Politico: Has The SPLC Lost Its Way?

Editor’s Note: There has recently been a lot of blowback against the SPLC.

Ben Schreckinger has a new article in Politico about how the SPLC has gone from fighting the Klan to setting itself up as the hall monitor of American politics:

“But today, the group is best known for its “Intelligence Project,” which has essentially cornered the market on identifying and tracking hate groups, as well as extremists and “hate incidents.” The Intelligence Project’s 15 full-time and two part-time staffers (it’s in the process of hiring five more) pump out reports that are regularly cited by just about every major mainstream media outlet, including Politico, and their researchers have become the go-to experts for quotes on those topics.

The SPLC’s hate group and extremist labels are effective. Groups slapped with them have lost funding, been targeted by activists and generally been banished from mainstream legitimacy. This makes SPLC the de facto cop in this realm of American politics, with all the friction that kind of policing engenders. …

The Klan may be out of commission, but Dees says these new tactics of organized American racism are “just as bad as burning up this building. He just burned up an individual in a small town.”

Trump supporters, of course, would disagree. Trump campaigned as a rebel against political correctness, and in a sense his election was a backlash against the power amassed by liberal groups like the SPLC—a rejection of the idea that liberal activists should determine what views are considered out of bounds in American politics. …”

Ben is right.

In recent years, the SPLC has made a number of moves which have shredded its legitimacy on the Right: participating in the Black Lives Matter protests in Ferguson, hiring one of the Jena 6 thugs as a “community advocate,” rushing to blame the Gabrielle Giffords shooting in Tuscon on the Tea Party, labeling figures like Ben Carson, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Charles Murray haters and extremists, labeling the Family Research Council a “hate group,” targeting all Confederate monuments in the South for destruction, ignoring countless black-on-white mass shootings which don’t fit the Narrative and ignoring political violence against Trump supporters and Republicans.

There’s nothing “objective” about what the SPLC does. It tries to stigmatize groups and individuals as “haters” and “hate groups” and “extremists” based solely on their politics and how they fit into their Narrative. A good example of this is the Dylann Roof shooting in Charleston. A month later the jihadist Muhammad Abdulazeez struck in Chattanooga. The SPLC ignored the story just like it has ignored the half dozen or so black-on-white and anti-police mass shootings (Micah X. in Dallas, Cosmo Setepenra in Baton Rouge, Ismaaiyl Brinsley in New York City, Vester Flanagan II in Roanoke, Kori Allen Muhammad in Fresno, Chris Harper Mercer in Roseburg) that have occurred since then. Whenever the SPLC finds a mentally ill White male who can be of service to the Narrative like Dylann Roof, Jeremy Christian or Jared Loughner, we never hear the end of it. It becomes a “story about hate.”

We all remember the time Floyd Corkins tried to murder the leaders of the Family Research Council and stuff their faces with Chick-fil-A sandwiches smeared in their blood. He was “inspired” by the SPLC’s hate group list. James Hodgkinson, the Alexandria shooter, “liked” the SPLC on Facebook. The SPLC is about as objective as Mother Jones in its reporting on “hate” in America. Amazingly, this “watchdog” doesn’t list any of the openly violent antifa groups in the United States as “hate groups.”

The liberal and progressive journalists who are in collusion with the SPLC are equally partisan. Only 7 percent of journalists in America are Republicans and they are overwhelmingly concentrated in a handful of Democratic urban enclaves. There are 12x more liberal professors in academia. It is all one big incestuous bubble talking to each other and pushing narratives. In the SPLC’s case, the money comes from scaring little old Jewish ladies in the North and West with junk mail. In CNN’s case, the Russia Narrative is about titillating liberals with fake news and an exciting conspiracy theory in order to drive up ratings and ad revenue. It is on the same level as Infowars on Jade Helm.

The one positive thing Trump has done is to dismiss all of them as fake news. They have lost their legitimacy. Everyone knows what they are about now and only defer to them out of habit.

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  1. Trump stated the obvious, the feckless intellectuals would have quibbled point by point as they wandered off into the abstract weed patch (but knowing full well how smart they are).

  2. Good piece Mr. Wallace. I am very glad that the SPLC is finally losing credibility, at least to thinking people.
    As an end note, I confess that got worked up about Jade Helm back in the summer of 2015, though I was (back then, not now) listening to Mark Koernke, not ol’ AJ. Instead of black helicopters coming for us all, we got Black Lives Matter thugs. I guess we all learn as we go.

  3. “Conservatives” and “mainstreamers” were fine with SPLC as long as it confined its hate mongering to “white supremacists” and “neo-Nazis”. Once SPLC turned its sights to them they lost their way.

  4. No they haven’t lost their way. Because their way was always to be anti-White racists! They’ve just taken their mask off. That’s it. All the way back in 1999 (and updated in 2006) a journalist named Silverstein wrote a scathing article, based on his investigation, about what a scam the SPLC is! Here is what those letters ACTUALLY mean:


  5. Outfits like this are supposed to be objective and judge each group in a balanced and unbiased manner. With these turds, this is hardly the case. To get onto their list, you must be white, and hold views that are, well……perfectly reasonable.
    Its many victims should launch a class action against them citing defamation. Why are they the final word in who is good or evil? I’m guessing the victims would be on solid legal grounds to do this.
    The SPLC’s opinion on others is just that- an opinion. What gives them the right to label or defame anyone? Finally, those on the Right also have a right to an opinion. Should the SPLC be policing that right? You be the judge.

  6. ” There are 12x more liberal professors in academia…”.

    No WONDER I feel as if I’m in the Twilight Zone, whenever I go outside my little college, in attending conferences, etc. THEY are all idiots, even with Piled High and Deeps!!!

  7. IF Anglin @ http://dailystormer.com defeats the ((($PLC)))’s current effort to silence him via lawfare, it’ll be a major PR disaster for this gang of White-hating Jew lawyers. I’ve got my fingers crossed, though, as the legal system itself is largely a Jewish joke.

    minor correction: Loughner is a Jew in the maternal line. Hence, a Jew.

  8. The SPLC is a shell of its former self. They used to threaten us and attempted to get movement leaders like Kevin MacDonald fired from their jobs. Now, they just react to the Alt Right by whimpering and whining on the Sidelines as the Alt Right moves from strength to strength with events like the Charlottesville Torch lit procession and the Rally at the Lincoln Memorial.

    I think Anglin will win his case against $PLC. The case is being heard in Montana, few Jew judges, MT isn’t CA or NY. And apparently Anglin has one of the best free speech lawyers in America on his case.

  9. @ john, the SPLC also adds Farrakhan and the Black Separatists to their Hate Watch because the Black Muzzies are our Soul Brothers in speaking truth to denouncing Jewish Power.

  10. Yes @john, the SPLC does not care about actual hate and terrorism, just protecting Jewish power. Since our movement and Mr Farrakhan name the Jew, we’re hate groups to SPLC.

  11. “Whenever the SPLC finds a mentally ill White male .. like … Jared Loughner”,
    Jared Laughner is not White. His mother is a jew who attends the same small Tucson synagogue as Gabriel Giffords. Laughner and Giffords knew each other before the fake shooting hoax.

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