Mondays
    When the weekends been too strong,
    I just work straight through the holidays,
    And sometimes all night long.
    You can bet that I stand ready
    When the wolf growls at the door,
    Hey, I’m solid, hey I’m steady,
    Hey I’m true down to the core.
    And I will always do my duty,
    No matter what the price,
    I’ve counted up the cost,
    I know the sacrifice.
    Oh, and I don’t want to die for you,
    But if dyin’s asked of me,
    I’ll bear that cross with honor,
    ‘Cause freedom don’t come free.
    I’m an American soldier, an American,
    Beside my brothers and my sisters
    I will proudly take a stand,
    When liberty’s in jeopardy
    I will always do what’s right,
    I’m out here on the front lines,
    So you can sleep in peace tonight.
    American soldier, I’m an American,
    American soldier,
    An American”

    When the Muslim Ottoman Turks over ran Greece, Serbia and much of the Balkans, the Muslim Sultan and his top guys used to have their pick of the White Christian subject boys and girls – they would take the girls for their harems and take the boys to become slave Jannisary warriors, raised their whole life to be elite Islamic shock troops for the Muslim Sultan. When the Ottoman Muslim Turks finally got to the walls of Constantinople there were hordes of swarthy, Black Islamic troops/mobs – but there were also these elite Jannisary blue eyed, white slave warriors directing the attack and the sack of Constantinople.

    So, Toby Keith just made a slight adjustment – he sings that American Southern/Texas White boys should agree to be obedient slave warriors for the Jews. Not a big change in my opinion.

  16. PresbyTuckian Heresytrial- to Hell with the Godless, anti-authoritarian heresy known as “muh Democracy!”

    We need Orthodoxy, Autarchy, and a Czar of the same Ethnos as His People- a Resa Ruler, and not these SoS idiots you Prots have given us…

    Just sayin’

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