KKK Legacy Causes Mestizo Immigrant to Stab Family to Death

An Hispanic immigrant woman in Gwinnett County, Georgia recently stabbed her husband and four children to death, The Daily Mail reports:

A Georgia woman has been arrested and charged with stabbing her husband and four young children to death in their home outside Atlanta early Thursday.

Isabel Cartuno Martinez, 33, was charged with five counts of malice murder, five counts of murder and six counts of aggravated assault, police say.

She has also been put on an immigration hold, according to the jail’s website.

Officers arrived at the home on 509 Emory Lane in Loganville to find five victims dead from what appeared to be a small knife, although a medical examiner will make the final determination, according to authorities.

The children were all confirmed to be under age 10, with the youngest suspected to be a toddler.

A fifth child, a girl, was taken to the hospital with injuries described as serious. Her condition is not known at this time.

Firstly,  note that this was committed by a “Georgia woman.” The county she lives in was 20% Hispanic in 2010.

Secondly, we can definitely blame these horrific murders on the Ku Klux Klan and the legacy of White supremacy and hate in Georgia. It was racial hatred and oppression, as well as LGBTQ discrimination, which drove this “Georgia woman” to kill her family.

Thirdly, Martinez and her family are/were natural conservatives who couldn’t wait to vote Republican. Sadly, the KKK has deprived us of a family of conservative voters who would have worked to uphold Our Values.

The only way to ensure that more Hispanic Georgia women do not brutally murder their families is to stamp out racism, sexism and trans phobia. Remember that Whiteness is problematic and for the sake of the children we must pass strict knive control legislation and a pathway to citizenship.

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  1. can’t wait to get the (((CNN)))/(((MSM))) version of this. Wait…what…there won’t be a (((CNN)))/(((MSM))) version? Anyway, I absolutely agree. Had this fine young woman not been facing the threat of deportation, all of her family would still be with us too. As Senator McCain once said,

    “Hispanic immigrants are new blood for our country”.

  2. If only we had made this illiterate, low IQ, non English speaking mestiza feel more welcome she wouldn’t have mindlessly slaughtered her own family. #EndWhiteRacismNow

      • I described these murders as “horrific” and “brutal.” I certainly did not celebrate them. It was an unimaginably awful thing to do to one’s family.

        What I did do is mock the Leftist, anti-White narrative that accompanies almost every news story the media feeds to us – especially that which comes out of academia.

      • Puhleese! If your are not very careful, lose hijos simply grow up, and rape and murder White children. Why do you care about Orc hatchlings? Why?

  3. Dear Mr. Cushman,
    In all seriousness, anyone who would posit that this lady had done what she did because of, ‘the legacy of White Supremacy and the KKK’, would be 100% right.


    Because if these things were living, instead of ‘being a legacy’, this wouldn’t have happened – because neither this lady, nor any of the now dead would be in Georgia!

    That said, it might have occurred in the Yucatan…

  4. Mr. Cushman, notice how that dopey liberal wants to blame the killings on you, a White man, not on la madre? Liberals ALWAYS pull that stunt. It’s Whitey’s fault when nonwhites do bad things! So apparently black and brown people are like little kids who can’t be held responsible for their own actions, even though we are all supposedly equal.

    No wonder so many liberals wind up in pyschotherapy as unmarried, childless cat-ladies.

  5. Ahhh! A Mestiza! She simply acted on her innate genetic imperatives?! Did this Nuevo Americana pull their beating hearts, out of their bodies, and display the dripping hearts to her hungry Gods? Do tell!

  6. A 4’11” brown squat-monster with a room temperature IQ and a receding hairline who likes to eat her own offspring…..That’s what passes for a “Georgia woman” in (((current year))), I suppose.

  7. I fail to see how this could be blamed on the KKK. . . she snapped and when she snapped she took the life of her children… This is just her lawyers way of trying to get her a lesser sentence.

  8. Isn’t human sacrifice an integral part of her culture? Shouldn’t we give the knife and surviving kid back to her, so nobody calls us racists?

  9. This entire story makes my head spin. This woman is definately sick and deserves the chair. Unfortunately as they no longer use the chair. she’ll get three hots and a cot. From now on!

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