Why Discuss Race and IQ?

For the first time in about a year, I clicked onto to the National Review when a link to the article “Stop Obsessing About Race and IQ” appeared in my Twitter feed. The article, by John McWhorter, was juxtaposed with a piece by Robert Verbruggen titled “Why I Write About Race and IQ.” Unsurprisingly, both were rather tepid.

The first piece suggested that there would be nothing to be gained from the discussion because “the moral development of the West, halting and imperfect though it has been, has produced a bulwark against complacently accepting racial stratification.”  The latter stated that “an end to racial bean counting” might be a goal of increasing knowledge about the topic, and that if “Americans of all races have the opportunity to achieve what their natural talents make possible, any remaining statistical gaps among races should become a non-issue.”

Neither piece addressed why this issue has become a more common topic for discussion lately, that is, the alt-right’s focus on racial identity and human biodiversity, including IQ. I think a look at some of the most well-known faces of Alt-right is informative. Two of them, Vox Day and Pax Dickinson, each faced professional ostracism when accurately pointing out that their fields were basing rewards on social justice goals rather than merit.

Why do we talk about race and IQ? Because so many smart, industrious, white men have been adversely affected by our society’s fervent devotion to enforcing demographic balance in all facets of life. They have been denied well-deserved advancement in favor of lesser-qualified “diversity” hires. They have seen the performance of their industries suffer as quality takes a back seat to social justice goals. And they have been told – loudly, frequently, and incessantly – that any success they have is the undeserved result of “privilege.”

Our best minds have finally become fed up enough to shake off the taboo against discussing this unseemly topic, and point out that there is, in fact, reason to believe that unequal success among demographic groups is the result not of “discrimination” or “privilege,” but – wait for it – unequal ability.

McWhorter is probably right that our society will not complacently accept racial stratification. I think an end to racial bean counting is a more realistic goal, but I don’t think it will ever be a non-issue. Without the inclination for individuals to accept their personal limitations with humility, facts about the distribution of ability will have little effect. Ridding our society of excessive pride and sense of entitlement is the real challenge.


  1. I’m afraid I don’t understand, race and IQ go together like fried chicken and coloreds.

  2. First, IQ is not virtue. Jews are on average higher IQ than whites (at least the Ashkenazi) as are Asians.
    We either create a framework so that everyone at every IQ has to play by the rule of law or we have something else, e.g. that encourages lots of out of wedlock births by men who are likely to end up in prison so the taxpayer pays the child support.

    It may be more tyrannical in a soft or hard sense, but in 1960, blacks were successful and joining the middle class with blue collar and skilled trades jobs. Now they are all but hopeless.

    I don’t judge on IQ, nor really on the color of someone’s skin. But I can draw statistical conclusions before assuming the content of one’s character.

    • Ashkenazi’s have higher IQ’s in areas of lying, fraud, sophisticated theft and ponzi schemes.

    • Ashkenazi Jews are from the tribe of Ashkenaz which came from Japheth which is where white people came from so we are from the same tribe they may have some Jewish blood in them or just adopted to Jewish religion. They look just like us so that is how they slither their way into the positions of influence in the is country. Asians have the largest hippocampus which is the area for memory. That is why they do well on tests because they can memorize and regurgitate the answers better but whites have the larger frontal lobe where abstract thinking ability comes from. That is why we invent everything and then Asians can follow the road map we draw for them.

      • @ David: no, Ashkenazi Jews are out of southwestern Asia, via the Khazar conversion. They took on some White genetic camouflage during their subsequent 1,300 years of westward Wanderings – to eastern then western Europe, and then on to the Americas. For a definitive gene study, see Eran Elhaik, “The Missing Link of Jewish Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and Khazarian Hypotheses”.

        it’s available as a pdf on the net. Search the author and title, click, download.

        racial Jews are not White. They are mortal enemies of the White race. Cf. also


        @Billyray: no, the nominally “White” Ashkenazic Jews and the much darker complected semitic Jews (Mediterranean littoral sephards + middle east mizrahics) are largely separate gene pools. Again, study the Elhaik evidence. And they know it: Israhell today is a strictly genetic hierarchy, with the Ashkenaz at the top, (Jewish) Semites in the middle, & Palestinians (Arab semites) at the bottom.

        • I have seen various DNA studies and the Khazar Hypothesis doesn’t hold water. The Y-DNA of Ashkenazic Jewish men is still predominantely the Semitic type. The Yiddish Language is Germanic Based. Germans were already in the Rhineland while the Khazar Empire existed, they were in the Rhineland in Roman Times and then returned to the Rhineland during the time of Charlemagne. At one time the Ashkenazi and Sephardi in West Europe were one people, they only split as the Jews went deeper in Germany and eventually onto Russia. There they did mix with the Khazars but you must also remember another thing. The Khazars had Semite Ancestry as well the ancient Israelites had lived in Georgia and Southern Russia during the exile

  3. Whites gave us NASA, jet aircraft, Ferraris, beautiful architecture, telecommunications, clean running water, advances in medicine, infrastructure…..I could go on.
    Blacks gave us…..voodooism, mud huts, AIDS.
    The reasons are clear- whites stole all the black mans resources and were racist.
    Thats why blacks fell behind. Blacks really are equal to whites and could achieve whatever they wanted. How do we know this? Because Martin Luther King said so.

  4. I sometimes wonder if Asians really are more intelligent than whites. They are good at replicating, or copying anything whites do, make or invent. Whatever they do, we did it first. What ever they make, we made it first….until our manufacturing was transferred to their nations.
    They are good at keeping their nations monocultural….and getting away with it. They are heartless, hold no regard for the animal kingdom and are helping to pollute the planet to death.
    If that makes them more intelligent than us, then yes I guess they’re more intelligent than us.
    They can have their ‘higher IQ’. I’m happy to just have a conscience and sense of decency.

    • The question is, why didn´t China remain the great, uncontested world power and industrialize centuries before England if that was true? Instead it stagnated until European intervention got the wheel turning once more.

      Mind you, they didn´t even have christianity like the Roman Empire had.

    • Perhaps there’s a difference in flexibility. The Asians seem smart but very rigid and unimaginative. Europeans are curious, imaginative, enterprising. So there may be more than one element than pure brainpower at work, even though that helps.

    • ” seem smart but very rigid and unimaginative”
      Having lived in Malaysia for 15 years, I can say that is definitely untrue, at least for the sample of chinese and indian individuals I encountered. It is instinctively very appealing, when trying to explain phenomena such as industrialization and rationalism, to think of ones own group as superior in some way, but in my opinion(Which, sadly, holds no real water), circumstance is far more powerful a force than we give it credit for.
      For example, it is hard to get around the possibility that Europe wouldn’t have gotten past the medieval age if not for the introduction of indian numerals. Roman numerals are simply incapable of the abstract calculations made possible by them.
      Another example, one might despise how often, and with what arrogance some(note:”some”. Most understand that they cannot take credit for their ancestors’ ingenuity, though by many, I only mean the ones I got to know.) Chinese throw around their “Four great inventions”, but the fact of the matter is, that Europe invented only one of those three without adopting it from the chinese through the middle east, the compass, and long after the chinese, though the european dry compass was quite superior.
      As for curiosity, a short trip to china will reveal that the chinese are some of the most boldly, frankly and occasionally annoyingly curious people on earth. “Catty”, how I would describe them.
      My point is: White man shouldn’t search in desperation for some phantom trait that makes him superior, but look, in an intellectually honest way(Intellectual honesty, the greatest invention of mankind. Not taking no for an answer here)for an alternative, more fact based explanation than racial supremacy for the fortunes he encountered during the industrial age. I like the one with the Black Death, it has a “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” theme going for it. Asians and Europeans can get along, really. They’re not all too different under the skin.

  5. “White flight” is not limited to “racists” and includes racial egalitarians as well. The latter seeks to impose Diversity on the former but not on itself.

  6. Did anyone see the Confederate battle flag in the crowd in Warsaw?

    I’m sure that Trump’s speech is driving (((them))) nuts.

  7. The question of Race and IQ needs to be bashed into peoples heads with a verbal sledgehammer. The Kikes have done their best since the days of Franz Boas to silence this. Reverse the trend!

  8. American Negroes are becoming increasingly aware of the JQ. They’re bearing the brunt of the israeli-style police state and the total carnage and failure of communist social engineering. A lot of altright followers are dumber than Negroes, so crowing about IQ is wholly inappropriate. The reality is that we are all Palestinians now, regardless of this “IQ”. The jews never had any affection for Negroes, they only used them to hurt us.

    Our elder statesman, Ron Paul, shows us the way. We must come together for Liberty or we will surely perish at the hands of the oppressor. Trumptards, don’t cheer for your own enslavement. Like Davy Crockett said, “Liberty and Independence forever!”

      • Did you hear about that on (((Amren)))? And you thought that opinion was given in good faith? LOL

        The Pauls have the most hardline immigration position on offer: stop paying for them to come here. It’s not rocket science, but first we have to dethrone Big Jew. That’s where kosher conservatives enter the fray -“Liberty is baaad, because Mexicans and stuff. OMG a mooslim under the bed!”

        Face it, bubba, you’ve been played like a fiddle.

  9. “Because so many smart, industrious, white men have been adversely affected by our society’s fervent devotion to enforcing demographic balance in all facets of life. They have been denied well-deserved advancement in favor of lesser-qualified “diversity” hires. They have seen the performance of their industries suffer as quality takes a back seat to social justice goals. And they have been told – loudly, frequently, and incessantly – that any success they have is the undeserved result of ‘privilege’.”

    You left out a couple (and this is especially so for White women in the office workplace). Whites are invariably stuck with excess diversity work loads and cleaning up the workplace “nigger messes” too.

  10. As far as I’m concerned, we can sort out our differences with them OVER THERE. No need for stratification if an ocean is in between. Stratification doesn’t work, anyway. Look at India – allegedly stratified by race, ended up as the world’s largest open-air toilet. Literally.

  11. The discussion of racial differences in IQ is important because WHITES are continually blamed for the differences in performance between the two races.

    • Instead of giving in to the black and white scenario of Blacks and Whites, we should be exposing how the sociopolitical factors that are NOT whites’ fault explain these differences.

      All IQ BS does is divide us and feed into the jews’ accusations that we are supremacist not just over coloreds but over poor and middle class whites.

      • you worry about “what the Jews think of us”. The rest of us have better things to do. And the large IQ differences between races are genetic, not situational. When the race war begins, though, you can assure the Jew-stooge nigger who’s about to slit your White throat that it’s not his fault because “situational factors”.

        • No, I worry what OUR people think of us.

          And they do NOT like being told that they’re ‘inferior’ because they don’t have ‘high IQ’s.’

          IQ and its correlation with class is the biggest divider of whites.

          Get real.

  12. The old test of genetics can is easily done just by a visual method. If there is a straight line from one’s chin to nose that is almost always a Nothern European person.

    Blacks have a protruding mouth, as animals do. The negro has not fully evolved in to human form nor human mentality. If Whites were to completely cut off all aid tomorrow, within a hundred years their numbers would be the same as they were prior to colonization. As IS pointed out in his blog, saving one negro today will only create ten starving ones in twenty years.

    The population time bomb is real. There will literally be billions of negroids by mid century, and they will be moving to Europe and the United States by the hundreds of millions, you can bet on that. Serious steps must be taken to secure our nations. A zero immigration agenda absolutely has to be initiated and a sterilization program should be formed. Cash incentives should be offered for voluntary sterilization.

    Many of us won’t be around when the negro population bomb explodes, but my God, just imagine when the world’s majority is nigger. It is not that far away and certainly trending in that direction.

    • It’s enough to make me wanna Fed-Ex the rest of my Big Mac super size meal to the Flies in deh Chillrin’s Eyes folks in Somaia.

  13. Why has my comment (containing three links) been awaiting moderation for hours and hours without being published? Why has no one answered my email concerning this suspension of my comment?

    • @Joey Virgo

      Hey, Joey, it’s a WordPress issue that usually either spams or holds in moderation comments with links – it does it even to my comments sometimes.

      • Thanks for the info, Marcus Cicero. My last comment posted fast, but my first comment, 12 hours ago, is still hanging in moderation. But thanks very much for the info and the insight. I really like Occidental Dissent, and this was my first time trying to make a comment.

  14. Totalitarian Integration eschews warring metaphysics in order to obscure a schismatic reality.

    The white race strives towards objective (S)upremacy despite its contingent of parasitic self-annihiators.

    There is little evidence of any other race endeavoring to do the equivalent.

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