Beyond the Wall: Dixie Futurism

The Alt-Right Latin American goys from Beyond the Wall podcast interview Musonius Rufus, from Identity Dixie and host of Rebel Yell podcast, in their most recent episode. The fellows have an entertaining discussion of “plastic” vs “real” culture, the Golden Circle and lots of Dixie/Latin American issues. This is a very fun episode that you will not want to miss!

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    • We are aware that anyone on the Right who does anything productive is a Jew and a Federal agent and out to steal your money. Yes, I have heard that stuff all my life. I was even loudly accused of these things back when I was organizing a lot of demonstrations and doing podcasts and all. So, if it makes you feel any better just consider me a Jewish Federal agent and con artist too.

      • So you don’t see a problem with a confirmed ADL member reciting a poem about “dindus” while mocking the birth of our Lord and Savior? What about cheerleading for Trump while pretending that Kushner and Sater and Epstein etc. etc. don’t exist, does that seem a bit odd to you?

        Like Mark Twain said: it’s easier to fool a man than to convince him that he has been fooled.

        Hal Turner’s back on the air, boys, let’s all tune in and follow his instructions!

        • Enoch’s wife is a resolved issue as far as I am concerned. That discussion took place several months ago. If you have a problem with him then don’t listen to his podcast or go to events that he attends But Enoch is nothing like Hal Turner. That is a ridiculous comparison. He is not advocating illegal actions. And he has a big (and growing) group of solid pro-White working with him. And he is growing our movement.

          I am not going to debate thos further because I would guess that you are just trying to stir up trouble by bring up a subject designed to cause in-fighting and one which is not related to the subject of the post.

  1. That was a great podcast. I shall have to listen to it again in order to absorb everything that was discussed. Not all of Latin America is comprised of lazy, superstitious brown cut-throats, there are many civilized, intelligent Whites living south of the Rio Grande.

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