The Perverted Liar in Our Living Rooms

One would hope that there is growing awareness and resistance to the “American” fake news, lying press/lugenpresse. Trump voters in the South, Midwest or really anywhere must notice that news stations like CNN, MSNBC give constant 24/7 bashing of all things President Trump and Trump supporters. One would also hope that more Americans in Red States are (sadly) noticing that there is a very heavy Jewish component to this fake news, hate Trump media.

I thought up this cartoon (that Farstar brilliantly put on canvas) that just notices that most “Americans” have a degenerate, liar permanently placed in their living rooms to corrupt their families and push all kinds of lying nonsense like BlackLiesmatter or some new Neo Conservative/Zionist war against Syria and Russia.

Yep, most Americans have this liar in their living rooms and the liar/pervert has center stage – but not us.


  1. The mainstream media is part of the deep state, or what I call the oligarchy. They are the enemy of the American people and have been since t.v. news formed back in the late forties. They are a bunch of east coast nigger lover shit snobs looking down their nose at 98% of the people, and have tried to make life hard for the working class and the poor as much as possible.

    They have stooged for every war and have run propaganda for every war the military industrial complex has started. They have supported ‘free trade’ at every turn. They have pushed for open borders and having the country flooded with sub human types from fourth rate countries in Latin America and the Middle East. They have encouraged gender confusion type mental illness and having ‘doctors’ mutilate healthy human bodies. They love abortion and want as many as possible. They have pushed for homosexuality to be normalized. They gave aid and comfort to feminazis and still do. They are one of the main proponents of the crap civil rights movement, and invariably side with petty and destructive minority groups. They want cheap money, debt and low interest rates. They have helped to turn college into a racket for millions of Americans.

    I wish this was a complete listing of their crimes/ sins, but it isn’t.

    • I watched a PBS documentary last night about the 50th anniversary of the Great Newark Chimp-Out of 1967. Apparently the coloreds weren’t to blame for it at all, it was the fault of Italian-American gangsters who made a lot of money selling bootleg liquor during Prohibition.

      PBS is definitely educating me, but not the way they intended.

  2. Probably the best piece you’ve written here that I can remember and the cartoon illustration is pure gold. Saved & will be printing for dissemination. Thank you.

  3. Witness for the prosecution?
    Malcolm Gladwell is a west-indes mulatto, and leftist, but honestly researches things.
    Episode 3 is how Brown v. Board of educatioin failed, in the words of the principles.
    Episode 4 is how the famous statue of the famous cop-dog-boy Birmingham photo and statue are FAKE.

    Note he is a liberal, so it is shaded from a leftist perspective, but it does expose a lot of what we were taught is Fake History and myths.

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