Gorsuch Living Up to Our Hopes

We celebrated when President Trump selected Neil Gorsuch, a “White Anglo-Saxon Protestant originalist and constitutionalist” who comes from an old stock family for the Supreme Court. And in his early decisions Gorsuch is living up to our hopes and dreams. Politico reports:

A string of decidedly conservative rulings from new Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch has Democratic senators grumbling: We told you so.

During his less than three months he has occupied late Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat on the high court, Gorsuch is sending signals that he could be one of its most conservative jurists. He has often aligned himself with the judicial stalwarts of the right, Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.

…He dissented from a ruling enforcing same-sex couple’s rights to have their names on their children’s birth certificates. He lamented the court’s refusal to hear a case about the right to carry a weapon in public. He took a strong stand in favor of churches’ right to public subsidies. And he signed an opinion saying he would have allowed President Donald Trump’s travel ban to go into effect now, in full.

“We’ve got another Scalia,” declared Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

…While some thought Gorsuch’s history of concern for religious freedom might give him pause about Trump’s travel ban executive order seen by critics as part of a ban on Muslims, the new justice joined Thomas and Alito in an opinion issued Monday saying Trump had a strong chance of prevailing in the litigation and should be able to move ahead with his plan.

“On the travel ban, I think he’s fulfilling the worst expectations so far of his opponents and probably the best hopes of his supporters,” [Sen. Richard] Blumenthal said. The conservative faction “gave every indication they were ready willing and able to uphold the travel ban in its entirety. So as for any objection he has, he seems to be firmly in the administration’s corner.”

Gorsuch was an excellent pick. Trump came through for us bigly on that one. Now we just need liberal-leaning Kennedy to retire and Jewish communist Ginsburg to finally give up the ghost.


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  1. This is very good news.

    Let’s try to be positive without being foolish.

    Trump is way, way better than the Hildabeast. We have a sane, straight White Gentile appointed to the US Supreme Court. I never thought I would see another one of our people put on the Supreme Court.

    Jeff Sessions has replaced Lorretta Lynch and Eric “my people” Holder as Attorney General.

    Chicago’s gang leaders and mau mauling hate White people BlackLiesMatter folks are a bit nervous on that.

    So far Trump’s cucking on foreign policy has mostly just been talk.

    Talk is cheap.

    We have to learn better to pressure our side – all Trump Supreme Court nominees have to be like this guy – the push will be to “Diversify” to name some moderate Jewish Lesbian Zionist/Communist which the US Supreme Court is like 20% now.

  2. It looks as if Trump made a very wise and informed decision by selecting Gorsuch. I never thought another WASP male would be sent to the Supreme Court again! And kudos to the Republican leadership for preventing Backdoor Barry from appointing “Merrick Garland” to replace Scalia. That would have meant that 4 out of the 9 members of the Court were from the same tribe of hostile alien nation-wreckers.

  3. Justice Gorsuch is great – the very best thing to happen, in the Yankee government in many many a year.

    He’s certainly justification for having voted for Trump -come what may.

    My sole concern is that, as the next octagenarian justice steps down, President Trump follow up with a similar justice, something which seems unlikely, as Ivanka and Jared will likely fight it with every inch of their being.

    My hope is that Franklin Graham, and other major Evangelicals, who delivered a massive vote to Trump, will pressure President Trump to be good to his word – something he can be apt to ‘forget’.

  4. @Spahn…

    Yes, many kudos to the Senate GOP, particularly Senator McConnell, for having torpedoed Garland.

    If we have racial quotas all over society, how come we cannot have racial quotes for the Supreme Court?

    By that rule, one Jewish justice would be the max.

    Of course, we know what the answer to that is…

  5. Gorsuch isn’t a WASP; I don’t think either side of his family was Anglo Saxon or protestant. And he was educated/trained by the Jesuits, raised catholic.

    Sober up everyone. The only way out of the mess were in will be extra-legal.

    Manipulators throw you a bone to keep you happy and off their full trail.

  6. @Onceler…

    Good point, his family name is Galician – or ‘Western Ukrainian’ by post WWI political maps.

    Thus, the new justice ought be Roman Catholick.

    His name, as it ought be written? …


  7. ‘I bet they’ll have to start embalming Ginsberg before she will quit.’


    Actually, Sam, it’s worse than that, for they will have to have the main Vatican Exorcist up to the chambers of The Supreme Court, to get her out of there…

  8. Gorsuch may be old-stock, but he’s a Maryland Catholic born and bred, so his loyalty is certainly in question. He looks like a queer, tbh, just like that other “great conservative”, Roberts. The Kushner cabal wouldn’t let him anywhere near the SC unless they had the goods on him.

    The much ballyhooed “travel ban” is totally disingenuous: it’s a punishment for countries that don’t recognize isntreal passports. A Norwegian doctor who had visited Iran was prevented from entering, under the guidelines.

    The idea of allowing religious organizations to tax us should disgust any red-blooded American. Chabad wants more tax money and you cucks are literally begging to give it to them. No tax money for any religious organization, under any pretext whatsoever!

  9. “Gorsuch is a surname of English origin. The name is a habitational name, named after the hamlet of Gorsuch (earlier, Gosefordsich) in Lancashire. The name is derived from the Old English Gosford (“goose ford”) + sic (“small stream”).”

    The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford in 1430 (yes, in the 15th century) was John Gorsuch. I very seriously doubt that he was a Ukrainian.

    There are English Catholics, too.

  10. Gorsuch is a member of an open-borders religious cult: an Episcopalian. His past rulings on Second Amendment issues indicate that he is NOT a “constitutionalist” at all, but “against interpretation” of current law…whatever it be. And, as noted by presbyterianrevival, Trumpenthal’s Muslim “travel ban” is all show and no substance. Here’s substance: Trump’s State Dept., via the “refugee resettlement” racket, has MORE THAN DOUBLED the weekly invasion of ‘Murka by Black Somalian Muslims. Meanwhile, deportation of Mexican illegals is proceeding even more slowly under Trump than it did with Obama.

    and all indications are that Trump’s murderous cucking for the Zionists in the Middle East will gradually worsen until – unless Putin backs down – it leads to war with Russia…the ultimate Judeo-globalist target.

    but go ahead, Trumpaholics. You’re about out of straws to grasp.

  11. Yes, Trump’s futile. He fought against the whole establishment on a shoestring, took on massively funded opponents and won, mobilized the sleeping giant of white survival instinct, and thundered into the White House on a fairly nationalist ticket.

    Now he’s cucked so far that he’s unrecognizable. It was all a dirty trick.

    And for what? That’s the puzzling part.

    He has so many billions he’s immune from being “ruined” by his enemies. He has the chance to put his name in the history books as a populist-nationalist hero, a unique figure that appeared to take a stand against the darkness in the last days of the republic.

    Instead, he’s voluntarily chosen to act as a flabby neocon cuck who will be largely forgotten as soon as his term is up. It’s incomprehensible.

    (He did serve a vital function of blowing the lid off all this stuff, rousing the liberals to their full communist venom and fury, discrediting the media, and showing there’s still nationalist spirit in this country, but that’s pretty much accomplished and the situation he started has already moved beyond him, apparently permanently, in just a few months.)

  12. @Ironsides…

    Trump has not ‘cuckt’. He campaigned in such a way as to galvanize support (1975 NETWORK – I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it!) while never intending to govern quite that way.

    Trump is not, nor ever has been, the kind of nationalist as you would conceive it, but, rather, a ‘patriot’ who believes in restoring a more ‘common-sensical proposition nation of his childhood.

    That’s what Trump is trying to do – restore 1966 … not 1911, not 1798, and not September 10, 2001. – but 1966.

    If you want to understand Trump, truly, please bear this in mind.

  13. When it comes to immigration, they invariably do what the Jews tell them to do. And the Jews aren’t going to change their minds. The Jews intend to send Africans into every small town in America.

  14. Eff Theodore Roosevelt and his fellow integrationists, Anglo-Saxon cultue is the most American culture! -)

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